Formats: Paperback / Audio
First Edition Release Date: 1981

From the Flap:


That's how George Bart Dawes saw it when a conglomerate bought the company he worked for and made him feel like a number . . .

When the government told him to move out of the home he had put a lifetime of living into to make way for a highway project . . .

It seemed to George that his whole world had been invaded by acquisitive demons who expected him to surrender to their will. Calmly. Politely. Step aside. No waves please.

But some very incorruptible voice in George's mind kept reassuring him that, sooner or later, the Irresistible Force of progress would come face to face with an Immovable Object--the will of George Bart Dawes. The impact, he suspected, would be shattering . . .

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