The Running Man
  The Running Man Characters List:


Character Name Description
Rolf  Dog that licked Ben Richards in Portland.
?, Dickie  Dead person known by Stacey Throckmorton
?, Frank  A Police officer watching the contestants trying out for the Games
?, Frankie  A drunk in the Boston YMCA was looking for him.
?, Gilley  Old man who owned Gilley's Town Line and Airstop in Rockford.
?, Jake  One of the Games contestants who passed in the same group as Ben Richards
?, Jennifer  Lived down the hall from Ben Richards
Ali, Muhammad  Mentioned in passing
Barrow, Clyde  Mentioned in passing
Burns, Arthur M.  Assistant director of Games
Cowles, Bobby  Turned in Jimmy Laughlin. Brother of Mary.
Cowles, Mary  Turned in Jimmy Laughlin. Sister of Bobby.
Crager, Jack  Neighbor of Richards
Curry, "Old Man"  Sold drugs to Stacey Throckmorton for his sister Cassie.
Deegan, John  Fake name used by Ben Richards in the Boston YMCA.
Donahue, Robert S.  Navigator on the plane that Ben Richards hijacked - Games Council controller.
Donnigan, Flapper  Friend of Ben Richards who saw the money being delivered to Sheila
Duninger, Wayne  Co-pilot on the plane that Ben Richards hijacked.
Friedman, Kippy  Communications man on the plane that Ben Richards hijacked
Goleon, Rich  Driver of the car that took Ben Richards from Boston. Friend of Bradley Throckmorton
Gordon, Sheila Catherine  Maiden name of Sheila Richards.
Grady, Charlie  Guard who loaned Richards 50 cents to call home while he was trying to enter the games.
Grassner, Father Ogden  Fake name used by Ben Richards in Manchester.
Hanrahan, Gerry  Friend of Ben Richards
Harris, Mr.  Worked with Ben Richards
Himmler, Heinrich  Mentioned in passing
Hizzoner, Governor  Governor of Kanzas
Holloway, Don  50-year-old Pilot on the plane that Ben Richards hijacked
Hoover, J. Edgar  Mentioned in passing
Jagger, Mick  A singer mentioned by Molie Jernigan.
Jansky, Mr.  Contestant on the Games
Jenner, Eileen  Sells black market goods.
Jernigan, Molie  Sells weapons & fake ID.
Johnsbury, Governor  Area Governor
Johnson, Jack  Mentioned in passing
Jones, Miss  Secretary of Dan Killen who took Ben Richards to get his make-up done.
Kelly, Liz  Ben Richards says that Liz Kelly and Grace Taylor are Old TV sex stars
Killan, Dan  Interviewed Ben Richards
Laughlin, Jimmy  Contestant in Running Man.
McCartney, Mick  Mentioned by Ben Richards.
McCone, Evan  Running Man chief hunter.
Moran, Dink  Built pollution counter. Brother of Rich, and friend of Bradley Throckmorton.
Moran, Rich  Built pollution counter. Brother of Dink, and friend of Bradley Throckmorton.
O'Sanchez, Budgie  Neighbor of Ben Richards, and father of Walt.
O'Sanchez, Walt  Son of Budgie O'Sanchez.
Parrakis, Elton  A friend of Bradley Throckmorton that helped Ben.
Parrakis, Virginia  Mother of Elton.
Rettenmund, Mr.  Told dirty stories during the examinations for the Games
Richards, ?  Mother of Ben and Todd.
Richards, ?  Father of Ben and Todd.
Richards, Benjamin Stuart  28-year-old contestant on Running Man. Husband of Sheila.
Richards, Catherine Sarah  Daughter of Sheila & Benjamin.
Richards, Sheila Catherine  26-year-old wife of Benjamin.
Richards, Todd  Ben's brother.
Springer, John Griffen  First fake ID used by Richards to buy a ride to Boston.
Taylor, Grace  Ben Richards says that Liz Kelly and Grace Taylor are Old TV sex stars
Thompson, Bobby  Host of the Running Man show.
Throckmorton, ?  Mother of Stacey, Bradley and Cassie.
Throckmorton, Bradley  18-year-old brother of Stacey and Cassie.
Throckmorton, Cassie  Sister of Stacey
Throckmorton, Stacey  A 7-year-old boy who helped Ben escape from Boston.
Upshaw, Mrs.  Mentioned by Richards
Victor, Fred  Running Man director
Ward, Rinda  Ben Richards' tester for the Games
Wells, H.G.  Author mentioned in passing
Williams, Amelia  Richards' hostage from Falmouth.


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