Carrie Characters List:


Character Name Description
"Bomba"  George Dawson
"DON MacLEAN'S SECRET LOVER"  Carrie (according to Carrie)
"LITTLE MISS SORORITY"  Sue Snell, according to herself.
"Suzy Creamcheese"  Sue Snell, according to herself.
"THE NICE GIRL"  Sue Snell, according to herself.
Brucie  Billy Nolan's mother's boyfriend
Cindi  Ewen High School student
David  School District #4 assistant principal George Kramer cut David's hair without his parent's permission. The incident became a court case called "School District #4 vs David."
Fern  Ewen High School student
Galatea  On prom night, Tommy Ross told Carrie she was like Galatea she, too, was transformed from a drudge into a beautiful woman
Gramma  Annie Jenks's grandmother
He/She/It  God, according to Carrie
Josie and the Moonglows  They supplied the music for part of the evening at the Ewen High School senior prom.
Peter  Ewen High School student.
Sheila Horan's Brother  He was hit by a hay truck.
The Billy Bosnan Band  They supplied the music at the Ewen High School senior prom
The Black Man  Satan
The Junkman  Jerry Smith paid the junkman a hundred dollars to chip off a piece of stone from the rocks that fell on Carrie's house, so he could have it checked out at Boston University;
The unnamed boy  Dale Ullman whispered to him,
Three Telephone Operators  Unnamed; they stayed on duty during the Black Prom.
Two Men  Two unnamed men electrocuted the night of the Black Prom.
Two or Three Stagehands  They moved the King and Queen thrones
Allison, Harold  Margaret White's stepfather
Allison, Judith Brigham  Margaret White's mother
Bankson, J.W.  A scholar who believed that Margaret White blocked her pregnancy from her mind
Barrett, Don  Ewen High School student
Bicente, Mrs.  A deceased Ewen High teacher
Billy, Uncle  Tommy Ross's uncle
Blake, Henry  Friend of Billy Nolan
Blake, Tina  Ewen High School student
Bliss, P.P. J  Hymn writer
Block, Harry  The Chamberlain commissioner of public utilities
Bracken, David  Ewen High School student
Brann, Doug  He owned the Western Auto Store
Brigham, John  Margaret White's father
Brock, Lennie  Ewen High School student
Burton, Chief  Police chief
Cantor, Eddie  "Banjo Eyes."
Chairman, Mr.  Unnamed chairman of the White Commission.
Chamberlain, William A.  The president of Chamberlain Mills and Weaving
Chizmar, George  Ewen High's most artistic student
Cochran, Sadie  Margaret Brigham's grandmother
Cowan, Maureen  She played folk music with John Swithen at the Ewen High School senior prom
Crager, Mel  The Durham, Maine, police officer
Cratzchbarken, Morton  He lectured to the "National Colloquium on Psychic Phenomena."
Crewes, Myra  Ewen High School student
Dawson, George  Ewen High School student
Dawson, Mrs.  George's mother
Deighan, Steve  One of Billy Nolan's friends
DeLois, Billy  Ewen High student
Desjardin, Rita L.  Ewen High School's gym teacher
Deveaux, Sam  He owned the Cavalier bar
Downer, Mr.  Music teacher. He played the piano
Doyle, Otis "Big Otis"  Sheriff
Doyle, Otis (Sheriff)  The Chamberlain, Maine, sheriff a/k/a "Big Otis."
Drain, Henry  He had a meadow that bordered the Cavalier bar's property
Dubay, Fast Marcel  Poker player Thomas Quillan thought Dubay cheated
Duchamp, Teddy  Owned Teddy's Amoco
Erbter, Tommy  A five-year-old who taunted Carrie
Evarts, Ray  Helen Shyres's boyfriend
Evers, Mr.  Teacher
Farnham, Don  Ewen High School student
Fearon, Roger  He had worked at Chamberlain Mills and Weaving for eighteen years, but wanted to move out of the area.
Fielding, George  A scholar who believed that Margaret White blocked her pregnancy from her mind
Fish, Miss  Peter Morton's secretary
Gaines, Coach  Ewen High School's 1976 basketball team coach
Galen, Uncle  Tommy Ross's uncle, who owned a farm
Garrison, Mrs.  An eighty-six-year-old woman who often invited Carrie in to watch TV with her
Garson, Kenny  One of Billy Nolan's friends
Garson, Lou  Kenny's brother, and one of Billy Nolan's friends
Gault, Jeanne  Ewen High School student
Gillian, Brent  Ewen High School student
Givens, Julia  Author
Gogan, Ruth  Ewen High School student
Grade, Henry  The principal of Ewen High School
Grier, Frank  Ewen High School student
Hanscom, Vicky  Classmate
Hargensen, Chris  One of Carrie White's Ewen High School classmates
Hargensen, John  Chris's father.
Harris, Billy  Reporter
Henty, Irwin  He had a farm in North Chamberlain
Henty, Mrs.  Irwin's wife
Holt, Freddy "The Beak"  A misfit Ewen High School student who had a big nose
Horan, Estelle (Stella)  An ex-neighbor of the Whites
Horan, Mrs.  Estelle's mother
Jason, Frieda  She was on the King & Queen ballot with George Dawson
Jenks, Amelia "Melia"  She lived in Royal Knob, Tennessee, and had a daughter with telekinetic powers.
Jenks, Annie  Telekinetic two-year-old.
Jenks, Pete  When the cops came for him. Gramma made their guns fly out of their hands.
Jenks, Rich  Sandra's husband.
Jenks, Sandra  She received a letter from Amelia Jenks telling her about Annie Jenks.
Jerome, George  He wrote a piece for the Atlantic Monthly on the Black Prom.
Jones, Vicky  The vice president of the Women's League.
Kellogg, Donna  A friend of Chris Hargensen's.
Kelly, Hubert  The owner of the Kelly Fruit Company.
King, Edwin  One of Carrie's teachers.
Kirk, Mr.  One of the Whites' Carlin Street neighbors
Kirk, Virginia  Mr. Kirk's wife.
Klein, Mrs.  One of Tommy Ross's neighbors
Kolintz, Andrea  Girl with pyrokinesis
Kramer, George  The assistant principal of School District 14. He once cut a student's hair without parental permission. This incident became a court case called "School District #4 vs. David."
Lavoie, Mr.  Ewen High School's head custodian.
Lublin, Mr.  He and his wife were prom chaperones,
Lublin, Mrs.  She and her husband were prom chaperones.
Luponet, Gerald  Physicist
Macaferty, Miss  She drove a VW
MacLean, Jessica  Ewen High School student
Marshall, Holly  Ewen High School student. She was on the senior prom decorating committee.
McLaughlin, Georgia  A neighbor of the Whites.
McManus, Sally  Ewen High School student.
Mears, Thomas B.  Chamberlain fireman.
Mearton, Thomas G.  Investigating officer.
Mooney, Vic  Ewen High School's senior class president.
Morton, Peter "Morty"  The assistant principal of Ewen High School
Mott, Elton  Margaret White's foreman at the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Nolan, Billy  Chris Hargensen's boyfriend.
Norbert, Dale  Carrie severed his finger with the gym door.
O'Connell, Dick  The general manager of the Boston Red Sox.
Overlook, Freddy  He had been shot with birdshot by Irwin Henty.
Patrick, Danny  A sixth-grader Tommy Ross once kicked.
Philpott, Peter  Superintendent of schools.
Pickett, Bobby "Flash"  Carrie had written a love note to Pickett
Plessy  Chamberlain deputy
Preston, Billy  Ewen High School student.
Quillan, Thomas K.  He testified about the Black Prom before the state investigatory board of Maine.
Ross, Mr.  Tommy's father
Ross, Tommy (Thomas Everett)  Sue Snell's boyfriend. He took Carrie to the prom on the urging of Sue.
Saunders  Classmate of Tommy's.
Shyres, Georgette  Helen's mother.
Shyres, Helen  Ewen High School student.
Simard, Cora  Rhonda's mother.
Simard, Mr.  Rhonda's father.
Simard, Rhonda  Ewen High School student.
Smith, Jerry  One of the Whites' neighbors.
Smith, Mrs.  Whites' neighbor; Jerry's wife.
Smith, Terry  Miss Potato Blossom of 1975.
Snell, Mr.  Sue's father
Snell, Mrs.  Sue's mother
Snell, Sue  One of Carrie's classmates.
Snerd, Mortimer  Name for those who weren't wanted at the prom.
Spies, Rachel  One of Carrie's classmates
Stampel, Henry  Ewen High School student.
Stenchfield, Sandra  She was part of the entertainment for the Ewen High Senior prom.
Stephens, Mr.  The fifth period study hall teacher
Swithen, John  He played folk music with Maureen Cowan at the Ewen High School senior prom.
Swope, Irma  Classmate
Taber, Peter  The boy who beat up Danny Patrick.
Talbot, Jackie  One of Billy Nolan's friends
Thibodeau, Donna  One of Carrie's classmates. Sister of Mary Lila Grace
Thibodeau, Mary Lila Grace  One of Carrie's classmates. Sister of Donna
Throneberry, William C.  Author
Trelawney, Red  Irwin Henty's hired hand.
Trennant, Henry  Ewen High student
Trevor, Bruce  Ewen High School student.
Ullman, Dale  Ewen High School student
Upshaw, Jessica  Ewen High School student.
Vreck, Josie  The leader of Josie and the Moonglows.
Warwick, Mrs.  One of the Whites' neighbors
Watson, Norma  Ewen High School student
White, Carietta (Carrie)  Young girl born with telekinetic powers.
White, Margaret  Carrie's mother
Yorraty, Mrs.  One of the Whites' neighbors.


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