Christine Characters List:


Character Name Description
Captain Beefheart  Cat that Dennis Guilder owned that was killed by a truck.
Christine  A 1958 red Plymouth Fury with a taste for death.
Screaming Jay Hawkins  Cat of the Guilder family
?, Bruce  Cousin of Leigh Cabot
?, Pammie  Girl in an x-rated magazine
?, Ralph  Man who abused Arnie and Dennis when Christine got a flat tire outside his house.
?, Roseanne  Girlfriend of Dennis Guilder before he met Leigh Cabot
?, Sid  Brother of Mrs Guilder
?, Steve  Uncle of Dennis Guilder. Husband of Vicki
?, Vicky  Wife of Steve. Sister of Regina Cunningham
Ackerman, ?  Husband of Leigh Ackerman
Ackerman, Leigh  Married name of Leigh Cabot
Aleppo, Norman  Broke his arm playing football for Libertyville
Anderson, Poochie  Acquaintance of Roland LeBay
Arroway, Dr.  Doctor of Dennis Guilder
Barlow, Gerry  Acquaintance of Roland LeBay
Barongg, Lenny  Played Football for Libertyville
Bellerman, Marty  At Libertyville High School
Bellerman, Sonny  Acquaintance of Roland LeBay
Billingham, Nick  Friend of Moochie Welch
Blackford, ?  Neighbour of the Guilder family
Buck, Henry  Used car dealer
Cabot, Leigh  Arnie's girlfriend, and eventually one of the ones that helps kill Christine
Cabot, Mr  Father of Leigh
Cabot, Natalie  Mother of Leigh.
Callison, Lou  14-year-old friend of the Guilder family
Carruthers, Aimee  Friend of Ellie Guilder
Carson, ?  Brothers who owned a roadwork company that Arnie Cunningham and Dennis Guilder worked for
Cobb, Norman  Plymouth dealer where Roland LeBay bought Christine
Cunningham, Arnold Richard (Arnie)  The nerd who was seduced and destroyed by Christine.
Cunningham, Michael  Father of Arnie
Cunningham, Regina  Mother of Arnie.
Dann, Fred  Played football for Libertyville. Went off in one game with concussion
Darlington, Freddy  Went to school with Dennis Guilder until he got his girlfriend pregnant
Darnell, Will  Owned Darnell's Used Auto Parts where Arnie stored and worked on Christine
Deckinger, Tommy  Picked on Arnie Cunningham. Killed by Christine
Dingle, Everett  Friend of Will Darnell. Murdered his family
Dodd, Milton  Boyfriend of Elaine Guilder
Donahue, Pat  Ran Gino's pizza place
Emerson, David  Ran Libertyville furniture store
Farner, Dr.  Roland LeBay's doctor
Fassenbach, ?  Friend of the Cunningham family
Fenderson, Mr.  Math teacher at Libertyville High
Gabbs, ?  Worked on his car at Darnell's
Galton, (Sander) Sandy  Friend of Buddy Repperton. Picked on Arnie Cunningham. Parking Lot attendant. Killed by Christine
Gilman, Roger  Beat up Arnie Cunningham and is now in Jail. A friend of Buddy Repperton
Gitney, ?  IRS agent
Gottfried, Barry  A hitchhiker who saved the life of Leigh Cabot when she choked in Christine
Guilder, Dennis  Arnie's friend that ended up destroying Christine
Guilder, Elaine  14-year-old sister of Dennis.
Guilder, Kenny  Father of Dennis. Tax consultant for H&R Block
Guilder, Mrs.  Mother of Dennis. Oral hygienist
Haskins, Wanda  Girlfriend of Will Darnell
Hatch, Mr.  Worked on his car at Darnell's
Hicks, Mike  Chess club member
Hodder, Mr.  Grammar teacher at Libertyville High
Hurling, Brandon  First date for Elaine Guilder
James, Stukey  Math teacher at Libertyville High
Jeffries, Brad  Foreman for Carson Brothers
Jones, Coach  Basketball coach at Libertyville
Junkins, Rudy  State cop that told Michael Cunningham about the murder of Moochie Welch. He then kept an eye on Arnie, but was killed in auto crash
LeBay, ?  Father of Roland. Drunk
LeBay, Drew  Brother of Roland who was killed in France in 1944
LeBay, George  Brother of Roland. Retired school teacher that gives Dennis Guilder some interesting information about Christine
LeBay, Marcia  Sister of Roland
LeBay, Rita  Daughter of Roland. Choked to death in Christine
LeBay, Roland D.  The man who sold Christine to Arnie. Wicked and mean, but at least he came back to visit Arnie - After he died!
LeBay, Veronica  Wife of Roland. Committed suicide in Christine
Leheureux, Mr.  French teacher at Libertyville High
Lothrop, Ms.  Discipline officer at Libertyville High
Mascia, Dr.  Arnie Cunningham's doctor
McCandless, Richard  American Legion Post secretary
McCarthy, Chubby  Football announcer
McNally, Brian  Played football for Libertyville
Meecham, Mr.  Principal at Libertyville High
Mercer, ?  Father of Rick. A cop who committed suicide
Mercer, Rick  Pennsylvania state police detective
Mustungerra, Roy  Sold tires for United Auto Parts
Pederson, ?  Kid at Libertyville High
Pomberton, Johnny  Bought and sold used trucks, and loaned Dennis Guilder the truck he used to kill Christine
Puffer, Coach  Football coach at Libertyville High
Purvis, Melvin  Cop who committed suicide
Qualson, Barry  Chess club member
Raypach, Miss  Teacher at Libertyville High
Renneke, Dinah  Friend of Elaine Guilder
Repperton, Clarence (Buddy)  School tough guy who was kicked out of school for pulling a knife of Arnie Cunningham
Shambliss, Carolyn  A friend of Elaine Guilder that told her that you could light your farts
Slawson, Herbert  Chess club organizer
Smolnack, Mr.  Shop teacher at Libertyville High
Smythe, Ladd  Patrol-Boy that picked on Arnie Cunningham
Sprague, Tom  Cunningham family lawyer
Stanton, Bobby  Friend of Buddy Repperton
Stewart, Mr.  Mentioned in passing
Stork  Nickname of the person that Kenny Guilder went off the school with
Strickland, Paul  Friend of Michael Cunningham
Stroughman, Ned  Asked Leigh Cabot out on a date, but was turned down
Sykes, Jimmy  Helps out at Darnell's. Slightly mentally challenged
Sykes, Mrs.  Mother of Jimmy
Symond, ?  Owner of a swimming pool in Libertyville
Tardiff, Gary  Played football for Libertyville
Thompson, Mr.  American history teacher at Libertyville High
Throgmorton, Randy  Died after beating up Roland LeBay. Fell through thin ice
Trelawney, Richie  Friend of Buddy Repperton
Turner, Randy  Saw the fight between Buddy Repperton and Arnie Cunningham
Upshaw, Amber  Wife of William
Upshaw, William (Bill)  Does the tax returns for William Darnell
Vandenberg, Don  Friend of Buddy Repperton
Vandenberg, Mr.  Father of Don. Owner of Vandenburg's Happy Gas
Vickers, Mr.  School Guidance Councellor
Warberg, Jim  Criminal lawyer who took Arnie Cunningham's case
Welch, Peter (Moochie)  Friend of Buddy Repperton
Youngerman, Quent  Friend of Will Darnell


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