Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla, The
  Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla, The
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback / Trade / Limited Edition / eBook / Audio / Kindle
First Edition Release Date: 2003


After escaping the perilous wreckage of Blaine the insane Mono and eluding the evil clutches of the vindictive sorcerer Randall Flagg, Roland and his ka-tet find themselves back on the southeasterly path of the Beam. Here, in the borderlands that lie between Mid-World and End-World, Roland and his friends are approached by a frightened band of representatives from the nearby town of Calla Bryn Sturgis. In less than a month, the Calla will be attacked by the Wolves--those masked riders that gallop out of Thunderclap once a generation to steal the town's children. The Calla folken need the kind of help that only gunslingers can give, and if the tet agrees to help, the town's priest--Father Callahan, once of 'Salem's Lot, Maine--promises to give them Black Thirteen, the most potent and treacherous of Maerlyn's magic balls. He used it to enter Mid-World, and now it sleeps fitfully beneath the floorboards of his church. Meanwhile, in the New York of 1977, the Sombra Corporation plots to destroy the lot at Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street. How can Roland and his friends both save the rose and fight the Wolves? Only by using the magic of Black Thirteen, but how can anyone trust this sinister and treacherous object which is, in actuality, the eye of the Crimson King himself? Time is running out on all levels of the Tower, but unless our ka-tet can defeat the minions of Thunderclap both in our world and in Mid-World, they will never reach that great lynchpin of the time/space continuum which, even now, begins to totter . . .


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The Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla Hardcover
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Community Thoughts:
Posted By: Paulo - July 5th, 2011 8:35:20 pm EDT

Callahan's past is one of the best things in this book...and it couldn't be told in a better way. It's hard to tell for sure which of the seven books is my favourite...but I'll never forget this one. Keep doing what you do Stephen King. Bonne chance!

Posted By: Elliot - June 7th, 2011 12:52:12 pm EDT

I really Love this series it keeps getting better and better I love all the allusion he puts in this series

Posted By: Brady12 - June 15th, 2010 11:41:05 pm EDT
This series just gets better and better. I love how these books are set up so that it has a "continous flow" feel to it. It really is one story cut up into seven parts. The only drawback would be that if you dont read them in order you will be lost and have no idea whats going on. But thats not a problem for me because I did indeed read them in order. Im currently reading the 6th book in this series (Song of Susannah) and I cant wait to get through that one and the 7th one (The Dark Tower) to see how it all comes out. I'll say this for you S.K. you definetly know how to grab your reader's attention in a death lock and you dont let go until whatever particular novel they are reading ends.
Posted By: Erika - February 24th, 2010 1:44:09 pm EST
Just finished Wolves of Calla and about to continue with Song of Susannah. Great story! Every next part is better then last, can not wait the last one. I really enjoy Stephen Kings knowledge of the human behavier in extreme situations and his expression of it in his writings. Greetings from Estonia and wishing the same great ideas for the future!
Posted By: Anonymous - March 10th, 2009 9:54:46 pm EDT
i love the wolfs they had cool weapons the lightsticks and sneetches i think stephen king did a real good job with all the dark tower books but this one to me was the best
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