Dolores Claiborne
  Dolores Claiborne Characters List:


Character Name Description
?, Brenda  Housekeeper for Vera Donovan in Baltimore
?, Clarice  Sister of Vera Donovan.
?, Cloris  Aunt of Dolores Claiborne
?, Patricia  Granddaughter of Jolene Aubuchon
Anderson, Tommy  Husband of Yvette and drinking friend of Joe St. George
Anderson, Yvette  Wife of Tommy Anderson
Aubuchon, Jolene  Grandmother of Patricia ?
Babcock, Cindy  Worked with Selena in laundry washing sheets for the Hotel
Bannister, Nancy  Stenographer from Kennebunk, Maine. Recorded the confession of Dolores Claiborne
Benoit, Mark  Arrested for drug trafficking with 4 bales of pot. Owned a boat "Maggie's Delight"
Benoit, Sonny  Found Joe St. George's body in the well.
Bissette, Andy  Police Chief who interrogated Dolores Claiborne over the death of Vera Donovan
Bissette, Maria  Wife of Andy Bissette
Bragg, Vincent  Broke his arm playing football
Bramball, Willy  Friend of Joe St. George Junior
Briarton, Henry  Took over as County Medical Examiner from McAuliffe
Brooks, Stevie  Went drinking with Joe St. George
Caron, John  Husband of Melissa. Neighbor of the St. Georges.
Caron, Melissa  Mother of Tania. Wife of John
Caron, Philo  Brother of John
Caron, Tanya  Friend of Selena St. George.
Carstains, ?  Owners of a place where Joe St. George built a porch
Claiborne, Dolores  The woman who confesses to the murder of her husband Joe St. George. Maiden name of Dolores St. George. Daughter of Patricia
Claiborne, Mr.  Father of Dolores.
Claiborne, Patricia (Trisha)  Mother of Dolores
Cullum, Arlene  Watched Selena St. George while Dolores was working for Vera Donovan
Devereaux, Mrs.  Selena worked in her laundry washing sheets for the hotel
DeWitt, Jimmy  Waiter at the Harborside Motel
Dispenzieri, Charlie  Owner of a boat on Little Tall Island.
Donovan, Helga  Daughter of Vera and Michael.
Donovan, Michael  Husband of Vera
Donovan, Vera  Woman Dolores was accused of killing. Wife of Michael and mother of Donald and Helga.
Doucette, Harry  Joe St. George owed him $20 when he died.
Doyon, Peter  Helped Joe St. George dowse a well
Forbert, Alicia  Sister of Joe St. George and wife of Jack Forbert.
Forbert, Jack  Husband of Alicia
Fox, Harley  Handyman who did some work for Vera Donovan
Freneau, Chip  Vera Donovan's doctor.
Gagnon, Jimmy  Handyman who did some work for Vera Donovan
Gigeure, Randy  Friend of Joe St. George Jr.
Greenbush, Alan  Business manager of Vera Donovan in New York
Huff, Reverend  Methodist minister
Jaegger, Brandon  Head of the New England Home for Little Wanderers
Jolander, Karen  Neighbor of the St. George family. Sister of Mabel.
Jolander, Mabel  Worked for Vera Donovan. Sister of Karen
Kenopensky, Ted  Friend of Vera Donovan
Langill, Laurie  Friend and Neighbor of Selena St. George
Lavesque, Gail  Worked for Vera Donovan on the day of the eclipse.
Marchant, Duke  Father of Sammy
Marchant, Sammy  Mailman who walked in and found Vera Donovan dead
Marshall, John  Dolores Claiborne worked part time for him.
McAuliffe, Dr. John  County Medical Examiner.
McCandless, Lisa (Lotty)  Friend of Dolores who worked at the Strayhorn house
McLeod, Chip  Husband of Hattie?
McLeod, Hattie  Called "Social Security" "Sociable Security"
Mercier, Lucien  Only mortuary owner in Little Tall Island
Mulcahey, Sandra  Fired by Vera Donovan
O'Hara, Dickey  Picked on Pete St. George at school
Pease, Mr.  Bank Manager at Coastal Northern Bank.
Pelletier, Dave  Mailman on Little Tall Island
Pinette, Norris  Bought radio off Dolores Claiborne after Joe StGeorge died
Porter, Skippy  Butcher on Little Tall Island
Proulx, Frank  Police officer. Brother of Susy.
Proulx, Susan Emma (Susy)  Helped at the Donovan house as a cleaner. Sister of Frank
Quist, Sonny  Garbage collector on Little Tall Island
Reed, Seth  Put a cap over the well that Joe St. George fell into
Richards, George  Mr. Claiborne worked in his hay fields
Robichaud, Neely  Mentioned by Dolores
Sheets, Mrs.  School guidance counselor in Jonesport High School
Sherrick, Edgar  Constable in Little Tall Island in 1959.
St George, Dolores  Married name of Dolores Claiborne
St George, Fred  Uncle of Joe St. George.
St George, Joe  Husband of Dolores.
St George, Joe Jr.  Son of Joe and Dolores.
St George, Pete  Son of Joe and Dolores.
St George, Selena  Daughter of Joe and Dolores.
St. George, Alicia  Sister of Joe St. George. Maiden name of Alicia Forbert
Stargill, Gordon  Worked with Joe St. George. Brother of Mike
Stargill, Mike  Worked with Joe St. George. Brother of Gordon
Strayhorn, ?  Owners of a place where Dolores worked
Tappert, Dougie  Checked Vera Donovan's furnace in 1962
Thibodeau, Garrett  Town Constable.
Thibodeau, Rick  Went Drinking with Joe St. George
Violette, Collie  Owner of a speedboat who took Dr. Freneau to Vera Donovan's house.
Wyndham, Shawna  Helped at the Donovan house as a cleaner.


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