Firestarter Characters List:


Character Name Description
Alfalfa  Character in The Little Rascals
Bimbo  Granther McGee's dog
Bossy  Cow of Irv Manders
Dr. Cyclops  Movie character mentioned by Quincey Tremont
Necromancer  Black gelding that Charlie McGee rode in The Shop grounds.
?, Carl  Brother of Deenie
?, Cora  Aunt of Andy McGee.
?, Deenie  Sister of Carl and friend of Charlie McGee.
?, Duane  Worked at the front desk of The Shop
?, Gary  Spoke to Charlie McGee over the intercom at The Shop.
?, George  Former boyfriend of Vicky Tomlinson
?, Gloria  Captain Hollister's new secretary
?, Glynis  Girlfriend of the cab driver who took Andy and Charlie McGee to Albany.
?, Helga  Works on the checkout of the A&P in Hastings Glen.
?, Henry  Walked the horses at The Shop
?, Josie  Worked on the front desk at The Shop.
?, Michael  Young boy at the rest stop where Andy McGee rescued Charlie from The Shop agents.
?, Mike  Owner of a Diner in Hastings Glen.
?, Rachel  Worked for Cap Hollister at The Shop
?, Richard  Shop agent and receptionist
?, Shelley  Mentioned in passing.
?, Steve  Shop agent
?, Tom  Shop agent
Albright, Dick  A test case for Andy McGee in The Shop.
Bacon, ?  Husband of Eileen.
Bacon, Eileen  Neighbor of the McGee's.
Barclay, Hortense  Best friend of Shirley McKenzie
Bates, Norville  Works for The Shop.
Baxter, Ralph  35-year-old Shop employee who administered Lot 6 to the test subjects.
Bixby, Jerome  Author of "It's a Good Life"
Bono, Sonny  Watched on TV by Andy McGee
Brackman, ?  Washington General
Braddock, Clayton  Shop agent
Bradford, Mr.  Father of Sally
Bradford, Sally  Girlfriend of Eddie Delgardo.
Breedlove, Don  Brother of Norma Breedlove.
Breedlove, Milo  Uncle of Norma and Don Breedlove
Breedlove, Norma  Maiden name of Norma Manders, and sister of Don Breedlove
Burton, Frank  Fake name used by Andy McGee
Burton, Roberta (Bobbi)  Fake name used by Charlie McGee
Carson, Johnny  Andy McGee watched him on TV
Castenada, Carlos  Writer
Castro, Fidel  He was going to be one of the targets of Charlie McGee once The Shop trained her
Cobham, Bill  56-year-old Postmaster in Teller
Cook, Bruce  Shop agent
Cunningham, Lena  Wife of Sam. Owner of the Slumberland Motel.
Cunningham, Sam  Husband of Lena. Owner of the Slumberland Motel
Delgardo, Eddie  Boyfriend of Sally Bradford. A Soldier
Devine, Shirley  A letter was sent from her to her sister from the Bradford mailbox.
Douray, Mr.  Man in Port City that made his own bread
Drabble, Peter  Head groom at The Shop
Drew, Fred  Nephew of Irv Manders in Kansas.
Dreyfuss, Richard  Actor mentioned in passing
Dugan, Joan  Mother of Terri Dugan
Dugan, Terri  Friend of Charlie McGee and daughter of Joan Dugan.
Eberhardt, Chuckie  Boy in Harrison
Everett, Robert  Mailman in Teller that collected the mail in Bradford.
Flynn, Mrs.  Neighbor of McGee's and lived on Laurel Lane
Folsom, Richard (Dick)  Major Puckeridge's aide.
Franklin, Benjamin  Mentioned in passing
Gordon, Johnny  Friend and neighbor of Irv Manders
Grabowski, Don  Worked with Andy McGee
Green, Joe  Football player mentioned in passing
Gurney, Mrs.  Wife of Stan.
Gurney, Stan  Husband of Mrs Gurney
Hackett, Buddy  Comedian that Andy watched on TV
Hammond, ?  Neighbor of the McGee's and lived on Laurel Lane
Harris, Franco  Football player mentioned in passing
Hockstetter, Patrick  Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who worked for The Shop
Hofferitz, Karl  Doctor called by Irv Manders
Hollister, Captain (Cap)  Head of The Shop, who wanted to use Charlie's talents to influence world leaders.
Hollister, Georgia  Wife of Cap.
Hollister, Leon  Brother of Cap.
Howells, William Dean  American Writer mentioned in passing
Hyuck, Bradford  Wrote a memo about Charlie McGee burning down a cinderblock wall.
Jamieson, Orville (OJ or The Juice)  Works for The Shop.
Joad, ?  Family mentioned in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"
Johnson, Arte  Comedian mentioned in passing
Jory, Victor  Albert Steinowitz was sometimes mistaken for Victor Jory
Jules, Don  Worked for The Shop
Kelleher, Mike  Spoke to Charlie McGee over the intercom at The Shop
Kennedy, Ted  He was going to be one of the targets of Charlie McGee once The Shop trained her
Khomeni, Ayatollah  He was going to be one of the targets of Charlie McGee once The Shop trained her.
Knowles, Ray  Shop agent
Lawrence, D.H.  Author mentioned in passing
Loman, Willy  Character in the play "Death of a Salesman"
Manders, Irv  Farmer who helped Andy and Charlie McGee
Manders, Norma  Wife of Irv. Married name of Norma Breedlove
Mandroski, ?  Irv Manders' grandparents' last name, changed to Manders when they came to USA
Mayo, John  Shop agent
McCauley, Roberta  Name given to Karl Hoffernitz as Charlie McGee's name by the Manders
McGee, Andrew (Andy)  Charlie's father and husband of Vicky.
McGee, Charlene Roberta (Charlie)  The 7-year-old Firestarter who was the daughter of Andy and Vicky.
McGee, Fibber  Mentioned in passing
McGee, Granther  Grandfather of Andy. Husband of Hulda.
McGee, Hulda  Wife of Granther.
McGee, Vicky  Charlie's mother and Andy's wife.
McKenzie, Shirley  Housekeeper and lover of Dr Hofferitz
McKeon, Rich  Gardener at The Shop
McKinley, ?  Former President of the USA.
Merle, Mr.  Executive who went to Andy McGee for confidence boosting.
Milton, John  Author of Paradise Lost
Mishkin, Mrs.  Charlie McGee's teacher
Moore, Sam  Owner of a gravel pit
Neary, ?  Worked for The Shop, and monitored Charlie McGee's room
Noftzieger, Dr.  Chief of computers at The Shop.
Norton, T.B.  Shift supervisor of John Rainbird
Nutter, Dr.  Dr Pynchot's assistant.
O'Brian, Ev  Worked with Andy McGee in the English Department.
Parks, Ray  Friend and neighbor of Irv Manders
Pasioco, David  Friend of Terri Dugan, and went to school with Charlie McGee
Pasioco, Mr.  Father of David Pasioco
Patton, George S.  General whose picture was on Cap Hollister's wall.
Paulson, Jim  Gave Andy and Charlie McGee a lift to Hastings Glen
Payson, Charles  Shop agent. Owned "Notions and Novelties"
Puckeridge, Victor  Major at Andrews Air Force Base.
Pynchot, Dr. Herman  Doctor at The Shop that watched Andy and Charlie McGee.
Rainbird, John  Shop operative and assassin.
Rammaden, G.M.  Safe cracker
Raucher, Mr.  Old man who owned a delicatessen in New York and played chess with Andy McGee
Richardson, James  One of the subjects in the Lot 6 test group.
Rowley, Jake  Owner of Bradford General Store
Rozelle, Bruce  Name Andy McGee used in the Motel at Hastings Glen
Sedaka, George  Partner of Orv Jamieson
Silver, Long John  Dreamed of by Andy McGee
Smith, Kathy  Best friend of Vicky Tomlinson in first grade. Maiden name of Kathy Worthy
Smith, Winston  Character in George Orwell's 1984
Steinbeck, John  Wrote "The Grapes of Wrath"
Steinham, Ralph  Dartan Pharmaceutical representative.
Steinowitz, Albert  Shop agent in charge of the capture of Andy and Charlie McGee.
Tarkington, Whitney  Government adjuster
Thompson, Senator  Involved with "Project Leap" with The Shop
Tomlinson, Vicky  Maiden name of Vicky McGee
Traegger, Christine  Best friend of Hortense Barclay
Tranter, Louis  Spoke to Charlie McGee over the intercom at The Shop
Tremont, Quincy  Told Andy McGee about the Lot 6 test.
Upmore, Tammy  Friend of Vicky McGee
Van Gogt, A.E.  Wrote "The Weapon Shop of Isher", after which The Shop was named.
Vivaldi  Composer mentioned in passing
Wallace, Bill  Worked with Andy McGee in the English department
Wanless, ?  Brother of Joseph who died of lung cancer.
Wanless, Dr. Joseph  The Lot Six overseer.
Wanless, Freddy  Son of ? Wanless. Nephew of Joseph.
Waring, George  One of The Shop agents that kidnapped Charlie McGee
Wayne, Duke  Actor mentioned in passing
Worthy, Frank  Husband of Kathy
Worthy, Kathy  Married name of Kathy Smith. Wife of Frank.
Wyeth, ?  Painter mentioned in passing


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