The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
  The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Characters List:


Character Name Description
Mona  Doll of Trisha McFarland
?, Adam  Singer in a band called "Boyz To Da Maxx"
?, Frank  Allergic to stings.
?, Walt  A man from Framingham on the WEEI radio who was talking from his car phone.
Adkins, Trace  "Whiney cowboy singer" heard on WCAS radio station
Andersen, Gramma  Mother of Quilla, and grandmother of Trisha
Andersen, Quilla  Maiden name of Quilla McFarland. Ex-wife of Larry and mother of Pete and Trisha
Andrews, V.C.  Author mentioned in passing
Barnett, Larry  Game umpire between Red Sox and Yankees
Bear, The  The bear followed Trisha
Bork, Mr.  Science teacher at Sanford Elementary School
Bragg, Darren  Red Sox player.
Castiglione, Joe  Announcer that called the Red Sox games that Trisha Listened to on the radio
Chestnutt, Mark  "Whiney cowboy singer" heard on WCAS radio station
Chetwynd, Mrs.  A lady that got whiplash in a car accident.
Corsi, Jim  Red Sox player.
Eckersley, Dennis  Red Sox player.
Garces, Rich  Red Sox player.
Garciaparra, Nomar  Red Sox shortstop.
Garmond, Mrs.  Trisha McFarland's kindergarten teacher
Gilhooly, Debra  Went to school with Trisha McFarland
Gordon, Tom  Red Sox pitcher who is the idol of Trisha McFarland and she imagines him helping her find her way when lost.
Hall, Mr.  Teacher at Sanford Elementary School
Hatteberg, ?  Red Sox player.
Herrick, Travis  Man who was out poaching deer and shot the bear that was going to attack Trisha McFarland
Jeter, Derek  Yankees Player
Johnson, Randy  Red Sox player
Kerrigan, Joe  Red Sox pitching coach.
Knoblauch, Chuck  Yankees Player
Lemke, Mark  Red Sox player.
Lewis, Darren  Red Sox player.
Leyrtz, Jim  Red Sox player.
Lowe, Derek  Red Sox player.
Martinez, Tino  Yankees player.
Mazzerola, Francis  Raymond
McCorkle, Elias  The farmer that put the fence posts in that Trisha followed back to the road.
McFarland, Gramma  Mother of Larry, and grandmother of Trisha
McFarland, Larry  Ex-husband of Quilla McFarland, and father of Pete and Trisha
McFarland, Patricia (Trisha)  The 9-year-old girl that gets lost after taking a shortcut in the woods. Daughter of Quilla and Larry. Sister of Pete.
McFarland, Pete  13-year-old brother of Trisha McFarland.
McFarland, Quilla  Married name of Quilla Andersen.
O'Leary, Troy  Red Sox player.
O'Neill, Paul  Yankees player
Pettitte, Andy  Yankees player
Posada, Jorge  Yankees player
Rayburn, Eddie  Best friend of Pete McFarland.
Rhodes, Arthur  Boy who had green teeth and lived up from Pepsi Robichaud
Rivera, Mariana  Yankees player
Robichaud, Mrs.  Mother of Pepsi
Robichaud, Penelope (Pepsi)  Best friend of Trisha McFarland
Strawberry, Darryl  Yankees player.
Thomas, Mrs.  Spoke to Quilla Andersen about Frank who was allergic to stings
Trupiano, Jerry  Announcer that called the Red Sox games that Trisha Listened to on the radio
Valentin, John  Red Sox player. 3rd Base
Vaughn, Mo  Red Sox player. Favorite player of Pete McFarland
Veritek, Jason  Red Sox catcher
Wakefield, Tim  Red Sox player.
Williams, Bernie  Yankees Player.


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