Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel, The
  Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel, The Characters List:


Character Name Description
Bowser  Detterick's pet dog
Mr. Jingles  Eduard Delacroix's pet mouse. He was originally called Steamboat Willy.
Sir Galahad  A dog owned by the Hammersmiths.
Steamboat Willie  The original name for Mr. Jingles.
?, Christopher  Grandson of Paul Edgecombe
?, Danielle  Granddaughter of Paul Edgecombe
?, Hermoine  Maiden aunt of Eduard Delacroix
?, Lionel  Great-grandson of Paul Edgecombe
?, Tessa  Third grandchild of Paul Edgecombe
Anderson, Curtis  Chief assistant to Hal Moores at Cold Mountain.
Austen, Jane  Author
Avery, Kent  Resident at Georgia Pines retirement home
Battle, ?  Guard at Cold Mountain
Bitterbuck, Arlen (The Chief)  Death row prisoner at Cold Mountain.
Bitterman, Hank  Guard at Cold Mountain
Bonney, Will  The real name of Billy the Kid, and the name used by William Wharton to the Detterick's when he painted their barn.
Broderick, Sam  Head of the machine shop at Cold Mountain
Catlett, ?  Sheriff who Paul Edgecombe spoke to about William Wharton
Coffey, John  6-foot, 8-inch black prisoner convicted of killing the 2 Detterick twins in 1932.
Connelly, Elaine  Paul Edgecombe's friend at the Georgia Pines retirement home.
Cray, ?  Family in Trapingus area
Cribus, Homer  Trapingus County High Sheriff
Cribus, Mrs.  Wife of Homer.
David, Jeff  Mentioned in passing
Delacroix, Eduard  E block prisoner at Cold Mountain.
Delfines, Roy  Lived down the road from Paul Edgecombe as a child.
Detterick, Cora  Murdered twin sister of Kathe. Daughter of Klaus and Marjorie
Detterick, Howard  Son of Klaus and Marjorie.
Detterick, Kathe  Murdered twin sister of Cora. Daughter of Klaus and Marjorie
Detterick, Klaus  Cotton plantation owner and father of Cora and Kathe, the 2 murdered girls and also Howard, his only son. Husband of Marjorie.
Detterick, Marjorie  Wife of Klaus and mother of Cora and Kathe.
Dodge, Bill  In charge of moving the infirmary at Cold Mountain, and a floating guard.
Dolan, Brad  Cleaner at the Georgia Pines retirement home.
Donaldson, Pastor  Pastor for the Moores family.
Duplissey, ?  Family in Trapingus area
Edgecombe, Janice  Wife of Paul.
Edgecombe, Paul  E Block Superintendent who presided over 78 executions. Husband of Janice.
Edgecombe, Paul (Sr)  Uncle of Paul Edgecombe.
Flanders, Arthur (The President)  Prisoner at Cold Mountain on E block, but had his sentence reduced to life in prison.
Gibbons, Toot-Toot  Old inmate who delivered things around the penitentiary, and filled in for the prisoners during the trial executions.
Hammersmith, Arden  Daughter of Burt and Cynthia, and twin sister of Caleb.
Hammersmith, Burt  Reporter on the Detterick twins murders. He spoke to Paul Edgecombe about what happened behind the scenes.
Hammersmith, Caleb  Son of Burt and Cynthia, and twin brother of Arden.
Hammersmith, Cynthia  Wife of Burt and mother of Caleb and Arden.
Hannah, Miss  Secretary of Hal Moores at Cold Mountain.
Haverstrom, Dr.  Doctor of Melinda Moores.
Hollis, Sam  Large man who was kept near Klaus Detterick when they were searching for the girls.
Hoover, Herbert  Politician mentioned by Dean Stanton
Howell, Brutus (Brutal)  Guard at Cold Mountain in E block.
Howland, Chuck  Resident at Georgia Pines retirement home
Javits, Mrs.  Resident at Georgia Pines retirement home
Magnusson, ?  Worked in the Registration section at Cold Mountain.
Manfred, Elmer  Prisoner in E Block - executed in about July or August 1930.
Marchant, Bobo  Owner of the dogs that tracked the 2 Detterick girls.
Matuomi, Beverly  The "free name" given to Beverly McCall by her spirit father in a dream.
McCall, Beverly  Female in E block. Also known as Beverly Matuomi.
McCall, Lester (Cutter)  Cheating husband of Beverly. A hairdresser.
McGee, Rob  Deputy sheriff who helped in the search for the Detterick Twins.
Moores, Hal  Warden of Cold Mountain, and husband of Melinda.
Moores, Melinda  Wife of Hal.
Mulford, Clarence  Mentioned in passing.
Peterson, George  Prosecutor in John Coffey's trial.
Price, Eva  Owned a boarding house in Tefton
Ray, Anthony  Hatchet killer.
Ringgold, ?  Guard at Cold Mountain
Robinette, ?  Family in Trapingus area
Roosevelt, ?  Politician mentioned by Dean Stanton
Ross, Betsy  Mentioned in passing
Sadler, Dr.  Doctor of the Edgecombe's.
Schuster, Brother  Minister from Heavenly Light Baptist Church
Shurtleff, Daphne  17-year-old black lover of Homer Cribus
Stanton, Dean  Guard at Cold Mountain who worked in E Block.
Terwilliger, Harry  Guard at Cold Mountain who worked in E Block.
Van Hay, Jack  Guard at Cold Mountain.
Wetmore, Percy  Guard at Cold Mountain.
Wettermark, Rolfe  Guard at Cold Mountain.
Wharton, Mrs.  Mother of William.
Wharton, William (Wild Bill)  Prisoner of E block.
Widmark, Richard  Actor who bore a close resemblance to William Wharton.


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