IT Characters List:


Character Name Description
Aristotle  Mentioned in passing
Atilla the Hun  Thought of by George Denbrough
Batman  Comic book character
Bip  Pig owned by the Bower family
Bobby  Luces family cat
Bop  Pig owned by the Bower family
Bozo  Clown mentioned in passing
Buffalo Bob  Character on the Howdy Doody show
Chilly Willy  Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Christ  Mentioned in passing
Christine  The dead Belch Huggins gave a lift to Henry Bowers (in It) in a 1958 Red Plymouth Fury which is the same as the car Christine.
Clarabel  Character on the Howdy Doody show
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Thought to be on Bill Denbrough's answering machine in June 1985.
Curley  One of the 3 scarecrows on the Hanlon farm in 1958.
Daffy Duck  Mentioned in passing
Danny and the Juniors  Band mentioned in passing
Dead Bugs  Band liked by John Garton
Def Leppard  Band mentioned in passing
Dewey  Cartoon character. Nephew of Donald Duck.
Dracula  At the Derry Library on 30 May 1985. Really Pennywise
Elija  Character in the Bible
Fabian  Mentioned in passing
Fozzie Bear  Muppet. Mentioned in passing
God  Character in the Bible
Gretel  As in Hansel & Gretel.
Ham  Character in the Bible
Hansel  As in Hansel & Gretel. Children's story characters
Hercules  Mentioned in passing
Huey  Nephew of Donald Duck
Iron Maiden  Band mentioned in passing
Jack the Ripper  Mentioned in passing
Jesus  From the Bible
Jonsey  Bartender in the Sleepy Silver Dollar Hotel
Judas Priest  Band mentioned in passing
King Ahaz  Character in the Bible
Kinky Briefcase Sexual Accountant  Richard Tozier's favorite character voice
Larry  One of the 3 scarecrows on the Hanlon farm in 1958.
Legion  Mentioned in the Bible.
Louie  Nephew of Donald Duck
Madonna  Singer mentioned in passing
Moe  One of the 3 scarecrows on the Hanlon farm in 1958.
Moses  Character in the Bible
Mr. Chips  Dog of Michael Hanlon
Noah  Character in the Bible
Oscar the Grouch  Muppet. Mentioned in passing
Pennywise  The ageless dancing clown that kills people. Also known as It and Bob Gray
Pig Pen  Character in the Peanuts comic strip
Pinocchio  Mentioned in passing
Popeye  Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Prince  Singer mentioned on TV
Shep and the Limelights  Band mentioned in passing
Silver  Bill Denbrough's Schwinn bicycle.
Snuffy  In the 6th grade at Derry.
Socrates  Mentioned in passing
Superman  Mentioned in passing
Tom Terrific  Character on the Captain Kangaroo TV Show
Twisted Sister  Band mentioned in passing
?, Annie  Worked at the Red Wheel Bar in Hemingford Home.
?, Billy  Skinny boyfriend of Mary
?, Bobby  Old hobo
?, Dave  Cab Driver who took Bill Denbrough to the meeting at Jade of the Orient on 30 May 1985
?, Debbie  Friend of Andrea Uris
?, Delores  Dressmaker used by Myra Kaspbrak
?, Demetrios  Driver for Eddie Kaspbrak's "Royal Crest" Limousines.
?, Fortuna  Aunt of William and George Denbrough
?, Hilda  Dr Hales housekeeper in Derry
?, Hoyt  Uncle of William and George Denbrough
?, Lesley  Works with Beverly Marsh at "Beverly Fashions"
?, Margaret  Aunt of Patricia Uris.
?, Mary  Girlfriend of Billy
?, Rhoda  Nurse who looked after William Hanlon
?, Rose  Hostess at Jade of the Orient Chinese restaurant
?, Ruby  Worked in the Centre Street Drug Store in 1958.
?, Sandy  Lover of Richard Tozier for about 2 years.
?, Sean  Child playing badminton at Bill Denbrough's old home
Abelson, Doc  Michael Hanlon's Psych professor
Adams, Ansel  photographer
Adler, ?  Guard in Juniper Hill Asylum.
Albrecht, Lisa  Killed by Pennywise in October 1984
Allen, Mel  Actor mentioned in passing
Allen, Woody  Actor mentioned in passing
Allingham, ?  British mystery writer
Andeen, Bruce  Police officer in Derry
Anderson, Paul  Student in Mrs. Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Andrews Sisters, The  Singers on a record that was for sale in the shop Secondhand Rose, Secondhand Clothes
Angstrom, Buddy  Saw the collapse of Derry's Shorty's building when it sunk into the ground on 31 May 1985
Anka, Paul  Singer.
Anson, Stork  Died in the fire at the Air Force base in 1930.
Anthony, Susan B.  The Susan B Anthony Silver Dollars were mentioned by Eddie Kaspbrak
Appleton, Crappy  Character on the Captain Kangaroo TV Show
Arnold, Gresham  Basketball player for Hemingford Rams
Arnold, Mr.  Father of Grisham Arnold.
Arnold, Mrs.  Mother of Grisham Arnold
Arrowsmith, Brenda  Showed Beverly Marsh a naked man in a book
Aurlette, Roger  Barber in Derry in 1958
Avalon, Frankie  Singer mentioned in passing
Avarino, Charles  Police Officer. Partner of Barney Morrison.
Bach  Composer mentioned in passing
Baker, LaVerne  Singer mentioned in passing
Ballard, Hank  Singer mentioned in passing
Bandy, Moe  Singer liked by Grisham Arnold
Barr, Mr.  Fake name used by Tom Rogan
Baynes, Dr.  Eddie Kaspbrack's doctor as a child
Beaulieu, Benny  In Blue ward at Juniper Asylum.
Bellwood, Jerry  Killed by Pennywise on 17 May 1985.
Benny, Jack  Actor/comedian mentioned in passing
Berger, Edgar  Ventriloquist mentioned in passing
Berry, Chuck  Singer mentioned in passing
Bertoly, Andrea  Maiden name of Andrea Uris
Bickford, Amsel  Union ringleader.
Big Bopper, The  Singer mentioned in passing
Billings, Frank  Worked with Ben Hanscom in Peru in 1978.
Bird, The  Seen by Mike Hanlon at the Kitchener Ironworks
Black, ?  School coach at Derry Elementary school
Blum, ?  Brother of Herbert Blum.
Blum, Herbert  Patricia's father and husband of Ruth
Blum, Patricia  Maiden name of Patricia Uris. Daughter of Ruth and Herbert
Blum, Ruth  Patricia's mother and wife of Herbert
Bodie, Cheyenne  Character on a TV Show
Bogart, Humphrey  Richard Tozier did an impersonation of his voice
Bolton, Mrs.  Mother of Skipper. A friend of Elfrida Marsh
Bolton, Skipper  14-year-old neighbor of Beverly Marsh in 1958.
Boone, Pat  Singer mentioned in passing
Bordeaux, Carla  Student in Mrs. Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Borton, ?  Police Chief in charge of the disappearances in 1950s.
Borton, Kenny  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry
Borton, Richard  Chief of the Derry Police
Boutiller, Tom  Assistant D.A. in Derry in 1984
Bowers, ?  Brother of Butch Bowers.
Bowers, Henry  Picked on the "Losers".
Bowers, Mrs.  Wife of Butch Bowers
Bowers, Oscar (Butch)  Father of Henry Bowers.
Bowie, Greta  Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Bowie, Richard  Mentioned by Claude Heroux
Bowie, Stephen  Timber baron who gave Derry the town clock in 1898 which blew up 31 May 1985.
Bradbury, Ray  Writer mentioned in passing
Braddock, Mr.  Derry Trainmaster in 1956
Bradley, Al  One of the Bradley Gang–bank robbers. Brother of George.
Bradley, George  One of the Bradley Gang. Brother of Al.
Bradley, Truman  Host of "Science Fiction Theatre" on TV
Brady, Pat  Mentioned in passing
Brannock, George  Killed in the fire at the Air Force base in 1930.
Brant, Mr.  Father of Rick. Character in a book
Brant, Rick  Character in a book
Brennan, Joseph  Borrowed "Bulldozer" from Derry Library
Brockhill, Mr.  In the library in Derry in 1985.
Brooks, Harry  Weather services forecaster
Brown, Charles N.  Borrowed "Bulldozer" from Derry Library
Brown, H. Rap  Mentioned in passing
Brown, James  Mentioned in passing
Browne, Susan  Bill Denbrough's agent and lover until he met Audra Phillips.
Bruckner, ?  Girl mentioned by Ruth Blum in a letter to her daughter
Buddinger, Branson  Wrote "A History of Old Derry"
Bunyan, Paul  His plastic statue is at the Civic Center in Derry. He is known as the patron saint of Derry.
Burke, ?  Name on the 2nd floor mailbox where Beverly Marsh used to live
Bush, George  President of the USA mentioned in passing
Calderwood, Floyd  Lumberman killed by Claude Heroux
Calhoun, Haystack  Wrestler mentioned in passing
Cannon, Freddy (Boom Boom)  Singer who played in the Rock and Roll show in Derry on 28 March 1958
Carrington, Butch  Cape Cod Limo Service owner and a friend of Eddie Kaspbrak.
Carson, Albert  Friend of Mike Hanlon. A librarian in Derry from 1914 to 1960.
Carson, Johnny  Host of a TV show.
Carson, Mr.  Possibly a teacher of Richard Tozier.
Casey, Mrs.  Eddie Kaspbrak's teacher in 1958
Castleman, Delia  Owner of Delia's Fashions.
Caudy, Patrick  One of the Bradley Gang. Boyfriend of Marie Hauser.
Cayce, Edgar  Psychic
Chacowicz, Sam  Ex-husband of Kay McCall
Cheever, John  Mentioned in passing
Chopin, ?  Composer mentioned in passing
Chords, The  Band mentioned in passing
Clark, Calvin  Cissy's twin brother. Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Clark, Carlton  Calvin and Cissy's big brother.
Clark, Cissy  Calvin's twin sister. Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Clark, Dick  On TV
Clements, Matthew  Killed by Pennywise in April 1958
Clements, Mr.  Father of Matthew Clements.
Clements, Mrs.  Mother of Matthew Clements.
Clemons, Clarence  A saxophone player
Cleveland, Grover  Past president of the USA.
Coasters, The  Band mentioned in passing
Cochran, Eddie  Singer mentioned in passing
Cole, Gregory  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry
Cole, Mrs.  Worked at the Aladdin Theatre as a ticket taker in 1958
Como, Perry  Singer on a record that was for sale in the shop Secondhand Rose, Secondhand Clothes on 30 May 1985
Conklin, Cal  One of the Bradley gang. Brother of Joe.
Conklin, Joe  One of the Bradley gang. Brother of Cal.
Conley, ?  Police Officer
Conroy, Dewey  Friend of William Hanlon in the 1930s
Conway, Gary  Actor mentioned in passing
Cooper, Gary  Actor mentioned in passing
Corcoran, Dorsey  Brother of Edward Corcoran. Son of Monica Macklin
Corcoran, Edward L.  Son of Monica Macklin. Killed by Pennywise. Stepson of Richard P. Macklin, and brother of Dorsey Corcoran
Corcoran, Monica  Mother of Dorsey and Edward Corcoran. Married to Richard P Macklin
Covall, Steve  KLAD Program director
Cowan, Frederick  Killed by Pennywise. Son of Richard Cowan.
Cowan, Mrs.  Mother of Frederick
Cowan, Richard  Father of Frederick.
Cox, Wally  Actor who played Mr Peepers
Craig, ?  Local church reverend in Derry in 1958
Crawford, Broderick  Actor in Highway Patrol. Plays Dan Matthews.
Creature from the Black Lagoon, The  Killed Edward Corcoran on 19 June 1958. It was really Pennywise in disguise.
Crests, The  Band mentioned in passing
Criss, Andy  Saw the Bradley Gang in 1929
Criss, Victor  Picked on the "Losers" in 1958. Killed by Pennywise.
Crockett, Davy  Mentioned in passing
Crumly, Mr.  Father of Vic Crumly
Crumly, Vic  Told the story about kids who drowned in the Derry Standpipe in 1930. He heard it from his father
Cullum, Jimmy  Killed by Pennywise on about 13 July 1958,
Curtie, ?  Brother of Elmer. Amateur Taxidermist
Curtie, Elmer  Owned "The Falcon", a gay bar in Derry.
Curtis, Tony  Richard Tozier did an impersonation of his voice
D'Cruz, Franklin  In the Blue Ward at Juniper Hill Asylum. Raped over 50 women in before being caught in Bangor's Terrace Park.
Dado, Idi Amin  Mentioned in passing
Danner, Carole  She worked at the library in 1985.
Darin, Bobby  Singer mentioned in passing
Davenport, Rena  Butch Bowers' girlfriend since 1950.
Davies, Miss  Librarian in the kids section of Derry library in 1958
Dawson, Richard  Host of Family Feud in 1985
Dawson, Trevor  Worked at the Air Force Base in 1930.
Dean, James  Actor in "Rebel Without A Cause"
Dedham, Stringer  Pitched to Belch Huggins in a game of baseball
DeLesseps, Andy  Union Ringleader who disappeared in 1905.
Denbrough, Audra  Bill Denbrough's wife.
Denbrough, George Elmer  William's brother. Son of Zack and Sharon.
Denbrough, Sharon  Mother of William and George, Wife of Zack.
Denbrough, William (Stuttering Bill)  One of the 'Losers'. Brother of George and son of Zack and Sharon. Married to Audra Phillips.
Denbrough, Zack  Father of George and William, Husband of Sharon.
Denton, ?  6 daughters of Mrs. Denton who lived on the second floor apartment near Beverly Marsh in 1958
Denton, Mrs.  Neighbor of Beverly Marsh and mother of 6 daughters.
Devereaux, Martin  Corporal at the Air Force base in 1930.
DeVille, ?  4 children of George Deville.
DeVille, George  In the Blue Ward at Juniper Hill Asylum
DeVille, Mrs.  Wife of George DeVille
Devine, Andy  On TV
Dick, Moby  Whale
Diddley, Bo  Mentioned in passing
Dodd, Frank  Castle Rock police officer.
Dodd, Jimmy  In the Mickey Mouse club on TV
Doe, Ernie K.  Singer mentioned in passing
Dohay, Robert  9-year-old boy who was decapitated in the ironworks explosion on 15 April 1906. His head was not found until 18 April 1906
Domino, Fats  Singer mentioned in passing
Donahue, Kitty  Bradley Gang-Common Law wife of George Bradley.
Donlin, Jimmy  In the Blue Ward at Juniper Hill Asylum
Donlin, Mrs.  Mother of Jimmy Donlin.
Donovan, Bradley  Kid with a lisp who was a friend of the Losers
Douglas, Mr.  Husband of Mrs. Douglas
Douglas, Mrs.  5th grade teacher at Derry Elementary School
Dovels, The  Band mentioned in passing
Dow, Tony  Actor in the show "Leave it to Beaver"
Doyon, Jim  Son of Mrs Doyon
Doyon, Mrs.  Mother of Jim. Neighbor of Beverly Marsh in 1958
Drew, Mr.  Father of Nancy Drew.
Drew, Nancy  Character in a book
Dubay, Mrs.  Mother of Steven Dubay
Dubay, Steven Bishoff  One of the 3 who threw Adrian Mellon into the canal and killed him in 1984.
Duck, Donald  Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Dumont, Henrietta  5th grade teacher at Derry Elementary School
Dunton, Eleanor  Friend of Sonia Kaspbrak
Dupree, Romeo  Mentioned in passing
Dylan, Bob  Singer mentioned in passing
Earl, Harold  Falsely arrested for the murders on 23 May 1985
Eastwood, Clint  Actor mentioned in passing
Eisenhower, Dwight D.  President in the 1950s.
Emerson, Mrs.  Got a prescription in the Centre Street Drug Store in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo  Quoted on a poster in the Derry Children's Library
Engstrom, Mr.  His dog was killed by Patrick Hockstetter
Etchison, Dennis  Author whose story appeared in "White Tie" magazine.
Evans, Dale  Mentioned in passing
Fadden, Marcia  Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958. Girlfriend of Peter Gordon.
Falkland, ?  Lumberman who was at the Sleepy Silver Dollar
Falwell, Jerry  TV evangelist
Faulkner, ?  Writer mentioned in passing
Fazio, Armando (Mandy)  Dump Keeper in Derry in 1958. Brother of Mr. Fazio
Fazio, Mr.  Janitor at the Derry Elementary School in 1958. Brother of Armando Fazio
Feeny, Carol  Travel agent for Richard Tozier
Felsen, Henry Gregor  Author who wrote "Hot Rod" which Ben Hanscom borrowed from the library in June 1958.
Feury, John  Killed by Pennywise 22 May 1985.
Fields, W.C.  Richard Tozier does a good impersonation of his voice
Firestone, Freddie  Producer of "Attic Room". Mentioned in passing
Flanagan, Stella  Mentioned in a letter from Ruth Blum to her daughter in 1979
Flash, Grandmaster  Mentioned in passing
Fleetwoods, The  Band mentioned in passing
Fogarty, ?  Guard at Juniper Hill Asylum
Fogarty, Raymond  Minister at First Methodist Church
Ford, Frankie  Singer mentioned in passing
Fort, Charles  Author of occult style books
Foster, Chuck  DJ at KLAD
Foster, Ralph  Friend of William Denbrough in Fleet, England
Foxworth, Foxy  Manager of the "Aladdin" movie theater
Foxworthy, ?  Sister of Foxy Foxworthy.
Francis, Dick  Author read by Audra Denbrough
Frankenstein, Dr.  Character in a movie in 1958.
Frankenstein, Victor  Character in a movie seen in 1958
Frick, Frank  Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Fricke, ?  Wrote inaccurate history of Derry
Frost, Robert  Poet Mentioned in passing
Fudd, Elmer  Bill Denbrough stuttered like him
Fuller, Major  At the Air Force base in 1930
Funicello, Annette  Singer mentioned in passing
Gable, Clark  Actor in "Gone with the Wind"
Gabriel, Peter  Singer mentioned in passing
Gant, Mrs.  Friend of the Rogan family.
Gardener, Dave  Father of Harold.
Gardener, Harold  Son of Dave (One of 4 sons). Police officer in Derry in 1984. Partner of Jeffrey Reeves and investigated the murder of Adrian Mellon.
Gardener, Mrs.  Wife of Harold Gardener
Garner, Senator  In the 1856 photo of Derry
Garton, ?  Father of John.
Garton, John Webber (Webby)  One of the 3 who threw Adrian Mellon into the canal and killed him in 1984.
Gautier, Bob  At school with Mike Hanlon at the Neibolt School.
Gautier, Mr.  Father of Bob Gautier.
Gaye, Marvin  Singer mentioned in passing
Gedreau, Mr.  Worked at the Costello Avenue Market
Geffen, Dr.  Treated Kay McCall's injury
Geiger, Ellie  Mentioned by Beverly Marsh
Gendron, Mr.  Deaf janitor at Neibolt School
Gillespie, Dizzy  Musician mentioned in passing
Ginsberg, Arnie (WooWoo)  Singer who played in Derry on 28 March 1958.
Gladry, Dr.  Husband of Ruth Gladry
Gladry, Ruth  On the Board of Directors of Derry Library
Goldman, William  Writer mentioned by Susan Browne
Gordon, Jimmy  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry. Also saw Pennywise behind the war memorial.
Gordon, Peter  Boyfriend of Marcia Fadden and friend of Henry Bowers.
Grateful Dead, The  Band liked by Bill Denbrough
Gray, Miss  Maiden name of Mrs Kersh. Daughter of Robert Gray, also known as Pennywise
Gray, Robert (Bob)  One of the names of Pennywise the clown. This is possibly his real name, but the evil inside is much older.
Greenguss, Mrs.  Teacher of Mike Hanlon in 1958.
Grenier, David (Stugley)  Lumberman almost killed by Claude Heroux
Gresham, Mr.  Mentioned in passing
Grogan, Veronica (Ronnie)  Killed by Pennywise in June 1958
Gumble, Bryant  From the Today Show on TV.
Hagarty, Don  Adrian Mellon's gay boyfriend.
Hale, Dr.  Local retired Derry doctor
Hall, John  Actor on TV
Hallorann, Dick  Was a mess cook at the Air Force Base in 1930.
Handey, M.K.  Wrote "M.K. Handey's Guide to North American Birds"
Handor, Dr. Russ  Eddie Kaspbrak's doctor.
Hanlon, ?  Child of Shirley Hanlon. 1 of the 2 that had died
Hanlon, ?  Child of Shirley Hanlon. 1 of the 2 that had got married & left home.
Hanlon, Howard  Uncle of Michael and brother of William Hanlon.
Hanlon, Jessica  Michael Hanlon's mother and wife of William.
Hanlon, Michael  One of the "Losers"
Hanlon, Mr.  Husband of Shirley and father of William Hanlon.
Hanlon, Phillip Loubird (Philly)  Michael Hanlon's uncle. Youngest child of Shirley.
Hanlon, Shirley  Grandmother of Michael Hanlon and mother of William Hanlon.
Hanlon, William  Michael's Father and husband of Jessica. Second youngest son of Shirley.
Hanscom, Arlene  Ben's mother.
Hanscom, Benjamin  One of the "Losers".
Hanscom, Mr.  Ben Hanscom's father who died about 1951
Hardy, Fenton  Father of the Hardy Boys Frank & Joe
Hardy, Frank  One of the Hardy Boys from books
Hardy, Joe  One of the Hardy Boys from books
Harkavay, Dr.  Patty Uris' doctor in Atlanta
Harlengen, Randi  Friend of Patricia Blum
Hartwell, David  Borrowed "Bulldozer" from Derry Library
Hartwell, David  Ringleader of a union who was found dead
Hauser, Marie  In the Bradley Gang, Patrick Caudy's girlfriend.
Hawkins, Screamin Jay  Singer mentioned in passing
Hendrix, Jimi  Musician mentioned in passing
Henley, Mrs.  Neighbor of Patrick Hockstetter
Henley, Tim  Real estate developer in Derry
Henry, Patrick  Mentioned in passing
Heroux, Claude  Union Ringleader.
Hill, Sam  As in "What in Sam Hill is going on..."
Hitchcock, Alfred  Movie director mentioned in passing
Hitler, Adolph  Mass murderer mentioned in passing
Hockstetter, Avery  Brother of Patrick.
Hockstetter, Mr.  Patrick's father.
Hockstetter, Mrs.  Patrick's mother.
Hockstetter, Patrick  Killed by Pennywise on 22 July 1958.
Holly, Buddy  Singer mentioned in passing
Holly, Jeffrey  Killed by Pennywise 13 May 1985.
Holmes, Sherlock  Detective mentioned in passing
Hoover, Herbert  Past President of the USA
Hoover, Mrs.  Wife of Herbert Hoover
Housefly, Phyllis  Mentioned in passing
Huber, Richie  Mentioned in a letter from Ruth Blum to her daughter
Huggins, Reginald (Belch)  Picked on the "Losers"
Hughes, Paul  Police Officer in Derry.
Humboldt, Patrick  Remembered by William Denbrough
Humphrey, Hubert  Presidential candidate in 1960
Hunt, H.L.  Mentioned in passing
Huntley, Chet  News reporter in 1957.
Innes, ?  British mystery writer
Irving, John  Mentioned in passing
Iscariot, Judas  Character in the Bible
Isley Brothers, The  Band mentioned in passing
Ives, Burl  Mentioned in passing
Ives, Sandy  Wrote Derry history. A Folklorist
Jackson, Michael  Richard Tozier does an impression of his voice
Jacubois, Mr.  Has an ASPCA sticker on his car.
Jagermeyer, Bruce  Saw the Bradley gang in 1929
Jagermeyer, Gard  Friend of Henry Bowers.
James, Henry  Author mentioned in passing
Jarvis, Dr.  Wrote "Dr Jarvis' Vermont Folk Medicine"
Jimmison, Miss  Health teacher at Derry School
Johnson, Steven  Killed by Pennywise in early December 1984
Joker, The  Comic book character
Jollyn, Reverend  Minister when the Kitchner Ironworks exploded
Jones, Jim  Mentioned in passing
Jones, Spike  Musician thought of by Ben Hanscom
Josephs, Mrs.  Used a telescope to look around in the town.
Karloff, Boris  Actor liked by Ben Hanscom
Kaspbrak, Eddie  One of the "Losers"
Kaspbrak, Frank  Eddie's father
Kaspbrak, Myra (Marty)  Eddie's wife.
Kaspbrak, Sonia  Eddie's mother.
Keene, Andrew  Grandson of Norbert Keene.
Keene, Mrs.  Wife of Norbert
Keene, Norbert  Pharmacist at the Center Street Drug Store between 1925 and 1975, and did the books for Andrew in 1985.
Kennedy, Bobby  Mentioned in passing
Kennedy, Jackie  Mentioned in passing
Kennedy, John F.  Richard Tozier does a good impersonation of his voice
Kennedy, Ted  Mentioned in passing
Kerpaskian, Mr.  Person in Derry Hospital
Kersh, Mr.  Husband of Mrs Kersh.
Kersh, Mrs.  She was the daughter of Robert Gray, who was also known as Pennywise the dancing clown.
Khrushchev  Mentioned in passing
Kilgallon, Brent  Farmer whose silo was damaged on 31 May 1985
Killgallon, ?  16-year-old son of Brent.
Killgallon, Mrs.  Wife of Brent Killgallon.
King, Eddie  Killed by Claude Heroux on 9 September 1905.
King, Mrs.  Wife of Eddie King
Kissdrivel, Colonel Buford  One of Richard Tozier's character voices
Kitchener, Carl  Owner of the Kitchener Precision Tool & Die Shop
Kitchner, Mr.  Owner of the Ironworks
Koontz, John  Guard at Juniper Hill Asylum
Lamonica, Andrea (Andi)  Daughter of Cheryl Lamonica.
Lamonica, Cheryl  Killed by Pennywise in April 1958. Mother of Andrea Lamonica and sister of Mark
Lamonica, Mark  Younger brother of Cheryl.
Lamonica, Mr.  Father of Mark and Cheryl Lamonica
Lamonica, Mrs.  Mother of Mark and Cheryl Lamonica
Lanchester, Elsa  Actress in "The Bride of Frankenstein"
Landon, Michael  Actor who played a werewolf in a movie in 1958
Langella, Frank  Actor who played Dracula.
Langlahan, George  Author who wrote "The Fly"
Larsen, ?  Pitcher in the 1956 World Series
Laughlin, Mack  Publisher of the Derry News in 1929.
Lederer, Francis  Actor who played Dracula.
Lee, ?  Son of Ricky Lee. One of 3 boys.
Lee, Christopher  Actor who played Dracula.
Lee, Mr.  Father of Ricky Lee
Lee, Ricky  Runs "The Red Wheel" in Hemingford Home. Friend of Ben Hanscom.
Leigh, Vivien  Actress in "Gone with the Wind"
Lennon, John  Musician mentioned in passing
Lernerd, Roger  Loan officer at Harolds Credit Union in Derry.
Lewis, Jerry Lee  Singer who played in Derry on 28 March 1958
Libby, Heather  Saw the Grace Baptist Church clock explode
Libby, Reverend  Derry minister
Lincoln, Abraham  Past president of the USA
Linnot, Phil  Guitarist mentioned in passing
Littlefield, Charlotte  Teacher at Derry High School.
Lombardo, Guy  Mentioned in passing
London, Jack  Author read by Ben Hanscom
Lone Ranger, The  Character on a TV show
Lottmann, ?  Detective in the Henry Bowers trial in 1958.
Lovecraft, H.P.  Writer mentioned in passing
Lowe, Chad  Disappeared. Possibly killed by Pennywise
Luces, ?  Family that lived 3 doors down from the Hockstetters
Ludlum, Robert  Author read by the guy sitting next to Beverly Rogan on the plane on 29 May 1985
Lugosi, Bela  Actor who played Dracula.
Lymon, Frankie  Singer who appeared on American Bandstand and also in the Rock and Roll show in Derry on 28 March 1958
Machen, ? (Goose)  Father of Lal Machen.
Machen, Frank  Police officer in Derry in 1984.
Machen, Lal  Owner of Machen's Sporting Goods where the Bradley gang wanted to buy ammo on 7 October 1929 and he told Chief Sullivan.
MacKenzie, Anita  Neighbor of Patricia and Stanley Uris.
Macklin, Monica  Edward Corcoran's mother. Married name of Monica Corcoran.
Macklin, Richard P.  Husband of Monica Macklin.
Madison, Guy  On TV
Maitland, Vernon  Had cancer of the esophagus in 1953
Mallory, Greg  Boyfriend of Beverly Marsh
Malloy, Arthur (Creeping Jesus Malloy)  In the Bradley Gang
Manilow, Barry  Singer liked by Myra Kaspbrak
Markson, ?  The family of John Markson
Markson, John  Killed his family in 1851
Marlow, Biff  Helper of Lal Machen in 1929.
Marsh, ?  British mystery writer
Marsh, Alvin  Father of Beverly Marsh
Marsh, Beverly  One of the "Losers". Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Marsh, Elfrida  Mother of Beverly and wife of Alvin.
Massenik, Karl  6th Grade teacher of Andrew Keene
Matheson, Richard  Writer mentioned in passing
Matthews, Dan  Character in Highway Patrol.
McCall, Kay  Only real friend of Beverly Marsh.
McCarthy, Gene  Mentioned in passing
McCaslin, Everett  Died in the fire at the Air Force base in 1930.
McCrew, Gerry  Assistant cook at the "Black Spot" club at the Air Force Base in 1930.
McCutcheon, Tinker  Lumberman who was killed by Claude Heroux.
McDonald, Ronald  Mentioned in passing
McDowell, Father  Derry Priest
McGhee, Stick  Singer mentioned in passing
McKibbon, Mr.  Goes through people's garbage in Derry in 1958.
McNeil, Freeman  On television
Mellencamp, John Cougar  Singer mentioned in passing
Mellon, Adrian  Gay man who was murdered on 21 July 1984 when he was thrown in the Derry Canal.
Metcalf, Harold  Derry School superintendent in 1958
Michaud, ?  Wrote an inaccurate Derry History
Mitchell, Billy  Was a pilot in the Air Force in 1930.
Mitchell, Margaret  Author of "Gone with the Wind"
Monroe, Marilyn  Actress mentioned in passing
Moon, Keith  Drummer mentioned in passing by Richard Tozier
Moran, Mrs.  4th grade teacher at Derry Elementary in 1958
Morgan, Scooter  Fell off the monkey bars and got a bleeding nose while in Kindergarten with Bill Denbrough.
Moron, Ronnie  Mentioned in passing
Morrison, Barney  Police Officer in Derry who investigated the death of Adrian Mellon. Partner of Charles Alvarino.
Morrison, Jim  Singer mentioned in passing
Morrow, Vic  Actor in "The Blackboard Jungle"
Moulton, Erhardt K.  Derry District Court Judge who sentenced Richard Macklin
Mouse, Mickey  Mentioned in passing
Mouse, Minnie  Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Mueller, Horst  Town council member in 1929
Mueller, Mr.  Father of Sally. Brother of Horst Mueller
Mueller, Sally  Student in Mrs Douglas' Derry Elementary School 5th grade class in June 1958.
Mueller, William  Part owner of S.S & W.M rail line.
Mummy, The  Ben Hanscom saw a mummy, but it was really Pennywise in a disguise
Munson, Thurman  Mentioned in passing
Murphy, Audie  Actor mentioned in passing
Nalder, Reggie  Actor who played Dracula.
Naugler, Alfie  Farmer in Derry
Naugler, Trace  Mayor of Derry when the Bradley Gang came
Nell, Aloysius  Police Officer in Derry.
Nell, Maureen  Wife of Aloysius Nell.
Nelson, Mrs.  Saw the Losers on 31 May 1985.
Nixon, Pat  Mentioned in passing
Nixon, Richard  US President mentioned in passing
Nostradamus  Author of Occult style books
O'Bannon, Sergeant  One of Richard Tozier's voices, and based on a real cop in the 6th street station.
O'Brian, Ashley  Priest in Shawshank Prison
O'Hara, Mike  Worked with Richard Tozier at KLAD
O'Hara, Patty  Girl mentioned by Beverly Marsh
O'Staggers, Father  Richard Tozier threatened to tell him about the Doe when he returned to Derry
Oates, Joyce Carol  Writer mentioned in passing
Ochs, Phil  Singer mentioned in passing
Orwell, George  Writer mentioned in passing
Osbourne, Ozzy  Singer interviewed by Richard Tozier
Pacino, Al  Customer of Eddie Kaspbrak's Limousine service.
Pan, Peter  Mentioned in passing
Pardo, Don  Mentioned in passing
Parker, Fess  Actor mentioned in passing
Pasquale, Bucky  Neighbor of Beverly Marsh
Patton, ?  General in charge of Zack Denbrough's army section in Germany
Paulson, Joe  Husband of Rebecca Paulson
Paulson, Rebecca  Found $190 in her back yard after the Derry explosion on 31 May 1985. Lived in Haven Village
Peale, Norman Vincent  Wrote "The Power of Positive Thinking"
Pearson, Doc  Derry Doctor in 1958
Peepers, Mr.  Character played by Wally Cox
Penguins, The  Band that sung "Earth Angel"; played in the Rock and Roll show in Derry on 28 March 1958
Penniman, Richard  The real name of the singer known as Little Richard
Perkins, Anthony  Eddie Kaspbrak looked a little like him
Perkins, Carl  Singer mentioned in passing
Pershing, Jack  General in army. Mentioned in passing.
Phillips, Audra  Audra Denbrough's stage name before her marriage to Bill Denbrough. She was born Audrey Philpott, but changed her name.
Phillips, Owen  Laughed at Belch Huggins when he was hit in the head with a baseball.
Philpott, ?  Younger sister of Audry Philpott
Philpott, Audrey  Audra Phillip's real name.
Pickman, ?  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Pinette, Jake  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Piscapo, ?  The Piscapo family was on Family Feud on 28 May 1985
Poe, Edgar Allan  Writer mentioned in passing
Pope, The  Mentioned in passing
Porter, Mr.  Funeral director in Swedholm
Portleigh, Mrs.  Sunday School teacher of Eddie Kaspbrak
Prenderlist, Mark  Richard Tozier saw him in McCarron park.
Presley, Elvis  Singer mentioned in passing
Rademacher, Adrian  Father of Andrew Rademacher. Derry Police Chief
Rademacher, Andrew  Police Chief in 1985. Son of Adrian.
Rademacher, Mrs.  Wife of Adrian and mother of Andrew
Rader, Richard D.  Fake name used by Al Bradley to buy ammo at Lal Machen's store in Derry on 7 October 1929
Rathbone, Basil  Mentioned in passing
Rayburn, Gwendolyn  Assistant principal
Reagan, Ronald  President of the USA mentioned in passing
Redford, Robert  Actor mentioned in passing
Reeves, George  Actor who played Superman on TV
Reeves, Jeffrey  Police officer in Derry in 1984.
Revere, Paul  Mentioned in passing
Rhulin, Andrew  Farmer who owned the property near the Hanlons.
Richard, Little  Singer whose real name is Richard Penniman
Ripsom, Betty  Killed by Pennywise on 26 December 1957
Ripsom, Mr.  Betty's father.
Ripsom, Mrs.  Betty's mother.
Robbins, Dr.  Doctor of Eddie Kaspbrak as an adult.
Robinson, Jack  Possibly the father of Randy Robinson
Robinson, Randy  Friend of Michael Hanlon as a child.
Roche, Brandon K.  Assistant Falmouth Police Chief.
Rogan, ?  Unnamed sibling of Tom Rogan
Rogan, Beverly  Married name of Beverly Marsh
Rogan, Joey  Younger brother of Tom Rogan
Rogan, Megan  Younger sister of Tom Rogan
Rogan, Mrs.  Tom Rogan's mother.
Rogan, Ralph  Tom Rogan's dad.
Rogan, Tom  Married Beverly Marsh.
Rogers, Jimmy  Singer on a record that was for sale in the shop Secondhand Rose, Secondhand Clothes on 30 May 1985
Rogers, Roy  Mentioned in passing
Roone, Carl  Worked at the Air Force Base in E company in 1930
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano  Mentioned in passing
Rosenblatt, Michael  Patricia Blum's prom date in 1967.
Rosenblatt, Mr.  Father of Michael Rosenblatt.
Ross, Freddy  Found the body of Veronica Grogan. The name may have been Frankie or Freddy, and the surname may have been Roth.
Ross, Herbert  Ignored Beverly Marsh's cry for help when she was being beaten by Belch Huggins.
Rounds, Lathrop (El Katook)  Lumberman who worked for William Mueller. He was killed at the Sleepy Silver Dollar by Claude Heroux
Rowden, Butch  Worked at the meat market in Derry.
Rowland, Teddy  Worked with Freddy Firestone
Roy, Dawn  Killed by Pennywise in March 1985
Russell, Bobby  Works at KLAD with Richard Tozier
Ruth, Dr.  Doctor on TV
Ryan, ?  The Ryan family were on Family Feud on 28 May 1985
Sadler, Norman  Farmer who helped the Hanlon family. Father of Steve Sadler.
Sadler, Steve (Moose)  Retarded friend of Belch Huggins. Son of Norman Sadler.
Sands, Tommy  Singer mentioned in passing
Sartoris, Horton  Died in the fire at the Air Force base in 1930.
Sawyer, Tom  Character in a book
Sayers, Dorothy  British mystery writer
Scott, Randolph  Actor mentioned in passing
Scott, Willard  From the Today Show on TV.
Sedaka, Neil  Singer mentioned in passing
Shakespeare, William  Writer mentioned in passing
Sheen, Fulton  Mentioned in passing
Shratt, Dr.  Derry Doctor in 1905
Simon, Paul  Singer mentioned in passing
Simpson, O.J.  Did a TV ad for Hertz.
Snopes, Alan (Pop)  Died in the fire at the Air Force base in 1930.
Snow, Carl  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Spielberg, Steven  Movie producer mentioned in passing
Spinners, The  Band on the jukebox in the Red Wheel on 28 May 1985
Sprat, Jack  Character in a children's nursery rhyme.
Springsteen, Bruce  Singer mentioned in passing
Squires, Shorty  Died when a building fell on him in Derry on 31 May 1985 after his building sank into the ground.
Stacey, Aubrey  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Stampnell, Eben  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Stanchfield, Vernon  Farmer from Palmyra who was in the Sleepy Silver Dollar on 9 September 1905.
Starkweather, ?  Name on the 3rd floor mailbox in 1985 at 127 Lower Main Street, where Beverly Marsh used to live
Starrett, Barbara  Librarian in Kids section of Derry library in 1958.
Stavier, ?  Kid with epilepsy in Derry in 1958
Stevenson, Ace  Worked at the Air Force base.
Steward, Dr.  Mentioned in passing
Stillwagon, Dr.  Mike Hanlon's doctor as a baby
Stuart, Anne  Killed on 31 May 1985
Sullivan, Ed  TV Show host
Sullivan, Jim  Derry County sheriff in 1945.
Sully, ?  Retired Derry sheriff
Supremes, The  Singers liked by Myra Kaspbrak
Susann, Jacqueline  Writer mentioned by Audra Denbrough
T, Mr.  Richard Tozier does an impression of his voice
Taliendo, ?  Brother of Vincent Taliendo
Taliendo, ?  Sister of Vincent Taliendo.
Taliendo, Vincent Caruso (Boogers)  A janitor at Wally's Spa
Tammerly, Joe  Friend of Alvin Marsh in 1958.
Tanner, Bob  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Tanner, Mr.  Father of Bob Tanner
Tarrent, Cheryl  Worked with Elfrida Marsh at Greens Farm.
Tarrent, Mr.  Cheryl's husband.
Taylor, Elizabeth  Slow epileptic girl in Derry in 1958.
Terrault, Adam  Killed by Pennywise 23 April 1985.
Thatcher, Becky  Character in a book
Theramenius, Lars  Neighbor of the Marsh family in Derry in 1958.
Theramenius, Mrs.  Mother of Lars
Theramenius, Olaf  Father of Lars.
Thibodeau, Mrs.  Ben Hanscom's first grade teacher
Thomas, Mrs.  William Denbrough's speech therapist at Chevrus High in Portland
Thomas, Mrs.  Typist at the Derry Elementary School in 1958
Thomas, Phil  Driver for Eddie Kaspbrak's "Royal Crest" limousines
Thomas, Seth  Eddie Kaspbrak had a Seth Thomas clock
Thomson, Bobby  Played baseball for the Giants in 1951
Thoroughgood, Egbert  93-year-old man who spoke about Derry history.
Toby, Kenneth  Actor in the Whirleybirds.
Torrio, Dennis  Killed by Pennywise between 7 and 14 February 1985, but his body was not found until mid March 1985.
Tozier, Maggie  Mother of Richard Tozier; wife of Wentworth Tozier
Tozier, Richard (Trashmouth)  One of the "Losers"
Tozier, Wentworth  Father of Richard Tozier; husband of Maggie
Tracker, Hamilton  Mentioned by Claude Heroux
Tracker, Phil  Brother of Tony. Owned truck business.
Tracker, Tony  Brother of Phil. Owned truck business.
Tremont, ?  Daughter of Mr. Tremont
Tremont, ?  Son of Mr. Tremont
Tremont, Mr.  Neighbor of Beverly Marsh. Had 2 Girls, 1 Boy. Left when he lost his job in about June 1975
Tucker, Forest  Actor in "The Crawling Eye"
Turtle, The  The enemy of It. It died before the last confrontation, but was supposed to have created the universe
Twitty, Conway  Singer mentioned in passing
Unwin, Christopher Phillip  One of the 3 who threw Adrian Mellon into the canal where he died in 1984.
Updike  Writer mentioned in passing
Uris, Andrea  Mother of Stanley. Wife of Donald. Married name of Andrea Bertoly
Uris, Donald  Father of Stanley Uris. Husband of Andrea
Uris, Jenny  Relation of Stanley
Uris, Patricia  Wife of Stanley. Married name of Patricia Blum.
Uris, Stanley  One of the 'Losers'.
Valens, Richie  Singer mentioned in passing
Van Doren, Charlie  Mentioned by Richard Tozier
Van Prett, Mrs.  Neighbor of Sonia Kaspbrak in 1958.
Vanilla, Pancho  One of Richard Tozier's voices
Vanness, Peter  Saw the Bradley Gang in Derry on 9 October 1929.
Varney, ?  Lumberman who was in the Sleepy Silver Dollar
Vicananza, Tommy  A slightly slow boy who saw a 'shark' in the Derry canal in 1985
Vincent, Gene  Singer who played in the Rock and Roll show in Derry on 28 March 1958
Warbucks, Daddy  Comic strip character mentioned in passing
Washington, George  Former US President
Waters, Mr.  Funeral director in Swedholm
Watson  Sherlock Holmes' helper
Wayne, John  Actor mentioned in passing
Webb, Jack  Actor mentioned in passing
Weems, Mrs.  3rd Grade teacher at Derry Elementary School.
Welk, Lawrence  Used to be on TV
Wells, H.G.  Author read by Ben Hanscom
Weston, Arlen  In the Blue ward at Juniper Asylum.
Whitman, ?  Author of "Leaves of Grass"
Whitsun, Bradley  County Attorney in case against Richard Macklin in 1958.
Whitsun, Henry  Died in the fire at the Air Force base in 1930
Williams, Ted  Baseball player mentioned in passing
Wilson, ?  Sergeant in charge of troops at the Air Force base in 1930.
Wilson, Woodrow  Past president of the USA.
Winterbarger, Horst  Father of Laurie.
Winterbarger, Laurie Ann  Killed by Pennywise between 7 and 14 February 1985.
Winterbarger, Mrs.  Mother of Laurie Winterbarger and ex-wife of Horst Winterbarger.
Witt, Jim  Meteorologist on WZON on 31 May 1985
Woodleigh, Coach  Ben Hanscom's coach at East Side School in Omaha.
Wyatt, The homicidal bag-boy  One of Richard Tozier's character voices
Zinnerman, ?  Neighbors of Beverly Marsh in 1958.
Zitner, Alfred  Owner of Zitner Real Estate in Derry in 1985.


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