Formats: Hardcover / Paperback / Audiobook / Trade Paperback
First Edition Release Date: 1977


A disturbed high-school student with authority problems kills one of his teachers and takes the rest of his class hostage. Over the course of one long, tense and unbearable hot afternoon, Charlie Decker explains what led him to this drastic sequence of events, while at the same time deconstructing the personalities of his classmates, forcing each one to justify his or her existence.

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Posted By: Lane Rise - 07/28/2008 - 6:22 PM EST

i like the killing

Posted By: Rjt65 - 07/24/2008 - 5:26 PM EST

A story that anyone who went to public school can relate to in some way. I enjoyed this as part of the combined Bachman books. It is a shame that this story had to be pulled due to the new fad of school shootings. I suggest all get older copies of the Bachman Books with this story included!