Rose Madder
  Rose Madder Characters List:


Character Name Description
Amazing Urban Jewboy  Norman Daniels' name for Peter Slowik
Dorcas  The woman who helped Rose in the picture
Erinyes  The blind bull that guards the temple
Radamanthus  Pony in the picture
Thumper  Norman Daniels name for Peter Slowik
Uncle Bill  Man who molested Ramon Sanders as a child
Uncle Carlo  Man who molested Ramon Sanders as a child
?, Andrea  Child on the slides at the Daughters and Sisters picnic
?, Chris  Ticket seller at the Daughters and Sisters picnic
?, Dale  Person in Samuel Lowe's barber shop
?, Fred  Spoken about by 2 women at the Daughters and Sisters picnic
?, Norma  Aunt of a kid on the bus when Rose left Norman
?, Paul  Child on the slides at the Daughters and Sisters picnic
Babcock, Lee  One of the police officers that Norman Daniels kills
Bell, Christina  Writer whose novels Rose read
Bender, Richie  Robbed a Payless store. Sold drugs
Bissington, Harley  Norman Daniels' partner
Briscoe, John  Neighbor of Rose Daniels who was shot by Norman
Bruster, ?  Police officer who busted Ramon Sanders on a drug charge
Chastain, Misery  Character out of a Paul Sheldon novel.
Coras, Ann  Avon Lady
Daniels, Caroline  The name that Rose gave to her baby
Daniels, Norman  Wife beating psychotic cop. Husband of Rose
Daniels, Rose Diana  Married name of Rose McClendon. Wife of Norman
Daniels, Roy  Father or Norman
Day, Susan  woman's activist
Delaney, Marilyn  Fictional woman who nursed Hump Peterson back to health
Delgado, Consuelo  Worked at Daughters and Sisters
Demers, Alvin  One of the police officers that Norman Daniels kills
Diamond, Mrs.  Clerk at Store 24
Dodd, Alvin  Name Norman Daniels uses to register at the Whitestone Hotel
Flyte, Angela  Best friend of Rose when she was at college, and also the name that Rose used to buy the ticket on the bus
Foster, Roy  Police friend of Norman Daniels
Franklin, Randi  At the Daughters and Sisters picnic
Goodis, David  Wrote "Dark Passage"
Gustafson, John  Partner of Lt Hale
Hale, Lieutenant  Police officer who was investigating Norman Daniels attacks at the Daughters and Sisters picnic
Hamilton, Curtis  Recording Engineer at the Tape Engine
Hardaway, Captain  Gave Norman Daniels time off work
Haverford, Pam  Worked at the Whitestone Hotel with Rose.
Huggins, Melanie  Woman at the Daughters and Sisters picnic. Mother of Stanley
Huggins, Stanley  Young boy at Daughters and Sisters picnic. Son of Melanie
Kelly, Al  Police Artist
Kinshaw, Gertrude (Gert)  Big woman who worked at the Daughters and Sisters
Kline, Lana  Psychiatric worker who helped out at the Daughters and Sisters
Lefferts, Rob  Offered Rose a job when he met her
Leffingwell, ?  Police officer who busted Ramon Sanders on a drug charge
Lowe, Samuel  Barber who shaved Norman Daniels' head
Madder, Rose  The name of the picture version of Rose. Also a color
McClendon, Craig  Father of Rose
McClendon, Rose  Maiden name of Rose Daniels
Morelli, Lieutenant  Worked with Norman Daniels
O'Brian, Father  Told Norman Daniels that pets have no souls
O'Hara, Browyn  Girlfriend of Bill Steiner
Parry, ?  Character in "Dark Passage"
Peterson, ?  Character in book "Kill All My Tomorrows"
Peterson, Jeannie  Fictional sister of Hump Peterson
Peterson, Richard (Hump)  Name that Norman Daniels used
Pratt, Mrs.  Mentioned in passing
Robbins, Oliver  Sold Rose the ticket for the Continental Bus ride
Sanders, Ramon  Found with Norman Daniels ATM card. Drug dealer and thief
Satterwaite, Gordon  First detective partner of Norman Daniels
Sheldon, Paul  Writer
Simons, Rhoda  Rose's director at the Tape Engine
Slater, Whitey  Worked with Norman Daniels
Slowik, Hal  Brother of Peter
Slowik, Peter  Ex-husband of Anna Stevenson, worked at the traveler's aid point and directed Rose to the Daughters and Sisters.
Smith, Cynthia  Helped by Daughters and Sisters
Smith, Mr.  Father of Cynthia. Methodist minister
Sparks, Cathy  At the Daughters and Sisters picnic
St. George, Alma  Character in book "Kill All My Tomorrows"
St. James, Robin  Helped by the Daughters and Sisters
Steiner, Abe  Father of Bill
Steiner, Bill  Worked at Liberty City Loan & Pawn
Steiner, Pamela Gertrude  Daughter of Rose and Bill
Steiner, Rose  Rose McClendon's second married name
Stevenson, Anna  Owner of Daughters and Sisters.
Stevenson, Jessica  Mother of Anna.
Stevenson, Leo  Father of Anna.
Verecker, Dawn  Gave cashier lessons to women at Daughters and Sisters
Williams, Sergeant  In the detective Division
Yarrow, Wendy  Made trouble for Norman Daniels.


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