The Shining
  The Shining Characters List:


Character Name Description
Casey  The engineer in the poem "The Wreck of the Old 97'."
Chug-Chug  Childhood invisible friend of Dr Bill Edmonds
Dick  Character in Danny's first grade primer
Jane  Character in Danny's first grade primer
Jip  Character in Danny's first grade primer.
McTeague  The dentist in the Frank Norris novel, McTeague.
National Observer Man  Unnamed man who vomited into his National Observer magazine on Flight 196.
Pepys  English writer.
Pooh  Danny's stuffed toy.
Wendy's mother  She lived in New Hampshire.
?, Aileen  Sister of Wendy Torrance.
?, Andy  Friend of James Torrance in Stovington
?, Brent  Went to nursery school with Danny Torrance in Stovington.
?, Darla  At the Overlook party in 1945
?, Elaine  Girlfriend of Tom
?, Jana  Fictitious girl Hallorann said told him about his fictitious son's accident in Colorado.
?, Lloyd  Bartender in the Overlook
?, Mike  Worked at the Overlook
?, Roger  Dressed as a dog in the Overlook at the 1945 party.
?, Sally  Worked at the Overlook
?, Sally  Assistant of Dr Edmonds in Sidewinder.
?, Tom  Lived above Jack and Wendy in Boulder. Boyfriend of Elaine.
?, Tommy  Jack Torrance found a letter written to Tommy back in 1934, in the Overlook basement
?, Tony  Danny's invisible playmate that made the word "redrum" famous. He shows Danny things that will happen, both good and bad. He is really an older version of Danny himself. The name Tony is simply a shortening of Danny's middle name Anthony.
Aaronson, Mr.  Father of Scott. Teacher at Stovington Academy.
Aaronson, Mrs.  Mother of Scott.
Aaronson, Scott  Friend of Danny Torrance in Stovington
Anderson, Jack  Reporter with low morals.
Astor, ?  Visited the Overlook
Bach  Classical German composer.
Baedecker, ?  Helped Dick Hallorann in Florida
Bartok  Classical Hungarian composer.
Battaglia, Charles (Baby Charlie)  Mobster friend of Charles Grondin.
Beatrice, Sister  Jack Torrance's Catechism teacher
Bellboys, The  The unnamed young men who carried guests' luggage at the Overlook.
Benson, Gary  Character in Jack Torrance's play
Boorman, Victor T.  Shot at the Overlook in 1966. Bodyguard of Gienelli
Boston Strangler, The  Watson told Jack that Ullman would have hired the Boston Strangler, if he'd have worked for the minimum wage.
Bows, Dick  1964 State Representative from Golden
Braddock, ?  Head Desk Clerk at the Overlook Hotel
Brannigar, Josh  Reporter
Brant, Mrs.  Guest at the Overlook on closing day.
Bruckner, ?  School department head at Stovington Academy
Capote, Truman  Visited the Overlook
Chamberlain, Neville  Mentioned in passing
Checker at the Market, The  Person at a Sidewinder Market who told Wendy about the doctor in town.
Cochran, Eddie  Recording artist.
Conklin, Rodney  Financial editor of a paper.
Cottrell, Howard  Snowplow driver who helped Hallorann
Crommert, Mr.  Worked for the school board as headmaster of Stovington Academy.
DeLong, Paul (Monkey)  Child Molester in one of Jack Torrance's stories
Denker, ?  Character in Jack Torrance's play
Derwent, Horace M. (Harry)  Millionaire inventor, pilot, film producer and entrepreneur who owned the Overlook 1945-1970. He was married to Sylvia Derwent from 1942-1948.
Derwent, Sylvia Hunter  Wife of Horace Derwent from 1942 until 1948. Owned the Overlook from 1967 until 1968
Doctorow, E.L.  Author of "Welcome to Hard Times"
Donner Party, The  PeopIe who were snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas. They resorted to cannibalism in order to stay alive.
Dupont, ?  Visited the Overlook
Durkin, Larry  Owner of a Conoco service station in Sidewinder.
Edmonds, Dr. Bill  Doctor in Sidewinder.
Effinger, Harry  Worked for the school board at Stovington Academy.
Felton, David  Features editor for a Denver paper.
Finkel, Henry  Ran the Top Marks for Horace Derwent in the 1930's.
Ford, Henry  Visited the Overlook in 1927
Four Writers, The  In 1961, four unnamed writers (two of whom were Pulitzer Prize Winners) leased the Overlook and reopened it as a writer's school.
Gable, Clarke  Visited the Overlook.
Galahad, Sir  Wendy Torrance imagined that a soap opera hero Sir Galahad would come to sweep her and Danny away.
Gienelli, Vittorio (Vito the Chopper)  Mobster and guest of the Overlook in 1944. Shot in the Overlook in June 1966.
Grady, Delbert A.  Drunk, who was in charge of the Overlook during the winter of 1970-1971, went mad and killed his 2 daughters (8 and 6) with a hatchet, and his wife with a shotgun before committing suicide with the shotgun.
Grimmer, ?  Character in one of Jack Torrance's stories
Grondin, Charles  Headed the purchase of the Overlook from Derwent in 1952, then was later part of High Country Investments that again purchased the Overlook in 1963.
Gunther, John  His son had a brain tumor.
Hall, Mr.  Name used by Dick Hallorann to the sheriff Tom Staunton.
Hallorann, ?  Fictitious boy whom Hallorann made-up as an excuse to get back to Colorado.
Hallorann, Carl  Brother of Dick.
Hallorann, Dick  The cook at the Overlook. He had the "shine."
Hallorann, Mrs.  Mother of Dick and Carl Hallorann.
Harding, President  Stayed in the Presidential Suite at the Overlook. Former USA President
Harding, Warren G.  Guest in the Overlook in 1922.
Harlow, Jean  Visited the Overlook in 1930
Hatfield, Brian  Father of George. Corporation Lawyer
Hatfield, George  A promising debate student at Stovington Academy. Son of Brian Hatfield.
Hollis, Wally  Told Jack Torrance about Vic Stenger's nervous breakdown
Houghton, Archer  County Coroner bribed to change the cause of death from suicide to accidental death for Mrs. Massey - the woman found dead in room 217.
Hunter, Sylvia  Maiden name of Sylvia Derwent.
Jackson, Shirley  Author of The Legend of Hill House.
Leffing, Robert T.  Spokesman for High Country Investments
Lincoln, Abraham  Former USA President
Lombard, Carole  Visited the Overlook
Longfellow  American poet.
Macassi, Roger  Gienelli's bodyguard who was shot in June 1966
Massey, Mr.  Lawyer husband of Mrs Massey.
Massey, Mrs.  Found dead in the bath of room 217.
Masterton, Frank  Part owner of One-A Wholesale Vegetable Mart in Florida. Friend of Dick Hallorann
McIver, ?  Lawyer used by Hallorann to make his will in Florida.
Miller, Arthur  Visited the Overlook. Husband of Marilyn.
Monroe, Marilyn  Visited the Overlook. Wife of Arthur Miller
Moorer, Benjamin  State trooper that found Gienelli, Boorman and Macassi's bodies in the Overlook in 1966.
Morgan, Jack (Dutchy)  Supposedly killed by Charles
Morris, Margery  14-year-old actress who worked for the Top Mark Studio before she died of a heroin overdose in 1934.
Nevers, Mr.  Dick Hallorann's apprentice at the Overlook
Nixon, Richard  Visited the Overlook and stayed in the Presidential Suite. Former USA President
Norman, Robert  Manager of the Overlook in 1966
O'Casey, Sean Phyllis Sandler  Jack's agent, thought the literary sun rose and set on Sean O'Casey.
O'Neill, Eugene  Mentioned in passing by Jack Torrance
Olson, Charles  Poet discussed in Jack Torrance's English classes.
Pillsbury Dough-Boy, The  Wendy thought a chef should look like the Pillsbury Dough-Boy.
Porsky, Mr.  Mentioned in a debate by George Hatfield
Prashkin, Carl (Jimmy Ricks)  Heir to Gienelli.
Queems, ?  Manager where Dick Hallorann worked in Florida
Redford, Robert  Actor who was compared to George Hatfield.
Rockefeller, Nelson  Visited the Overlook in 1950
Roosevelt, Franklin D.  Visited the Overlook and stayed in the Presidential Suite. Former USA President
Ryan, Nolan  Baseball Player
Sandler, Phyllis  Jack Torrance's agent in New York.
Scarne, Richard  Owner of Fun Time Automatic Machines and a mobster. Guest in the Overlook in 1964.
Scoffy, Frank  Killed by Vito Gienelli
Shockley, Albert  Close friend of the Torrance family
Shockley, Arthur Longley  Father of Albert.
Stani, Corbat  Designer that stayed in the Overlook in 1957
Staunton, Tom  Ranger that Dick Hallorann spoke to about the Torrance family
Stenger, Robin  In nursery school with Danny Torrance in Stovington. Son of Vic.
Stenger, Vic  Father of Robin. Teacher with Jack Torrance at Stovington Academy.
Strong, Miss  French Teacher at Stovington Academy.
Three Mountain Climbers, The  The three unnamed men who tried to climb the north face of King's Ram in Colorado.
Three Nuns, The  They sat on a sofa in the lobby of the Overlook the day the Torrances arrived at the hotel.
Torrance, Becky  Older sister of Jack Torrance.
Torrance, Brett  Oldest brother of Jack.
Torrance, Daniel Anthony (Danny or Doc)  Son of Jack and Wendy. He could read people's minds or thoughts, and he was wanted by the Overlook.
Torrance, John Daniel (Jack)  Danny's father. Husband of Wendy
Torrance, Mark Anthony  Father of Jack, Becky, Brett and Mike.
Torrance, Mike  Brother of Jack. Second oldest
Torrance, Winnifred (Wendy)  Danny's mother.
Trent, Mr.  Manager of Surf-Sand resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tunney, Zack  Friend of Jack Torrance. Teacher at Stovington Academy.
Ullman, Stuart  Manager of the Overlook.
Vanderbilt, ?  Visited the Overlook
Vecker, Carlton  Passenger who didn't show up for Flight 196 to Denver. Hallorann got his seat..
Vickery, Delores  Chambermaid at the Overlook Hotel.
VW Family, The  The family that had an accident on their way to Albuquerque.
Walpole, Horace  Writer mentioned my Wendy Torrance.
Watson, ?  Grandson of Robert Watson. Does the summer maintenance on the Overlook.
Watson, Boyd  Not mentioned by name. Son of Robert T Watson.
Watson, Mr.  Father of the current caretaker, Watson. Son of Robert Watson.
Watson, Mrs.  Mother of the current caretaker, Watson.
Watson, Robert Townley (Bob)  Built the Overlook in 1907. Grandfather of Watson, the present maintenance man.
Wilson, President  Visited the Overlook and stayed in the Presidential Suite. Former USA President
Woman, The  Unnamed woman on Flight 196 (Hallorann's flight back to Colorado) who burst into tears and said the plane was going to crash.
Zanuck, Darryl F.  Guest in the Overlook in 1956
Zeiss, Peter (Poppa)  Miami-based importer


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