Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, The
  Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, The Characters List:


Character Name Description
Ace  High On Flagg's side
Ahaz  One of the names Glen Bateman uses for Randall Flagg
Anubis  One of the names Glen Bateman uses for Randall Flagg
Astaroth  One of the names Glen Bateman uses for Randall Flagg
Babe  Owner of Babe's Kwik-eat café
Big Steve (Kojak)  Glen Bateman's dog
Daisy  Abagail Freemantle's last cow
Doc  Ex-army person who attacked Stu Redman's group
Garfield  Cat
Geraldo  Guinea pig in Stu Redman's room
Joe  The boy who traveled with Nadine Cross. His real name was Leo Rockway.
John the Conqueror  One of the names for Randall Flagg
Kojak  Glen Bateman's dog who is also called Big Steve
Nyarlahotep  Name Glen Bateman used for Randall Flagg
R'Yelah  One of the names Glen Bateman called Richard Flagg
Randall  Name on the closed radiology lab where Stu Redman was imprisoned
Rat-Man  One of Flagg's followers
Richard  Flagg's real name
Seti  One of the Names Glen Bateman called Richard Flagg
The Bogeyman  One name for Randall Flagg
The Kid  Joined Trashcan Man
The man with no face  One of the names for Randall Flagg
The Walkin Dude  One name for Randall Flagg
?, Al  Ambushed Stu Redman's group
?, Anders  Grandson of Abagail Freemantle.
?, Andrew  Fran Goldsmith's uncle. Husband of Carlene
?, Andy  Pilot on Flagg's side
?, Arlene  Works at James Place
?, Bonnie  "Mother" of Daniel McCarthy
?, Carlene  Fran Goldsmith's Aunt. Wife of Andrew
?, Cathy  Relation of Abagail Freemantle. Wife of David
?, Chris  Friend of Larry Underwood
?, Christopher  Relative of Abagail Freemantle. Husband of Susy
?, Consuela  Worked with Alice Underwood
?, Dale  Uncle of Stu Redman
?, David  Friend of Larry Underwood
?, David  Relative of Abagail Freemantle. Husband of Cathy
?, Fred  Father of Carla Goldsmith
?, Garvey  Ambushed Stu Redman's group
?, George (Gorgeous George)  Killed by Andrew Freeman and Lloyd Henreid
?, Herb  Lover of Joline Majors
?, Jack  Lover of Candy Jones
?, Jane  Owner of James Place - poker parlour
?, Jim  Husband of Molly
?, Julie  Friend of Larry Underwood
?, Linda  Relative of Abagail Freemantle
?, Manuel  Bouncer in bordello
?, Maria  Friend of Larry Underwood. Oral hygienist and one night stand
?, Mark  Friend of Larry Underwood
?, Molly  Great-granddaughter of Abagail Freemantle. Wife of Jim
?, Patty  In school with Nadine Cross
?, Rachel  Dr Tom Edmonton's secretary
?, Rhoda  Roommate of Debbie Smith
?, Roger  On Flagg's side
?, Ronnie  Ambushed Stu Redman's group
?, Ronnie  Boyfriend of Julie Lawry
?, Ronnie  Great Nephew of Abagail Freemantle
?, Samuel  Last son of Abagail Freemantle to die
?, Sandy  In school with Nadine Cross
?, Stephanie-Ann  Cook on Flagg's side
?, Susy  Relation of Abagail Freemantle. Wife of Christopher
?, Suzanne  Name in Jail cell where Nick Andros was put
?, Vic  Male Nurse
?, Victor  Grandson of Abagail Freemantle
?, Virge  Ambushed Stu Redman's group
Anderson, Roberta (Bobbi)  Writer mentioned in passing.
Andros, Mr.  Father of Nick. Died before Nick was born
Andros, Mrs.  Mother of Nick. Killed by man on a motor bike
Andros, Nick  A deaf-mute who becomes a charter member of the ad hoc committee in the Free Zone.
Bailey, Stan  On Flagg's side
Baker, Jane  Wife of John
Baker, John  Sheriff who saved Nick Andros. Husband of Jane
Baker, Jory  Guitar playing friend of Barry Greig. In a band "Sparx"
Ball, Brian  Created the original walkie talkie project that Harold Lauder based his bomb on
Ballinger, Mr.  In place where Stu Redman was imprisoned
Bateman, Glendon Pequod (Glen)  An assistant professor of sociology who met up with Stu Redman, a charter member of the Free Zone ad hoc committee, and he travelled to Las Vegas to fulfill Mother Abagail's final instructions
Bateman, Mrs.  Mother of Glen Bateman
Beauchamp, Curtis  Died on a roadblock
Benson, Cliff  Trainee Pilot on Flagg's side
Blakely, Mrs.  Friend of Mrs Cullen
Blakemoor, Harry  Husband of Rita.
Blakemoor, Rita  Met Larry Underwood in Central Park
Booth, Jane  Maiden name of Jane Baker. Sister of Ray Booth
Booth, Ray  Brother in law of sheriff John Baker.
Braceman, Reverend  Methodist Minister
Bracknell, Damon  Traveled with Richard Darless and Dayna Jurgins
Braddock, Mark  Lover of Perlon McCarthy.
Bradenton, Christopher (Kit)  Helped Randall Flagg with a car and papers.
Bradford, Robert  Husband of Sarah
Bradford, Samantha  Cookie Bradford's daughter
Bradford, Sarah (Cookie)  Woman in Doctor Sweeney's office.
Brannigan, Roy  Harold Lauder 'stole' his car after he died
Brentner, Ralph  Man who picked up Nick and Tom on their way out of Kansas, became part of the final company who went to Las Vegas to confront Flagg
Brentwood, Joseph Robert (Joe Bob)  State cop. Cousin of Bill Hapscomb
Brinkmeyer, June  Joined Abagail Freemantle
Brodsky, ?  Executed for treason
Brooks, Nate  Mother Abagail's third husband
Bruce, Frank D.  In the Project Blue lab.
Bruett, Lila  Wife of Norman
Bruett, Luke  Son of Norman
Bruett, Norman  In Hapscomb's Texaco when Campion's car hit
Bruett, Robert (Bobby)  Son of Norman
Buchan, Sergeant  Mentioned in passing
Bundell, Al  On the Law Committee
Burleigh, Richard  Ohio campus chief of security
Burlson, Paul  Kept records on people entering Flagg's side
Burstein, Norman  Childhood friend of Fran Goldsmith.
Caide, Bradley  Was deputy in Shoyo.
Caide, Mrs.  Wife of Bradley
Campanari, Freddy  Injured in a fire, and pilot in Flagg's 'army'
Campion, Charles D.  Government employee responsible for spreading the Captain Tripps virus when he fled from the Project Blue site after being contaminated
Campion, LaVon  Baby daughter of Sally and Charles
Campion, Sally  Wife of Charles
Carella, Steve  Worked with Edward Norris
Carmichael, Henry  In Hapscomb's Texaco when Campion hit
Carmody, Rachel  Killed by men who ambushed Stu Redman's group
Caron, Paul  Poor friend of Peter Goldsmith
Childress, Mike  Beat up Nick Andros. Friend of Ray Booth
Chumm, Dudley  Worked as a guard in Ohio
Cleveland, Jack  Russian and Chinese operative operations boss for the US government
Collins, Mark  Lover of Julie Horton
Constable, Laurie  Nurse. Joined Larry Underwood's group
Conveigh, Ben  Said racial slurs about the Freemantle family
Conveigh, George  Half brother of Ben
Craddock, Willy  Played poker with Stu Redman
Craslow, Milton  Died of snake bite
Creighton, Len  Worked with Project Blue
Cross, Mr.  Father of Nadine
Cross, Mrs.  Mother of Nadine
Cross, Nadine  Was with Larry Underwood and Harold Lauder before joining Flagg as his wife.
Crowley, Lester  Worked with Peter Goldsmith
Cullen, Don  Father of Tom. Ran off with DeeDee Packalotte
Cullen, Mrs.  Mother of Tom
Cullen, Tom  Mentally challenged man Nick met in May, OK.
Cunningham, Hatch  Picked on the Trashcan Man
Dadds, Bill  Friend of Lucy Swann
Dannemont, Rolf  Vet
Darliss, Richard  Traveled with Damon Bracknell
Deacon, Chet  Lived in the same town as the Freemantles
Debbins, Jason  Guard in State Prison
Deck, Dewey  Drug dealer who supplied Larry Underwood
DeFreeze, Donald  Flagg wrote a speech for him. He also suggested a name change to "Cinque"
Deitz, Dick  Colonel who answered Stu Redman's questions at Atlanta. Called Stu by the code name "Prince"
Delancey, Freddy  On Roadblock in Fran Goldsmith's home town
DeMott, Ken  On Flagg's side
Denninger, Dr.  Stu Redman's doctor in Atlanta.
Deschamps, Lewis  Injured and lost an eye in the bomb blast that was set by Harold Lauder
Devins, Andy  Lloyd Henreid's lawyer
Dickerson, George  Worked at WBZ-TV
Dinkway, Boo  Mentally challenged boy Flagg killed prior to the Flu
Dinsmore, Gus  Parking Lot attendant at beach
Dinsmore, Mr.  Father of Gus
Donahue, Tony  Teenage Boy
Dorgan, Barry  Security for Flagg's side
Doria, Sal  Was at Larry Underwood's Party
Downes, Tobias  Carla Goldsmith's grandfather
Downs, Merton  Freemason. Ancestor of Carla Goldsmith
Dragonsky, Louis  Name in jail cell where Nick Andros was put
Drogan, Hector Alonzo  Drug addict who was crucified by Flagg
Drummond, Eileen  Died in house fire
Duchiens, Sandy  Joined Abagail Freemantle's group
Duggan, Grace  School friend of Frannie Goldsmith
Dunbar, Shirley  Telephone operator on Flagg's side
Dunbarton, Harry  Joined Abagail Freemantle's group
Dupray, Angela  Bridge partner of Sarah Bradford
Dupray, David  Husband of Angela
Dupray, Sarah  Daughter of David and Angela
Edmonton, Alberta  Wife of Thomas Edmonton
Edmonton, Dr. Thomas  The Goldsmith's doctor
Elbert, Donald Merwin (Trashcan Man)  Pyromaniac. One of Flagg's men who brought the atomic bomb to Las Vegas
Elbert, Sally  Mother of Donald.
Elbert, Wendell  Father of Donald.
Elder, Dr.  Watched Stu Redman
Ellerton, Rich  Hired Nick Andros to clean the barn
Ellis, Helen  Wife of Dick
Ellis, Richard (Dick)  The veterinarian who was part of Nick Andros's company who went to Mother Abagail's.
Enders, Harlan  Retired friend of Peter Goldsmith
Engstrom, Jenny  Ex-nightclub-dancer on Flagg's side
Enslin, Ted  Poet
Erwins, Ratty  Called Flagg 'Old Creeping Judas'
Ezwick, Dr. Emmanual  Dead in Project Blue lab
Faraday, Russell  Final name for Randall Flagg
Fargood, Jane  In school with Nadine Cross
Farris, Judge Richard  Joined Larry Underwood's group. He was one of 3 spies sent to Las Vegas
Fayette, Irma  Flu survivor
Fayette, Mr.  Father of Irma
Fayette, Mrs.  Mother of Irma
Fenner, Frank  Friend of John Freemantle
Fine, Eben G.  Park in Boulder named after him
Finnegan, ?  Coroner who worked on Campion's body
Flagg, Randall  The personification of evil also known as The Walking Dude, RF, Ahaz, The Dark Man, The Man with No Face, Anubis, Astaroth, Richard Fry, Ramsey Forrest, Robert Franq, John the Conqueror, The Midnight Rambler, Nyarlohotep, Old Creeping Judas, R'yelah, Seti.
Floss, Anna  Worked in the Project Blue lab
Flowers, Ray  On KLFT's morning show
Forrest, Nathan  Bedford ancestor of Ramsey Forrest
Forrest, Ramsey  One name of Randall Flagg. Descendent of Nathan Forrest
Frampton, Ted  Found second walkie talkie that Harold Lauder used for the bomb
Franq, Robert  One of the names for Randall Flagg
Fred, Clyde D.  Name in Jail cell where Nick Andros was put
Freeman, Andrew (Poke)  Killer partner of Lloyd Henreid
Freeman, Mr.  Building Super where Alice Underwood lived
Freemantle, Abagail  108-year-old black woman who summoned the good guys through dreams.
Freemantle, John  Father of Abagail Freemantle
Freemantle, Lucas  Brother of Abagail Freemantle
Freemantle, Matthew  Brother of Abagail Freemantle
Freemantle, Micha  Brother of Abagail Freemantle
Freemantle, Rebecca  Mother of Abagail Freemantle
Freemantle, Richard  Brother of Abagail Freemantle
Freemantle, Sam  Gave John Freemantle the money, as 8 years wages, to buy the Hemingford home that they all lived in
Freemont, Robert  One of the names of Randall Flagg
Frye, Richard  One of the names for Randall Flagg
Gareth, ?  In charge of Zone 6 - Little Rock
Gehringer, Bill  Old man in Free Zone
Gehringer, Tommy  Crashed a car in the Free Zone and walked away
Geoghan, Mr.  Alice Underwood's boss
Gibbs, Roland  Sergeant First Class in San Francisco. Took over the Radio station
Goldsmith, Carla  Mother of Fran.
Goldsmith, Frances Rebecca (Frannie)  Traveled first with Harold, then with Stu Redman, had the first baby in the Free Zone which managed to survive after the plague
Goldsmith, Freddie  Dead brother of Fran
Goldsmith, Peter  Father of Frannie and Freddie. Husband of Carla
Goldsmith-Redman, Peter  Son of Fran, first baby to survive in the Free Zone
Gooch, Mary Beth  Friend of Julie Lawry
Goodell, Cal  Neighbor of Abagail Freemantle
Goodman, Neil  Musician who worked with Larry Underwood
Greeley, Sheriff  Killed Wendell Elbert
Green, Mort (Gino)  Ran Gino's bar where Larry Underwood played
Greer, Patty  Nurse in Atlanta.
Greig, Barry  In "Tattered Remnants" band
Groudemore, Richie  Picked on the Trashcan Man as a kid
Halliday, ?  Worked with Dudley Chum in Ohio
Halliday, Mrs.  Sat with Carla Goldsmith when she was sick
Halsey, Mrs.  Lived in the same building as Alice Underwood.
Hammer, Cynthia (Cindy)  Wife of Vic. Married name of Cynthia Starkey
Hammer, Vic  Involved in Project Blue. Son in law of Starkey
Hammett, Shirley  Freed by Stu Redman's group
Hanson, Jack  Friend of Fran Goldsmith
Hapscomb, Bill  Owned Hapscomb's Texaco, near Arnette, Texas
Hapscomb, Mary  Wife of Bill
Hardesty, Abagail  Married name of Abagail Freemantle
Hardesty, Henry  Second Husband of Abagail Freemantle.
Harran, Toby  Owner of a casino where Arthur Stimpson died
Henreid, Lloyd  Became Flagg's right hand man in Las Vegas.
Henreid, Mr.  Lloyd's father
Hewett, Rona  Has the regular flu
Hirschfield, Angelina  Adopted mother of Daniel McCarthy
Hobart, Chip  In the Free Zone
Hodges, Bert  Child of Ralph and Sally
Hodges, Cheryl  Child of Ralph and Sally
Hodges, Eva  Child of Ralph and Sally
Hodges, Ralph  Husband of Sally
Hodges, Sally  Wife of Ralph
Hogan, Vince  Friend of Ray Booth. Beat up Nick Andros.
Hoggins, Richard  Died of heroin overdose
Hogliss, James D.  Put out the newspaper - "Durbin Call-Clarion"
Holmes, Dr.  Alice Underwood's chiropractor for her back
Honinger, Ruth  Friend of Julie Lawry
Hoopes, Roy  Brought stepladder to Hector Drogan's crucifixion
Horgan, Whitney (Whitey)  Butcher on Flagg's side
Horton, Judy  Wife of Waldo Horton
Horton, Petie  Son of Judy and Waldo
Horton, Waldo  Husband of Judy
Hough, Carl  Brought the news of the fire set by Trashcan Man to Lloyd Henreid. Ex-marine and pilot
Hovington, Jane  Lived next door to Larry Underwood
Impening, Charles  Son of Mavis.
Impening, Mavis  Mother of Charles
Jackson, Henry (Scoop)  Presidential candidate
Jackson, Jack  Car Mechanic
Jackson, Nate  Owner of a pub
James, Dr.  Worked with Campion's body
Jamieson, Bill  Chopper pilot for Flagg
Jenner, ?  A delirious man thought Nick Andros was Jenner
Jones, Candy  Girlfriend of Jack
Jones, Sheldon  Nominated Ted Frampton for the Free Zone Committee
Jurgens, Dayna Roberta  Held captive by the group that attacked Stu Redman's group, but freed.
Katz, Leonard  Boyfriend of Patty
Kellogg, Norman  Drove the body removal truck in the zone
King, Donald  Traveling salesman for Electrolux vacuum cleaners.
Kingman, Rose  Told story of the crows and Flagg
Kitchner, Brad  Helped rewire generators
Kroger, Patty  Held captive by the group that attacked Stu Redman's group, but freed.
Landon, ?  In charge of Zone 2, New York
Lathrop, Dan  Doctor in the Free Zone
Lathrop, Mrs.  Patient of Dr Soames
Lauder, Amy  Best friend of Fran Goldsmith. Sister of Harold
Lauder, Brad  Father of Harold
Lauder, Harold Emery  Traveled to the Free Zone with Stu and Frannie.
Lawry, Julie  Girl Nick met in Pratt, KS; she wound up in Las Vegas
Lawry, Mr.  Father of Julie
Lawry, Mrs.  Mother of Julie
Lee, Jim  Electrocuted
Leominster, Anthony (Tony)  Owned a Scout car.
Lothrop, Sam  Went on a bike trip with Fran Goldsmith
Majors, Joline  Friend of Lucy Swann
Mann, Pop  Owner of a general store in Nebraska
Markham, Jon  Sentenced to death
Markson, Bill  Shot in Shell Service station
Marx, Buddy  Friend of Larry Underwood
Massingill, David  In South Carolina Army
Masters, Harry  Worked with Peter Goldsmith
Mathers, ?  Hit Lloyd Henreid in groin in prison
Mayo, Chuckie  Cutest boy in school with Fran Goldsmith
McCall, Johnny  In "Tattered Remnants" band
McCarthy, Daniel (Dinny)  4-year-old boy on Flagg's side
McCarthy, Perion  Joined Stu Redman's group. Lover of Mark Braddock
McCone, Gina  Young girl who broke her leg. It was fixed by Dick Ellis
McDougall, Bill  Son of George
McDougall, Danny  Son of George
McDougall, Frank  Son of George
McDougall, George  High school teacher. Died of heart attack
McDougall, George Jr.  Son of George
McDougall, Harriet  Wife of George
McDougall, Helen  Daughter of George
McDougall, Jeff  Son of George
McDougall, Marty  Son of George
McDougall, Patricia  Daughter of George
McDougall, Richard  Son of George
McDougall, Robert  Son of George
McDougall, Stan  Son of George
McFarlane, Allie  Drug dealer.
McFarlane, Erin D.  Uncle of Allie
McGuire, Georgette  Childhood friend of Fran Goldsmith
Moffat, Rich  Killed when the power turned back on in Free Zone.
Moran, Candice  Died of fractured skull
Morissette, Norm  Picked on Trashcan Man as a kid
Morton, Lieutenant  Name that a soldier was screaming for - he wanted to kill him
Nason, Mrs.  Wife of Parker Nason
Nason, Parker  Elderly man in trailer park
Naugler, ?  Neighbor of Abagail Freemantle
Nogotny, Stan  Hypnotized Tom Cullen
Norbutt, Mr.  Employed Tom Cullen
Norris, Chad  Head of Burial Committee in the Free Zone
Norris, Edward M.  Police lieutenant in New York
Norris, Hector  Child of Edward and Trish
Norris, Marsha  Child of Edward and Trish
Norris, Stanley  Child of Edward and Trish
Norris, Trish  Wife of Edward
Norton, Mr.  Owner of a drug store
Nunn, Major Alfred  US Army - Killed Roland Gibbs
O'Toole, ?  Owner of a place where Donald Merwin was known
Ortega, Carlos  Ambulance driver in Arnette. Brother of Chris
Ortega, Chris  Brother of Carlos. Bartender at Indian Head bar
Oswald, Lee Harvey  Flagg remembered meeting him in New Orleans
Packalotte, DeeDee  Ran off with Don Cullen
Palfrey, George  Brother of Vic Palfrey. Boyfriend of Norma Willis
Palfrey, Mr.  Father of Victor and George
Palfrey, Mrs.  Mother of Victor and George
Palfrey, Victor  Was at Hapscomb's Texaco when Campion hit
Palmer, Bob  News anchor on WBZ-TV
Pechert, Judge  Local judge
Pedersen, Dale  Killed by Bomb set by Harold Lauder
Peters, Sergeant T.L.  Shot Ray Flowers then his men shot him
Petersen, Roger  Master Tech Sergeant shot in Portland, Maine
Petrella, Hugh  Marshall in the Free Zone
Philips, Albert  US Army Colonel in charge in Ohio
Phillips, Steve  Lover of Julie Horton
Prynne, Hester  Mentioned by Fran Goldsmith
Prynne, Mrs.  Friend of Carla Goldsmith
Rackman, Joe  Saw Shoyo's road blocks on town exit
Rackman, Mrs.  Wife of Joe
Ramage, Desmond  Blew up US Meteorological Center in Boulder
Rampling, George  Name in jail cell where Nick Andros was put
Rawson, Hank  Weapons expert on Flagg's side
Redman, Bryce  Brother of Stu
Redman, Dev  Brother of Stu.
Redman, Mr.  Father of Stu
Redman, Mrs.  Mother of Stu.
Redman, Norma  Stu's wife (deceased)
Redman, Stu  Was at Hapcsomb's Texaco where Campion hit. Became the Marshall of the Free Zone.
Rengarten, Bobbi  Friend of Fran Goldsmith in Dorchester
Rennett, ?  Drawn to Abagail Freemantle
Reynolds, Hattie  Owner of the house where Sam Tauber died
Richardson, Addie  Neighbor of Abagail Freemantle
Richardson, Billy  Brother in law of Addie Richardson
Richardson, Dr. George  Doctor in the Free Zone
Richardson, Moses  Owner of a barn where Harold painted a sign
Rider, Jess  Ex-boyfriend of Fran Goldsmith, and father of her baby
Roberts, Dave  On Flagg's side. Killed Judge Farris
Roberts, Donny  Owned a guitar that Larry Underwood learned to play on
Rockway, Leo  The boy with Nadine Cross. Known as "Joe"
Roget, Helen  Held captive by the group that ambushed Stu Redman's group. Shot and killed
Ronson, Will  Runs a drugstore in Sanford. In the ambulance with Carla Goldsmith
Ross, Hubert  Presidential press secretary
Scanlon, Bill  Found the second walkie talkie that Harold Lauder used for the bomb
Schwartz, Rudy  Left town with Larry Underwood when young
Sears, Ruthie  Friend of Fran Goldsmith
Semple, Mrs.  Donald Merwin burned her pension check
Shockley, ?  Guard in the prison where Lloyd Henreid was imprisoned
Sites, Gary  Told John Freemantle that he was voted into the Grange
Sloane, Dr.  In place where Stu Redman was imprisoned
Smith, ?  Drawn to Abagail Freemantle
Smith, Debbie  Friend of Fran Goldsmith in Somersworth
Soames, Dr. Am  Almost ran over Nick Andros
Soames, Mrs.  Wife of Am
Sparkman, Rudy  Taught Nick Andros to read and write
Spellman, Al  In "Tattered Remnants" band
Spruce, Marcy  Worked in the Free Zone hospital
Starkey, Billy  Kept watch on Project Blue
Starkey, Cindy  Maiden name of Cindy Hammer. Daughter of Billy Starkey
Starkweather, Charles  Went to school with Randall Flagg
Staunton, Dr.  Doctor of Abagail Freemantle
Staunton, James D.L.  Wrote a book on plane and train crashes
Steffens, ?  Did a projection on centrifuge life in Project Blue Lab
Stern, PFC Franklin  Shot in Portland, Maine
Stern, Susan  Freed by Stu Redman's group
Stimson, Arthur  Died of gangrene in his foot
Stone, Patsy  Killed by the bomb set by Harold Lauder
Stoner, Mrs.  Wife of John
Stoner, Reg  Owner of a pig farm
Stoner, Sheriff John  Character in "Rimfire Christmas"
Storm, Mrs.  Shot in Shell service station
Strang, Mr.  Name on mailbox that Donald Merwin passed
Strellerton, Eric  Lawyer on Flagg's side
Stukey, Wayne  Musician who worked with Larry Underwood
Sullivan, Brick  Had rotten tomatos thrown at him
Sullivan, Monty  Arnette Volunteer Ambulance driver
Swann, Lucy  Met Nadine Cross and Larry Underwood
Swann, Marcy  Daughter of Lucy and Wes
Swann, Wes  Husband of Lucy
Sweeney, Dr. Brenden  Looked at Hector Norris when he was sick
Sykes, Ronnie  On Flagg's side
Tate, Peggy  School friend of Fran Goldsmith
Tauber, April  Sister of Sam
Tauber, Mike  Brother of Sam
Tauber, Mr.  Father of Sam
Tauber, Mrs.  Mother of Sam
Tauber, Sam  5-year-old boy
Terminello, Andrea  Drawn to Abagail Freemantle
Terry, Bobby  On Flagg's side. Partnered with Dave Roberts and killed Judge Farris
Terry, Delores  Mother of Bobby
Tilyons, Gretchen  Did dance in the Grange Hall
Timms, Rachel  Friend of Nadine Cross
Tipton, John Bearsford  A name Rita Blakemoor used for the man who offered $1 million for 15 minutes with her
Tobin, Steve  On Flagg's side. Worked at the airport
Trask, ?  In jail cell next to Lloyd Henreid
Trent, Harry  Insurance agent who was caught speeding by Joe Bob Brentwood
Trotts, Abagail  Married name of Abagail Freemantle
Trotts, David  First husband of Abagail Freemantle.
Trotts, Maybelle  Daughter of Abagail and David.
Tucker, Rog  Owner of Red Ball truckstop
Underwood, Alice  Mother of Larry
Underwood, Larry  A singer-songwriter who becomes one of the charter members of the Free Zone ad hoc committee, and makes the journey to Las Vegas.
Underwood, Max  Father of Larry. Husband of Alice
Upshaw, ?  Boy in the Free Zone
Venner, Mrs.  Friend of Carla Goldsmith
Verecker, Billy  In the volunteer ambulance in Arnette
Vollman, Dick  Husband of Sally (Common Law)
Vollman, Sally  Wife of Dick (Common Law).
Walker, Olivia  In the first group to make it to Abagail Freemantle
Wannamaker, Tommy  In Hapscomb's Texaco when Campion hit
Warfield, Eddie  Local hero who became a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers
Warner, Billy  Beat up Nick Andros. Friend of Ray Booth
Warner, Dr.  George McDougall's doctor
Warrington, Jim  Ambulance driver in Sanford
Weizak, Teddy  On Burial Crew in the Free Zone.
Wenscelas, Sally  Went on a bike trip with Fran Goldsmith
Wentworth, Regina  Had 2 children that died of the flu
Wetterlen, Yvonne  Topless dancer. Friend of Larry Underwood
Wiggs, Mrs.  In place where Stu Redman was imprisoned
Willis, Norma  Girlfriend of George Palfrey
Winks, Winky  Bald man
Wykoff, Dean  Killed in explosion set by Harold Lauder
Yates, Carl (Carley)  Teased Donald Elbert
Yorkin, Charles  Janitor at WBZ-TV
Zellman, Mark  A welder who joined Larry Underwood's group


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