Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, The
  Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, The


For a long time--ten years, at least--I had wanted to write a fantasy epic like The Lord of the Rings, only with an American setting. I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Then, slowly after my wife and kids and I moved to Boulder, Colorado, I saw a 60 Minutes segment on CBW (chemical-biological warfare). I never forgot the gruesome footage of the test mice shuddering, convulsing, and dying, all in twenty seconds or less. That got me remembering a chemical spill in Utah that killed a bunch of sheep (these were canisters on their way to some burial ground; they fell off the truck and ruptured). I remembered a news reporter saying, "If the winds had been blowing the other way, there was Salt Lake City." This incident later served as the basis of a movie called Rage, starring George C. Scott, but before it was released, I was deep into The Stand, finally writing my American fantasy epic, set in a plague-decimated USA. Only instead of a hobbit, my hero was a Texan named Stu Redman, and instead of a Dark Lord, my villain was a ruthless drifter and supernatural madman named Randall Flagg. The land of Mordor ("where the shadows lie, according to Tolkien) was played by Las Vegas. 

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Posted By: Helen - April 13th, 2012 4:23:41 pm EDT

I love this book so much, and have read it quite a few times over the years. But my sister, also an avid reader, never wanted to try Stephen King because she doesn't like horror. Ten years ago, she was going through my books, looking for something to read but dismissing all the 'horror'. So I handed her this book and said, 'trust me'. She did, read it, loved it, and then recommended it to all her friends who also thought Stephen King only wrote graphic horror stories and that it wasn't for them.

Posted By: QTRaven - March 21st, 2012 8:08:35 am EDT

I read all of King's works and several other authors as well, but this is one of my all-time favorites. I have re-read it several times because the narrative, the construction, the character development is just that good. It sucks me in every time. I first read this book in one night (original release) because I was so afraid that when I fell asleep I would dream about Flagg...I was laying down, holding the book up and if I drifted I dropped the book on my face and this refreshed me...

Posted By: 2kelly3 - February 22nd, 2012 5:44:39 pm EST

I eagerly await new books from Stephen King but The Stand is the best book ever. I will pick it up from time to time and just let it fall open and read from there. It is like checking in with old friends. I do this with a few of his books but this is the one i love the most!

Posted By: Marlene - February 14th, 2012 12:24:31 pm EST

This is my favourite of all the books -- I went thru 3 paperback versions and then was given the hardcovers for Christmas presents. I have all the SK books & read them over & over (sucker for punishment). In our house, if you put an SK book down for anyreason, somebody else picked it up. So there were always 4 bookmarks in the book & somebody skulking around waiting for the book to be put down. Got to be so many arguments that I started using them for bedtime stories!. Thanks Stephen for so much great reading!!

Posted By: Dampinack - January 31st, 2012 6:29:30 pm EST

Hello, what I can say..? I Love this Novel!!, Thanks for your work!

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