Apt Pupil
  Apt Pupil Characters List:


Character Name Description
Blondi  Hitler's dog
Chester  Sidekick of Matt Dillon
Hap  Derelict who identified Todd Bowden from a photo
Loverboy  Morris Heisel's cat
Springheel  Jack One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past
?, Deborah  Aunt of Todd Bowden. Wife of Harry
?, Felice  Candy Striper in hospital
?, Harry  Uncle of Todd Bowden. Husband of Deborah.
Ackerman, Harry  School Councillor
Ackerman, Sharon  Todd Bowden wanted to feel under her dress
Anderson, Mrs. (Bugs)  4th grade teacher.
Bowden, Deborah  Wife of Harold
Bowden, Harold  Richard Bowden's brother
Bowden, Monica  Todd Bowden's mother. Married name of Monica Darrow. Wife of Richard Bowden.
Bowden, Richard  Todd Bowden's father and husband of Monica Bowden.
Bowden, Todd  A 13-year-old boy who discovers that the true identity of an old man who lives in his area by the name of Arthur Denker is the Nazi war criminal Kurt Dussander.
Bowden, Vic  Richard Bowden's father. A grocer
Bozeman, Dan  Detective looking into the Wino murders
Brackett, Charles (Sonny)  Murdered Derelict
Brodin, ?  Name in Heisel's dream.
Burke, Jack  Name in Christmas Card
Burke, Mary  Name in Christmas Card
Carson, Johnny  TV personality watched by Richard Bowden
Castellano, Fiona  Kept Vic Bowden's store open when he had a stroke
Chambers, Randy  Mowed Arthur Denkin's lawns.
Cleveland Torso Murderer, The  One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past
Crichton, Michael  Author read by Monica Bowden
Darrow, Monica  Monica Bowden's maiden name
DeLyons, Billy  Baseball player
Denker, Arthur  Assumed name of Kurt Dussander
Denker, Mrs.  Made-up wife of Arthur Denker
Dorsky, Herman  Name in Heisel's dream.
Dorsky, Laslo  Name in Heisel's dream.
Doyle, Arthur Conan  Writer liked by Kurt Dussander's father
Dufresne, Andy  Banker who did some stock portfolio work for Arthur Denker
Dussander, Kurt  German war criminal a/k/a The "Blood Fiend of Patin"
Eichmann, Adolf  Nazi war criminal
Einstein, Albert  Arthur Denker looked like a cross between Albert Einstein and Boris Karloff
Everson, Bernie  In school with Todd Bowden
Farrow, Angela  Girlfriend of Todd Bowden
Floren, Myron  On the "Lawrence Welk Show" on TV
Frankel, Willi  Person who Dussander received a letter from.
French, Edward  Guidance counsellor,
French, Norma  Daughter of Edward and Sondra French.
French, Sondra  Wife of Edward and mother of Norma French
Gluecks, Heinrich  German seen shaking hands with Kurt Dussander in a photo.
Goebbels, Dr.  Nazi War Criminal
Goering, ?  Hitler's aide.
Hackermeyer, ?  Gave Kurt Dussander a chocolate bar at the end of the war.
Hackett, Buddy  On TV Show with Johnny Carson
Haines, ?  Todd's baseball coach
Halleck, ?  Told Todd Bowden about the loan given to Todd's father for Todd's French tutoring.
Haller, ?  Todd Bowden's baseball coach
Haskell, Frank  Acquaintance of the Heisel family
Hassler, Hans  German who criticized Hitler, then strangely disappeared
Heisel, Heather  First wife of Morris?
Heisel, Lydia  Second wife of Morris Heisel.
Heisel, Morris  Was in the camps in Germany.
Heisel, Ruth  Daughter of Morris???
Henreid, Mr.  Lived down the block from Vic Bowden
Henreid, Private  Manned a machine gun post in Denker's dream
Hepburn, ?  School counselor.
Huffman, ?  German
Jacobs, Ernie  Works and played golf with Richard Bowden
Karloff, Boris  Arthur Denker looked like a cross between Albert Einstein and Boris Karloff
Kemmelman, Dr.  Morris Heisel's doctor
Kessel, ?  German who charged people to look at a naked picture of his girlfriend during the War.
Klingerman, Dave  Works at the pet shelter where Kurt Dussander got a dog.
Koch, Ilse  German said to have a lampshade made of human skin
Kramer, Josef  German mentioned in passing
Mazursky, Bill  Alcoholic
Mazursky, Mrs.  Wife of Bill and customer of Vic Bowden.
Murchinson, ?  Name in Christmas card
Pegler, Harold  Friend of Todd Bowden.
Richler, Detective  Interviewed Todd about Dussander
Rogan, Emma  Neighbor of Morris Heisel.
Sayers, Dorothy  Writer mentioned in passing
Schneibel, ?  Name in Heisel's dream
Smith, Peter (Poley)  Murdered derelict
Storrman, Mr.  Todd Bowden's Algebra teacher
Tey, Josephine  Historian mentioned by Detective Richler
Timpnell, Dr.  Intern at the hospital
Trask, Betty  Daughter of Ray. Girlfriend of Todd
Trask, Ray  Father of Betty. Friend and workmate of Richard Bowden
Tremaine, Ben  Friend of Todd Bowden
Upshaw, Mrs.  Todd Bowden's 4th grade teacher.
Weiskopf, Sam  Spoke to Dussander in hospital
Welk, Lawrence  Had a TV show
Wimsey, Lord Peter  Character in a Sayers novel.
Wolff, ?  German
X, Mr.  One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past
Zeickert, ?  Name in Heisel's dream. A guard
Zodiac, The  One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past


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