Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
  Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption Characters List:


Character Name Description
Chester  Trustee Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Ernie  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.
Jim  Friend of Andy Dufresne.
Red  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison who could get anything at a price
Armitage, Elmore  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Backus, Henry  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.
Betts, Dickie  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Blatch, Elwood  Robber who actually killed Linda Dufresne and her lover
Bolton, Sherwood  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.
Bonsaint, Paul  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.
Burkes, David  Guard at Shawshank Prison
Callahan, Johnny  Owned a gun with a sawn off firing pin
Chatterton, Tom  Police officer who watched Thad.
Collins, Linda  Maiden name of Linda Dufresne
Cote, Robert Alan  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Diamond, Bogs  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.
Dufresne, Linda  Wife of Andy. Lover of Glenn Quentin. Married name of Linda Collins
Dunahy, George  Warden at Shawshank Prison.
Durham  14-year-old Psychopath
Entwhistle, Mert  Guard at Shawshank Prison
Gonyar, Richard  Captain of the guards at Shawshank Prison in 1975
Hadley, Byron  Guard at Shawshank Prison.
Hanlon, Billy  Head Guard at Shawshank Prison
Hatlen, Brooks  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Jessup, Homer  Guard at Shawshank Prison
Kendricks  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Lathrop, Charlie  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Lonborg  Guard at Shawshank Prison
MacBride, Rooster  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.
Malzone, Frank  Baseball Player
Martin, Rennie  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Mincher, Lieutenant  Dragged the Royal River looking for Andy Dufresne's gun
Morrison, Beaver  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Nedeau, Sid  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison that escaped
Normaden, Chief  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Norton, Mrs.  Wife of Samuel Norton
Norton, Samuel  Religious warden of Shawshank
O'Malley  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Pugh, Henry  Guard at Shawshank Prison
Quentin, Glenn  Golf Pro. Lover of Linda Dufresne
Reed, Governor  Retired Governor
Sherwood, Jake  Bolton's pet pigeon
St. Pierre, Logan  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Stammas, Greg  Warden of Shawshank
Stevens, Peter  Fake ID of Andy Dufresne
Tremont, Rory  Guard at Shawshank Prison
Verness, Pete  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison
Williams, Tommy  Prisoner at Shawshank Prison that arrived in 1962
Youngblood, Tim (Trout)  Guard at Shawshank Prison


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