The Sun Dog
  The Sun Dog Characters List:


Character Name Description
Claudette  Cat at a seance that tore the ear of her owner
Cujo  Dog that went rabid
Paulette  Teddy bear named by Ellen, niece of Molly Durham
?, Ellen  Niece of Molly Durham
?, Hilda  Aunt of Kevin Delevan.
?, Joe  Worked for Cedric McCarty as a full time pilot
?, Randy  Uncle of Kevin Delevan
Baker, Mr.  Kevin Delevan's favorite teacher
Bannerman, George  Castle Rock Sheriff
Brady, Matthew  Photographer in the late 1800's
Bunyan, Paul  Folk hero mentioned by Pop Merrill
Cabot, ?  Name mentioned in passing
Camber, Joe  Owner of Cujo
Chaffee, Emory  Collected paranormal stuff.
Chalmers, Evelyn (Aunt Evvie)  Great-Grandmother of Polly Chalmers
Chalmers, Patricia (Polly)  Worked in You Sew and Sew. Great-Grandaughter of Evvie Chalmers
Clutterbuck, Andy  Policeman in Castle Rock
Constantine, Mr.  Pharmacist at LaVerdiere's Super Drug
Deere, Eleusippus  Sister of Meleusippus. Collected Paranormal stuff
Deere, Meleusippus  Maiden name of Meleusippus Verrill. Sister of Eleusippus. Collected Paranormal stuff
Deere, Mr.  Father of Meleusippus and Eleusippus. Named them after saints.
Delevan, John  Father of Kevin and Megan and husband of Mary.
Delevan, Kevin  Got a Sun 660 camera for his 15th birthday
Delevan, Mary  Mother of Kevin and Megan and wife of John
Delevan, Megan (Meg)  Sister of Kevin.
Donahue, ?  Antiques dealer
Doyon, Jane  Played bridge with Mary Delevan
Doyon, Mr.  Husband of Jane
Durham, Molly  Worked at LaVerdiere's Super Drug Store
Greer, Hal  Football player
Jackett, Sonny  Worked at Sonny's Texaco
Keeton, Danforth (Buster)  Castle Rock selectman.
Linden, Althea  Neighbor of Pop Merrill
Lowell, ?  Name mentioned in passing
McCarty, Cedric  Collected paranorman stuff.
Merrill, John (Ace)  Nephew of Pop Merrill.
Merrill, Mrs.  Mother of Pop.
Merrill, Reginald Marion (Pop)  Looked at Kevin Delevan's camera and decided he wanted it for himself.
Pangborn, Alan J.  Sheriff in Castle Rock
Pangborn, Annie  Wife of Alan
Pervier, Gary  Killed by Cujo
Reed, Brandon  Worked with John Delevan
Ridgewick, Norris  Police officer in Castle Rock
Roberson, Bill  Friend of John Delevan
Roberts, Nan  Owned Nan's Luncheonette
Simineaux, Colette  Had an eye damaged
Sun Dog, The  Creature that appears in pictures from Kevin's camera.
Tombauch, Clyde  Astronomer that found Pluto
Trenton, Donna  Held in a car by Cujo (Not mentioned by name). Mother of Tad
Trenton, Theodore (Tad)  Held in a car by Cujo (Not mentioned by name)
Untermeyer, Bill  Bet that John Delevan would pay a $400 bet that he lost the next day.
Verrill, Meleusippus  Married name of Meleusippus Deere.
Verrill, Mr.  Husband of Meleusippus.
Whittaker, Mrs.  Kevin Delevan's algebra teacher


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