The Plant: Zenith Rising
  The Plant: Zenith Rising Characters List:


Character Name Description
Abbalah  God or idol prayed to and mentioned by Carlos Detweiller
Demeter  God or idol prayed to and mentioned by Carlos Detweiller
Felix  Name on a note seen at Petersborough Disposal Co's landfill
Green  God or idol prayed to and mentioned by Carlos Detweiller
Hamlet  Character in a book quoted by John Kenton
Jack  From Jack and the Beanstalk
Jesus  Mentioned in passing
Moby Dick  Fictional whale
Rinaldo  What Dina Andrews called her large pink bear won at Coney Island
Turk  Name on a note seen at Petersborough Disposal Co's landfill
Zenith  The plant sent to John Kenton from Roberta Solrac.
?, Coretta  Aunt of Sandra Jackson
?, Eddie  Lawyer cousin of Riddley Walker
?, Elaine  Childhood friend of Sandra Jackson
?, Fergus  Name on a letter in Herb Porters Out box at Zenith House
?, Gertrude  Friend from Fortuna Walkers book circle
?, Orthina  Friend from Fortuna Walkers book circle
?, Phyllis  Childhood friend of Sandra Jackson
?, Randall  Husband of Sophie Walker
?, Ray  Uncle of Roger Wade who was an amateur Horticulturist.
?, Susan  Aunt of John Kenton.
Abelson, Norman  Oak Cove Orderly
Adams, Richard  Author of "Watership Down"
Anderson, Oren  Partner of Floyd Walker
Anderson, Toby  Fiancee of Ruth Tanaka.
Andrews, Dina  11-year-old niece of Sandra Jackson.
Andrews, V.C.  Author mentioned in passing
Arlen, Harold  Composer--wrote "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Bacon, Francis  Author quoted
Barfield, Don  Husband of Tina Barfield.
Barfield, Tina  The owner of the Central Falls House of Flowers. Boss of Carlos Detweiller. Wife of Don Barfield.
Barker, Olive  Author of the Windhover series published by Zenith House.
Beach Boys, The  Band mentioned in passing
Beatles, The  Band mentioned in passing
Bellows, Saul  Author mentioned in passing
Benchley, Peter  Author of "Jaws"
Bixby, Jerome  Wrote "It's a Good Life"
Blatty, William Peter  Author of "The Exorcist"
Brown, James  Singer mentioned in passing
Carlyle, ?  Writer mentioned in passing
Carroll, Lewis  Author mentioned in passing
Carstairs, Jinky  Author for Zenith House
Chesterton, John  Pilot killed in the crash of OCR Flight 14
Chomsky, Noam  Mentioned in passing
Conley, Arthur  Singer mentioned in passing
Conrad, William  Actor seen on TV
Crandall, ?  Lawyer with Crandall & Ouitz, near Zenith House
Curran, James  Author in John Kenton's files.
Davis, Sammy Jr.  Singer mentioned in passing
DeFelice, ?  Children of Frank DeFelice
DeFelice, Frank  Worked for Tallyrand Office Supply
DeFelice, Mrs.  Wife of Frank DeFelice
DeGaulle, Charles  Mentioned in passing
Denver, John  Singer thought of by Riddley Walker
Detweiller, Carlos  Crazy writer who wanted his book published by Zenith House.
Detweiller, Mrs.  Mother of Carlos Detweiller.
Dorchester, Ellen  Author in John Kenton's files.
Durst, Rita  Worked for "Gimme the World" travel agency
Earhart, Amelia  According to Carlos Detweiller she disappeared due to "Demons"
Eisenhower, Dwight  Decorated Anthony Hecksler in 1954
Eliot, T.S.  Author mentioned in passing
Ellison, Ralph  Author mentioned in passing
Enders, Harlow  Chief Comptroller in New York for Apex Corporation, the owners of Zenith House.
Evans, LaShonda  Part-time receptionist at Zenith House. Also called LaShonda McHue
Faulkner  Author mentioned in passing
Ferguson, George  President of Ocean State Airways
Fields, W.C.  Author mentioned by Roger Wade
Flannagan, ?  Lived up the road from John Kenton as a child.
Flannagan, Tommy  Lived up the road from John Kenton as a child.
Flynn, George  Rejected James Saltworthy's book "The Last Survivor" when working for Viking in November 1978
Fonda, Jane  Ruth Tanaka had her workout video
Ford, Arthur P.  State Police Lieutenant trying to catch Hecksler
Foster, Jodie  Actress mentioned in passing.
Foster, Stephen  Mentioned in passing
Freestone-Love, Janet  Author for Zenith House
Garfunkel, Art  Part of the band that John Kenton listened to
Gaye, Marvin  Singer mentioned in passing
Gear, Richard  Name mentioned in a letter by Detweiller to John Kenton. It should have been Richard Gere.
Gelb, William (Bill)  Zenith House Editor
Gere, Richard  The real name of the person called Richard Gear in a letter by Detweiller to John Kenton
Ginelli, Richard  Owner of the Four Fathers Bar where Roger Wade often drank.
Goldstein, Avery  Co-Pilot killed in the crash of OCR Flight 14
Goldwater, Barry  Mentioned in passing
Graustark, Teddy  Apex Corporation Vice President in charge of Print Media
Hammer, Bill  Used to work as an editor for Zenith House
Hance, ?  Children of Evelyn and Jack Hance
Hance, Evelyn  Married name of Evelyn Walker. Wife of Jack Hance
Hance, Jack  Husband of Evelyn Hance.
Hangstrom, Herb  Used a Ouija board with Carlos Detweiller.
Hardaway, Nick  Pen name of the author Dawson Postlewaite
Hecht, Ben  Play author mentioned in passing
Hecklser, Anthony R. (Iron Guts)  Insane former Major General, but now retired. He wrote a book that Herb Porter had rejected for publishing.
Hecksler, ?  Sister of Anthony Hecksler.
Hemingway, Ernest  Author mentioned in passing
Henries, Dr.  Doctor of Sandra Jackson when she was a child
Hitchcock, Alfred  Film Director mentioned in passing
Hitler, Adolf  Dead mass murderer
Hoffa, Jimmy  Mentioned in passing
Howe, Myron  Saw the crash of OCR Flight 14 on 31 March 1981.
Iverson, Barton  Central Falls police chief.
J. Geils Band, The  Band mentioned in passing
Jackson, Sandra  Editor for Zenith House
Jakes, John  Author mentioned in passing
Joyce, Jones  Author mentioned in passing
Keen, Norville  He was the human "sacrifice" that was in Carlos Detweiller's photographs.
Kennedy, John F.  President of the USA thought of by John Kenton.
Kenton, ?  Married Sister 1 of John Kenton
Kenton, ?  Married Sister 2 of John Kenton
Kenton, ?  Unmarried Sister of John Kenton that lives with her mother
Kenton, John Edward  An associate editor at Zenith House
Kenton, Kevin Anthony  Mentioned in a letter to John Kenton by Tina Barfield. John Kenton's brother who died of brain cancer
Kenton, Mr.  Father of John.
Kenton, Mrs.  Mother of John.
Kimball, Richard  TV character
Knopf, Alfred A.  New York publishing house
LaScorbia, Anthony K.L.  Author published by Zenith House.
Lawrence, ?  Author mentioned in passing
Leekstodder, Hubert D.  Co-Owner of the Shady Rest Mortuary.
Leekstodder, Mr.  Son of Hubert Leekstodder.
Leekstodder, Mrs.  Daughter-in-law of the Leekstodders.
Leekstodder, Mrs.  Wife of Hubert.
Lincoln, Abraham  President of the USA
Lockridge, Ross  Author of "Raintree County"
Lovecraft, H.P.  Author of the Necronomicon mentioned by Carlos Detweiller
Ludlum, Robert  Author mentioned in passing
MacArthur, Douglas  Gave Hecksler the lighter he used to start the fire in the Shady Rest Mortuary
Mailer, Norman  Author of "The Naked and The Dead"
Marksland, Rodney  Police Lieutenant from Long Island
Mayr, Dallas  Passenger killed in the crash of OCR Flight 14
McDowell, Michael  Husband of Olympia McDowell
McDowell, Olympia  Aunt of Riddley Walker.
McHue, LaShonda  Part-time receptionist at Zenith House. Also called LaShonda Evans
Mencken, H.L.  Mentioned by John Kenton
Metalious, Grace  Author of "Peyton Place"
Milton, ?  Author mentioned in passing
Mitty, Walter  Mentioned in passing
Monroe, Marilyn  Actress; friend of J F Kennedy
Moors, Ellen K.  Anthony Hecksler's doctor in Oak Cove Asylum
Mumy, Billy  Child actor who was mentioned as being in a Twilight Zone episode
Newman, Paul  Actor in Cool Hand Luke
Nixon, Richard  According to Carlos Detweiller he was infected with "tulpa"
Nordstrom, Tracy  Psycho truck driver who is the main character in the book "The Last Survivor".
O'Connor, Flannery  Mentioned in passing
Oceanby, John  Possibly fictional author whose name was used as a cover on James Saltworthy's book "The Last Survivor".
Ouitz, ?  Lawyer with Crandall & Ouitz near Zenith House
Parker, Dorothy  Mentioned in passing
Patella, George  Executive Vice President of RainBo Softdrinks.
Penbroke, Alicia  Nurse at Oak Cove Asylum
Perkins, Maxwell  Mentioned in passing
Piet, John  Orderly at Oak Cove Asylum
Poe, Edgar Allan  Poet mentioned in passing
Poppins, Mary  Movie character
Porter, Herb  Editor at Zenith House
Porter, Lisa  Ex-wife of Herb Porter
Porter, Mr.  Father of Herb Porter.
Porter, Mrs.  Mother of Herb Porter.
Postlewaite, Dawson  Writer known as Nick Hardaway
Puzo, Mario  Author of "The Godfather"
Pyne, Joe  Mentioned in passing
Reagan, Ronald  President of the USA.
Redbone, Sherwyn  President of the Apex Corporation
Redford, Robert  Actor mentioned in passing
Riley, ?  Police officer sent to the House of Flowers by Barton Iverson
Rockne, Knute  Football player mentioned by Roger Wade
Rogers, Rosemary  Author mentioned by John Kenton
Rolling Stones, The  Band mentioned in passing
Roth, ?  Author mentioned in passing
Runyon, Damon  Author mentioned by John Kenton
Saltworthy, James (Jim)  Author of the book "The Last Survivor" about a group of survivors on TV show. The book is to be published by Zenith House
Saltworthy, Mrs.  Wife of James Saltworthy
Saul, John  Author mentioned by John Kenton
Savini, Tom  Special effects expert mentioned in passing.
Schneur, Herman T.  Bus driver almost killed by Anthony Hecksler
Scrooge, Ebeneezer  Mentioned in passing
Shakespeare, William  Author mentioned in passing
Simon, Paul  Part of the band Simon & Garfunkel
Sinatra, Frank  Singer mentioned by Harl Enders
Slavinsky, Rodney  Author who uses the name of Bart I Straight
Solrac, Roberta  Alias of Carlos Detweiller.
Stames, Sally  Character in "The Last Survivor".
Stevens, Wallace  Poet mentioned in passing
Straight, Bart I.  Pen name of the author Rodney Slavinsky
Stylistics, The  Band mentioned in passing
Tanaka, Ruth  Ex-fiancee of John Kenton
Temptations, The  Band mentioned in passing
Tidyman, Law  Close friend of Fortuna Walker who read her will. Husband of Sulla Tidyman.
Tidyman, Sulla  Wife of Law Tidyman.
Tyndale, ?  Police Sergeant who helped verify the photos from Carlos Detweiller's book. Worked at the 31st precinct police station in New York
Wade, Mrs.  Mother of Roger Wade.
Wade, Roger  Editor in chief at Zenith House.
Wagner, Honus  Baseball player on a card that was bought by Herb Porter
Walker, ?  Children of Floyd Walker
Walker, Deidre  Sister of Riddley Walker.
Walker, Evelyn  Sister of Riddley Walker. Wife of Jack Hance.
Walker, Floyd  Brother of Riddley Walker.
Walker, Fortuna  Mother of Riddley, Diedre and Floyd Walker.
Walker, Madeline  Favorite sister of Riddley Walker.
Walker, Mr.  Father of Riddley Walker.
Walker, Riddley Pearson  Delivered mail and a janitor at Zenith House.
Walker, Sophie  Sister of Riddley Walker
Wayne, John  Actor in the movie "Wake of the Red Witch"
Weiner, Robert  Passenger killed in the crash of OCR Flight 14
Westmoreland, ? (Westy)  General who spoke to Hecksler in Vietnam
Wettermark, Randy  Best friend of John Kenton in 5th grade.
Whitney, James  Wrote an article on the crash of OCR Flight 14
Williams, Alan  Senior editor at Viking Press
Williams, Tennessee  Singer mentioned in passing
Wilson, Gahan  Owner of a house in Connecticut where Ruth Tannaka met Roger Wade. Husband of Nancy
Wilson, Nancy  Wife of Gahan
Wolfe, Thomas  Author mentioned by John Kenton.
Yeager, Mort  Writer for Zenith House.


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