Talisman (Comics), The

Talisman (Comics), The
Formats: Comic Book / Hardcover
Date: October, 2009


The Talisman comics begin their release this fall.  In the mean time, you can receive your free copy of The Talisman #0 at the San Diego Comic Con this July. (22-26) You can also keep track of the latest info on The Talisman by visiting our Illustrated Publishing Tracker.

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Community Thoughts:

Posted By: Jason - 02/27/2010 - 9:38 AM EST

To the Publishers of The Talisman.... I'm a bit late to make a comment upon the initial release but never the less desire to state that I've been a huge fan of Stephen King's work my entire life and have been purchasing copies of every Talisman comic to date. They are AMAZING. I had just completed reading the novel in December of 2008. Upon completion, one of my favorite King books, so naturally i was excited about taking The Talisman beyond the scope of the mind's eye. The art work is fantastic. Osmond, Speedy, Morgan, Farren are all drawn ever so pleasing to the fan eye. The cropping done to The Talisman to be able to fit the entire story into eighteen comics was my only initial concern when i first herd that this project was a go. The next issue due out is #5 and I've got nothing but deep praise for the entire staff. Great job to all. Way to quell the concern and resurrect more life from this fantastic tale . Personally i can't wait to see how Rev. Sunlight Gardener and the Sunlight Home turn out. Richard at Thayer also. J.K.F.

Posted By: Puddytoes - 12/28/2009 - 2:13 AM EST

It's my understanding that the difference between the two is that the comics are the monthly serials that comprise a defined arc, not necessarily 6 though. While the graphic novel is the whole defined arc in one (usually hardcover but not always) book. Basically they're the same thing, though the novel may have some extra content. That I'm not sure about as I don't own them, I went with the comics themselves. However, I'm only a recent comic book collector myself, thanks to The Dark Tower, so I may be talking out of my lower extremities. :/

Posted By: Brian - 11/07/2009 - 11:22 AM EST

I'm embarrassed to say I don't understand a thing about comics or graphic novels. I'm now catching up on the DT series of graphic novels and I'm confused on whether the novel is comprised of 6 comics in a defined arc or not. Is there a guide that lists what is what? I have Talisman #0 and looking forward to Nov 18 and #1, but am I missing something on the relationship between comics and graphic novels? Help, take pity on an long time reader who's just trying to keep up with the latest media.