Fan submitted reviews of Ayana (Short Story):
Posted By: Vithu - October 8th, 2012 11:57:41 am EDT

ayana is good story i wish to read

Posted By: Dlsiluk - August 20th, 2010 11:00:17 pm EDT
Ayana (Short Story Written by Stephen King) For a short story we are dealing with a lot of character names to remember. Consequently, this takes a lot of work and concentration, is the story worth it? Good question. In comparison to Harveys Dream, and The New York Times along with Rest Stop, it is a little better written, although the ending in Rest Stop, is far above Alanas ending. In Ayana he only cusses once, thank goodness every time someone does in these so called modern stories, it just smells as if s/he has a bad vocabulary (the author, not the character), as if the author couldnt find a good replacementlimited expressions. Anyhow, this is my forth review and forth short story out of the book: Just after Sunset, of which Ive read of Mr. Kings. It is better written than the previous threeI repeat and has good descriptions, good explaining, theme building is good, stays in his proper tenses; he shows the despairing-ness in growing old, his similes are good for once, in the last three stories it would have been better to have dropped them. I actually found a little style in this story believe it or not, although he took it from Sherwood Anderson, but as Hemingway once said: you can take, only if you can do it better. Perhaps he didnt need much dialogue in this story either, because it is not there, since he used a narration that was more reporting than being involvedwhich always lacks in adjectives. There is not much suspense in this as there was in Rest Stop. Actually the ending was a little flat in Ayana but we all cant come up with dynamic endings every timenow can we. I guess the story is good enough, although Id not nominated it for a Blue Ribbon. It is not a great story, but again I repeat, the aging dilemma we all face is the thread that holds the story together for me.
Posted By: Kcgram - July 12th, 2010 6:27:48 pm EDT
Why in the world did you pick Ford City as a location? Being I live less than 30 minutes away I HAVE to know!
Posted By: S.K.Rules - July 3rd, 2010 2:45:35 pm EDT
I like how its kind of like a link to john coffey from the green mile.
Posted By: Fresno Chick - September 7th, 2008 9:29:28 pm EDT
my daughter`s name is Ayana....wow....your too kool


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