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Character Name Description
(folks)  Bought worthless Florida land from Harvey Beecher's grandfather
(gang of boys)  Harvey Beecher and Robert LaDoucette ran around with them in 1932. They called LaDoucette 'Robbie Ladoosh' and apart from Beecher and LaDoucette were all from Nokomis Village, Florida
(many people)  Speaking about The Dune Harvey Beecher told Weyland, "many names have appeared on that dune, and the people the names belong to always die. Sometimes it's within the week, sometimes it's two, but it's never more than a month. Some have been people I knew, and if it's by a nickname I knew them, it's the nickname I see."
(Monroe County medical examiner)  In 1940 advised the Beecher family that Harvey Beecher's grandfather had died of a heart attack
(names)  In 1959, a TWA plane on its way to Miami crashed in the Everglades, killing all 119 on board. Two days earlier Harvey Beecher saw their many names written in The Dune
(patrolman)  A Florida State Patrolman told Beecher "turkey-buzzards didn't just know where carrion was; they also knew where carrion would be."
(people)  In 1940 there were people who had reasons to hate Harvey Beecher's grandfather
(pretty housemaid)  In Summer 1932 Grampy Beecher may have been interested in a sexual liaison with her at the Pelican Point house
(Robert LaDoucette's mother's family)  They were from Virginia, Maryland or a nearby area
(Tea Party cronies)  Governor Scott of Florida's cronies in 2012, according to Beecher
(tooth fairy)  Harvey Beecher had believed in it when he was a child
Jesus  Mentioned in passing
Mary  Biblical character mentioned in passing
Sea-turtles  Didn't bother with the island on which Beecher found The Dune
Turkey-buzzard  Flew away after Beecher pitched a shell at it
Turkey-buzzards  Wheeled overhead as Beecher made his way to the island in 2012
Turkey-buzzards  A Florida State Patrolman told Beecher he couldn't count the number of times he'd seen the "ugly bastards circling a spot on the Tamiami where there's a fatal wreck a day or two later."
Alderson, Peter  Killed while washing windows at the Sarasota Public Library when the scaffolding he was standing on gave way (this was probably in the mid-1930s). Shortly before Alderson died Harvey Beecher saw his name written in The Dune
Balzac, HonorĂ© de  Once said, "Behind every great fortune there is a great crime."
Beecher, Harvey L. ('Judge') ('Havie')  Born 1921 or 1922. In Summer 1932 he discovered The Dune on an island near his family home - from time to time from then until 2012 he would find the names of people written there -- these people would die shortly afterward. He opined that some of the 'magic' of The Dune 'must' emanate from himself. He qualified as a lawyer (and was 'lawyering' out of Sarasota in 1959), was later appointed as a judge on the Pinellas County (Florida) Circuit, then appointed to the State Supreme Court, based in Tallahassee, retiring a week after Bill Clinton became President in January 1993. Apart from his years in Tallahassee he always lived at the family estate at Pelican Point, Florida. He was known to his many acquaintances (he had no real friends) as 'Judge' and his grandfather had called him 'Havie'. By the age of 90, he was mostly bald, with a frizz of white hair, thin (Mrs Riley said he was 'nothing but a stuffed string') and his fingers were 'age-warped'. In 2012 he met with his lawyer, Anthony Weyland and told him about the Dune and the name he had found written in it that very day
Beecher, Mr  Father of Harvey. In his time he was the richest man on Florida's Gulf Coast. A lawyer, he died about 1972
Beecher, Mr ('Grampy')  Grandfather of Harvey. He fought in the Spanish American War (1898) and even had his photograph taken on San Juan Hill. He also claimed to have fought in the Civil War but Harvey's research found this to be impossible, due to his age at that time. A businessman, he made a great fortune in Florida land speculation (mostly by fraudulent sales of swampland). He died of a heart attack in Key West in 1940, three days after Harvey saw 'Grampy Beecher' written in The Dune
Clinton, Bill  Harvey Beecher thought this President an "idiot"
Curtis, Tommy  The caretaker of Beecher's house in 2012. He lived in Nokomis Village, Florida
Kringle, Kris  Harvey Beecher had believed in him when he was a child
LaDoucette, Mr  In Summer 1932 he lived in Pelican Point, Florida. Married, father of Robert
LaDoucette, Mrs  | Originally from Virginia, Maryland or a nearby area. In Summer 1932 she lived in Pelican Point, Florida. Married, mother of Robert
LaDoucette, Robert ('Robie Ladoosh') ('Robbie Ladoosh') ('Robbie')  Harvey Beecher's best friend in 1932, lived in Pelican Point, Florida. His friends often called him 'Robbie Ladoosh'. In Summer 1932 Beecher found the words 'Robie Ladoosh' written in The Dune on an island near his home, while LaDoucette was on vacation with his parents in 'Virginia or Maryland or some such northern clime'. A week or so later and while still on vacation Robert was killed instantly when he broke his neck in a horse-riding accident
Reagan, Ronald  There was talk during his Presidency that Harvey Beecher might be nominated to the United States Supreme Court
Riley, Mrs  Harvey Beecher's housekeeper at Pelican Point in 2012. She lived in Nokomis Village, Florida
Scott, Governor  Governor of Florida in 2012. He had 'Tea Party cronies'
Staines, Harry  He was a notary 'on Vamo Road', Sarasota County, Florida in 2012. He owed Beecher 'a favour or six'
Teach, Edward ('Blackbeard')  Grampy Beecher told Harvey Beecher his lost treasure may have been buried on the island on which Harvey found The Dune
Weyland, Anthony  Harvey Beecher's lawyer, he also sometimes acted as a Public Defender. Beecher thought he enjoyed a 'tipple'. In 2012 he was 'young' and probably under 40 when he met with Beecher to discuss the Judge's will. Beecher told him about The Dune and what he'd discovered written in it that day


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