Grey Matter
  Grey Matter Characters List:


Character Name Description
Blind Eddie  70-year-old blind man.
Rex  Dog of narrator.
Connors, Bertie  In the Nite-Owl store
Gaiteau, ?  Landlord of Richie Grenadine
Grenadine, Richie  Father of Timmy.
Grenadine, Timmy  Son of Richie.
Haldeman, Frankie  Friend of George Kelso
Kelso, George  Worked for the Bangor Public Works department.
Littlefield, Carl  In the Nite-Owl store.
Narrator, The  Unnamed character who narrates the story.
Parmalee, Henry  Owner of the Nite-Owl store
Parmalee, Mrs.  Wife of Henry
Pelham, Bill  In the Nite-Owl store.
Westphail, Dr.  Local doctor.


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