I Am the Doorway
  I Am the Doorway Characters List:


Character Name Description
?, Arthur  Partner of Cory in a mission to Venus.
?, Cory  Partner of Arthur in the trip to Venus.
?, Richard  Retired real estate agent that creates driftwood statues and sells them to tourists.
Anders, ?  Orbited the moon in 1968 with Borman and Lovell
Ballanger, Dr.  Doctor substituting for Dr Flanders while he was on vacation
Borman, ?  Orbited moon in 1968 with Anders and Lovell
Creswell, ?  Navy Investigator who checks up on Richard each year.
Davis, John  His orbiting observatory was damaged by a meteor
Flanders, Dr.  Arthur's doctor
Harrington, Maud  Friend of Richard.
Jacks, ?  Landed on Mars in 1979 with Markan
Lederer, ?  Died on second last Apollo mission when he was left orbiting the sun with Pederson
Lovell, ?  Orbited moon in 1968 with Anders and Borman
Lovinger, Don  Project Zeus 'whiz kid'
Markhan, ?  First on Mars in 1979 with Jacks.
Pedersen, ?  Died on second last Apollo mission when he was left orbiting the sun with Lederer


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