Quitter's Inc.
  Fan submitted reviews of Quitter's Inc. (Short Story):
Posted By: Cannonball - July 31st, 2012 9:21:35 am EDT

If you've ever smoked cigarettes and kicked the habit then you will relate heavily to the main character in this short story. Quitting smoking is one thing. Having the Mafia and one of their mob bosses ( Mr. Donatti ) enforce your quitting is something entirely different. The consequences for backsliding are some of the worst things you can imagine happening to your family. This story published in 1978 dealing with cigarette addiction is really a result of it's time and place. Whether you were alive in 1978 or born after it's publishing, it is strange to look back and see how prevalent cigarette smoking was. From airline jets to hospitals to your boss's office , cigarette smoking was allowed everywhere. Now it's banned in most public places. That being said I still think this story holds up well after 34 years. This is a very good read.

Posted By: Kris - June 16th, 2012 4:12:14 am EDT

Great story. love how he turns psicological concepts into horror storys. he twisted a real therapy into a traumatic negative reinforsment of behavior.

Posted By: Nitesh - April 22nd, 2012 2:30:54 pm EDT

good one

Posted By: Anonymous - November 8th, 2010 11:55:00 pm EST

What I found most interesting about the story was the fact the McCann and then Morrison himself recommend the service to others after having been through it. Often, those who are still smoking (or partaking in other habits they wish they could stop) secretly hope that other smokers don't quit, because then they would feel worse about themselves. And that's analogous to how McCann wants Morrison to go through the same hell he went through at Quitters, Inc. Great story.

Posted By: S.K.Rules - July 3rd, 2010 11:05:32 am EDT
I liked this story, and for the people that didn't like it, it's a horror story if they didn't do these things to his wife and his kid it would not be much of a story if the just took his tv or something like that. And the moral of the story to me is don't smoke because this is how bad it is (not that your family will get hurt in real life) because it's hard to stop when you have started.
Posted By: Megan Saylor - May 22nd, 2010 10:40:05 am EDT
I want to find this online so I can print it and share it with my husband. I want the actual story though. *sigh*
Posted By: Brokenshelf - May 29th, 2009 5:46:37 pm EDT
Korilian. You might want to read the story again. If you paid attention when you read it, you would notice that the husband and the wife love each other. What the guys in Quitters inc. were doing is much worse than damaging Dick's property. They were hurting someone he loves, which is why they knew it'll work. They will do anything it takes, regardless of any moral objection.
Posted By: Voice Of Reason - May 25th, 2009 5:40:12 pm EDT
Well, it looks as if someone is a little up-in-arms about this story. This FICTIONAL story. This STEPHEN KING, NEVER REALLY HAPPENED BECAUSE IT IS A PIECE OF FICTONAL LITERATURE MEANT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY story. Seriously though, if you didn't like it, then why did you read it all? You seem to be Ms. Women's Rights herself, so I'm surprised that you didn't stop after the part about the treatments. Honestly, thats almost like getting mad at a wall, but hitting the wall with your car anyways and being mad at the wall for wrecking your car. It really makes no sence to me how some people can be so asinine about their behavior. If you want to complain, go to a chat room or blog about it. heck, write Mr. King and tell him about it. He might pull the story off the shelves just for you. Personally, I enjoyed the story immensely, it was very entertaining, and kept me reading throughout. I cannot wait to divulge more into the works of Stephen King
Posted By: Korilian - May 10th, 2009 5:47:10 am EDT
This story pissed me the hell off. A lot of those old King stories seem to have leave it to Beaver family values (even when he's writing scifi; take a bow 'the jaunt'), but this one really took the cake. The guy singed the contract, not his wife, or his kid. Yet they are the ones who get punished for it. We're past the days when a woman was her husbands property. They can send someone to take away your TV. Not the little woman! And she's okay, even pleased about it! Give me a ****** break! Here's an idea for the Quitters treatment; How about you stop treating women like objects. If you can't we'll cut of your own damn finger!
Posted By: Edwards - February 11th, 2009 7:37:13 pm EST
This is a very good short story. My teacher had us read it in school and, I was surprised they would promote Stephen King. The method they used seems to work very well to quit smoking. They should use it for other things as well
Posted By: Anonymous - September 12th, 2008 7:23:12 pm EDT
The best king short story ever!! I am a huge argentinian fan. Even though i don't recommend the method, it seems to be highly useful!


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