Things They Left Behind, The
  Fan submitted reviews of Things They Left Behind, The (Short Story):
Posted By: L. Jay - April 23rd, 2012 9:06:10 am EDT

I am a survivor of the 9-11 attacks on the WTC. Sometimes it is difficult to put everything you are feeling into words or to truly explain what you are thinking or feeling. Over 10 years later I still have trouble, at times, explaining the feelings that suddenly course through my body. This's it. It does it. I was astounded when I read it. I know Stephen King likes things the way they are. He in his place and readers in theirs. I respect that. I simply wish there was a way for me to tell him... thank you! He GOT it! I don't know how - but THIS piece is so extraordinarily relevant. It was devastating and healing for me all at once. It was like the knowing looks in our office for the next three years. No words really needed. It felt like that. Thank you!

Posted By: Serenepece - September 20th, 2011 10:36:21 am EDT


Posted By: Debby - September 12th, 2011 8:40:17 pm EDT

This was just eerie. I read this story yesterday, which was 9/11/11! Of course, at first, you don't know it's a 9/11 story, but it gave me shivers when I realized it.

Posted By: Elturtle - February 21st, 2011 2:37:48 pm EST

I bought Just After Sunset to fill the time on a weekend away. I was reading this story just after 1am. I was at the part where Scott was explaining the circumstances to Paula when I happen to look at the TV, which was providing background noise, only to see the footage of the 747 plow into the Trade Centre during a History Channel broadcast about Nostradamus. Freaked me right out but, of course, I kept reading. The next story is called Graduation Afternoon, sure enough as I look up from the end of that story. The same special about Nostradamus is on but this time there is a mushroom cloud on the screen just as I finish the story. Someone was trying to tell me something. I put down the book and went to bed. Too much of a coincidence for me.

Posted By: Anonymous - February 4th, 2011 12:01:32 pm EST

This was a very emotional story, it brought tears to my eyes more than once while I read it.

Posted By: PMM - August 29th, 2010 12:43:25 am EDT
My company and I are currently adapting this into a short film. I love this story and am trying to keep as true to the story as possible while trying to keep it under 50mins. I'm just fortunate to have the permission to do so and bring this chilling and emotion tale to life. We hope we don't let anyone down while trying to bring something fresh to the table.
Posted By: S.K.Rules - July 3rd, 2010 2:22:36 pm EDT
The thing that gets me about this story is how it's based on 9/11. To me it's not about the haunted objects but the memorys of people that have died, and how they died, some times the memorys of them haunt us, but not like ghosts, just how they seem like they're around us.
Posted By: Steph - February 4th, 2010 11:06:11 am EST
We are based in NYC and were here on 9/11 and remember it well. What we like about this is that it isn't a soppy memorial but a new take on the survivors. We have NYU students who want to film it and we will back them up with props, etc.
Posted By: Hilary - October 9th, 2009 2:36:00 pm EDT
I heard this story on a books-on-CD compilation. More that 8 years after 9/11, I was surpised to find myself crying as I listened. How the real nightmare of this world dig themselves into our souls.
Posted By: Misha - November 30th, 2008 1:45:00 am EST
My lack of imagination has always insulated me from the senseless horrors suffered by others. Thanks for stripping that away... Sarcasm aside, the story was both moving and enlightening. Thanks for the great work.
Posted By: JLennongrrl - November 20th, 2008 11:53:39 pm EST
This is one of the most meaningful pieces I have ever read...not just from this author, but from ANYONE. I will not give anything away, but anyone who was alive that day should read this. I cried at points, which is not a normal thing for me.
Posted By: Noharmzim - November 11th, 2008 2:09:59 am EST
This story is tragic, dark, horrifying, and altogether wonderful. This is the most meaningful and deep short story I have ever read. Without giving anything away, I will just say I very highly recommend it, although some parts may not be for the faint of heart.


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