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August 25th, 2014

Revival Tour

On November 11th, Stephen will embark on a six-city book tour to promote the release of Revival. The tour begins in New York City and continues through Washington DC, Kansas City, Wichita, Austin and South Portland. Further details regarding the itinerary will be posted on September 15th. Be sure to check back then for updated information regarding the events, venues and times.

Dates, cities, and more information


A Good Marriage

A Good Marriage will be in theaters, on video-on-demand, and available through iTunes on October 3rd.

Read Stephen's interview in EW

Check out the movie poster

Watch the official trailer


Stephen King Month on Encore


Encore will present “The Stephen King Collection” featuring 19 different movies, beginning on Labor Day, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). On the 21st, they're showing an all-day marathon in honor of Stephen's birthday.

Every night in September at 8:00pm ET/PT

9/1   The Shining, Part One (1997)
9/2   The Shining, Part Two (1997)
9/3   The Shining, Part Three (1997)
9/4   Stand By Me
9/5   Sometimes They Come Back (Begins at 9:00pm)
9/6   Salem’s Lot, Part One (1979), 9:35 pm Salem’s Lot Part Two (1979)
9/7   Dreamcatcher
9/8   Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part One (1999)
9/9   Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part Two (1999)
9/10   Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part Three (1999)
9/11   Carrie (2002)
9/12   Dreamcatcher
9/13   Maximum Overdrive
9/14   Hearts in Atlantis
9/15   Sometimes They Comeback
9/16   Desperation (Pending)
9/17   Dolores Clairborne
9/18   Needful Things
9/19   Secret Window
9/20   The Dead Zone
9/21   Cujo (Part of the all-day Birthday Marathon)
9/22   Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet
9/23   Hearts in Atlantis
9/24   Return to Salem’s Lot
9/25   Maximum Overdrive
9/26   Cujo
9/27   Christine
9/28   The Running Man
9/29   Salem’s Lot, Part One (1979)
9/30   Salem’s Lot, Part Two (1979)


Stephen King’s Birthday Marathon – Sunday, September 21st

7:50am   Sometimes They Come Back
9:30am   Secret Window
11:10am   Hearts in Atlantis
12:55pm   Salem’s Lot, Part One
2:35pm   Salem’s Lot, Part Two
4:15pm   Stand By Me
5:45pm   Dreamcatcher
8:00pm   Cujo
9:35pm   Christine
11:30pm   Maximum Overdrive



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