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October 30th, 2014
Prepare for Revival is proud to announce that Prepare For Revival is now online.
As Revival is perhaps Stephen's darkest novel to date, some Constant Readers may wish to take some time to prepare for the experience of reading the story.
Prepare for Revival is intended for Stephen’s fans to explore the dark side of the human condition in anticipation of reading the novel. Prepare for Revival invites you to explore and anonymously share your innermost thoughts on the major themes contained within the story. Users can safely and securely post their experiences and feelings about Faith, Tragedy, Disillusion, Addiction, Curiosity, Obsession, Death and The Afterlife.
Once users have read the novel, fans can also post their thoughts on Revival, its plot, characters, events and the larger-than-life climax.

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Revival hits in two weeks! Here’s a breakdown of recent promo content from Scribner, Simon & Schuster Audio, Rolling Stone and

Visit the official Revival Promo Page on

Visit Prepare for Revival and share your thoughts and experiences on the dark themes within Revival

Watch the new 30 second Revival TV spot

Read a 23 page excerpt from the first chapter of Revival on Scribd

Read and listen to an extended excerpt from later in the book on Rolling Stone's site

Read Andy Greene’s in-depth Rolling Stone interview with Stephen on newsstands until November 7th


Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County North American tour kicks off November 8th and tickets are still available at most venues. See the link below for more information and how you can experience one of this fall's most anticipated musical tours.

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