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New & Upcoming Releases

It has been a busy month for new releases!

Marvel has released the fifth installment of both Treachery and The Stand Captain Trips.

More information about Treachery
More information about The Stand Captain Trips

Stephen has written a new story, "Ur", for the launch of Amazon's updated version of the Kindle.

Following a nasty break-up, lovelorn college English instructor Wesley Smith can't seem to get his ex-girlfriend's parting shot out of his head: "Why can't you just read off the computer like the rest of us?" Egged on by her question and piqued by a student's suggestion, Wesley places an order for Amazon.com's Kindle eReader. The [pink?] device that arrives in a box stamped with the smile logo - via one-day delivery that he hadn't requested - unlocks a literary world that even the most avid of book lovers could never imagine.

More information about "Ur"

Available February 17, 2009, from Simon & Schuster Audiobooks are the three-volume eAudio versions of Nightmares & Dreamscapes.  This is the first time these stories have been available in eAudio format.  The CDs will be available June 30, 2009.

More information about Nightmares & Dreamscapes eAudio

Marvel has announced that The Stand: Captain Trips Premiere Hardcover will be available exclusively at comic shops and TalesOfWonder.com. on March 10, 20009. The highly anticipated collection includes all five issues of the first arc.

To celebrate, Marvel is offering visitors of StephenKing.com a complimentary PDF version of the complete first issue.  This download also includes the Captain Trips Sketch Book. - A must have file for The Stand's constant readers.

Download the first issue and sketch book here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader)
More information about the hardcover release is available here.

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