About this Deluxe Special Edition:

Cemetery Dance Publications is very pleased to announce our Special Deluxe Limited Edition of Stephen King's classic novel It, which he calls his "final exam on Famous Monsters" in his brand new afterword to this oversized special edition, which we'll be publishing later this year!

This is easily the biggest, most lavish production Cemetery Dance Publications has ever undertaken. Glen Orbik painted the gorgeous wrap-around cover artwork, Alan M. Clark and Erin Wells created nearly thirty exclusive interior illustrations including black & white drawings and color paintings, and we hired the designer of the Limited Editions of The Secretary of Dreams, Blockade Billy, Riding the Bullet, and Full Dark, No Stars to create a unique interior design unlike any book we've ever published!

This fine collectible volume will be available in three states, all of them printed in two colors and bound in fine materials that go beyond the scope and quality of our other much-acclaimed Stephen King special editions. Already deep in production, the exclusive Cemetery Dance Special Limited Edition of It by Stephen King will be the perfect addition to any collection. We expect strong demand for this collectible given the popularity of the novel, so don't wait to place your order or you might miss out! You can read more on the Cemetery Dance web site to place your order while supplies last.

Special Features Exclusive to this Collector's Edition:

• Brand new afterword by Stephen King detailing why he wrote the book

• Deluxe oversized design (7 inches X 10 inches) featuring two color interior printing

• Epic wrap-around full color cover artwork by Glen Orbik

• Nearly thirty pieces of color and black & white interior artwork by Alan M. Clark and Erin Wells

• Interior color artwork will be printed on a high-quality glossy stock and tipped into the book

• High-quality embossed endpapers and fine bindings for all three editions

• Full-color signature sheets with exclusive color artwork in the signed editions

• A page count so high it pushes the limits of our printer — easily our largest book ever!

• Extremely collectible print run that is a tiny fraction of the MILLIONS of copies of this novel you've seen in bookstores over the last 25 years — and you will NOT find our edition in chain bookstores!

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