Twenty five years after being published as a hardcover, the thrilling world of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s THE TALISMAN is coming to vivid life as a new comic book series from Del Rey Comics, available in comic shops everywhere on October 21, 2009.

            Issue #2 B
THE TALISMAN novel, originally published in 1984, is the story of a teen boy named Jack Sawyer, who can save his dying mother only by retrieving a magical talisman. To find it he must cross back and forth between our world and the frightening and dangerous landscape of its “twinner” counterpart. The adaptation begins with THE TALISMAN: THE ROAD OF TRIALS Issue 0, which is the first issue of the first miniseries arc. The comic is an entirely new reading experience for fans of the novel, and also has new, exclusive material. Issue 0 is a never-before-told prequel to the story that follows the dual lives of Jack’s father—one that he lives with his family in the world as we know it, and the other in a mystifying land known as the Territories.

The launch of
THE TALISMAN also marks the launch of DEL REY COMICS, the first comic book imprint to come out of the Random House Publishing Group, a trade book publisher. Del Rey Books earned its reputation by publishing award-winning science fiction and fantasy titles for more than thirty years. The imprint is no stranger to graphic novels, having published manga under its Del Rey Manga imprint, and graphic novels from New York Times bestselling novelists Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, and Patricia Briggs.

Diamond Comics Distributors, the largest comic book distributor in North America, praised
THE TALISMAN: ROAD OF TRIALS Issue 0 in their August Previews catalog, making it a featured item and staff pick. Lucky fans received copies of an exclusive black and white edition of Issue 0 at this year’s Comic-Con International at San Diego.

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