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Aug 24, 2016
Dec 9, 2009
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November 29
a buick 8
Dumb truck driver

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Eternal Member, from a buick 8

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Aug 24, 2016
    1. FlakeNoir
      Thinking of you at Christmas time, miss you Naters... ♥
    2. FlakeNoir
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      2. do1you9love?
        I was checking in and saw his avatar in today's birthdays. Dammit! Hope you are doing well Flake! Will raise a glass for Nate tonight!
        Nov 29, 2016
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    3. FlakeNoir
      Three months today, I miss you bud.
      A package arrived from your family today... do you remember talking about the maple syrup? ... I can't believe they put that in there, it will be the real thing for the kids and I on pancakes tomorrow morning--it will be a Thanksgiving treat.

      Happy Thanksgiving Naters, I'm thankful for the friendship we shared... and I miss you everyday.
    4. FlakeNoir
      I can't believe you've been gone for 2 months. Watching The Walking Dead will never be the same again.
    5. Maddie
      It breaks my heart to see that this happened. Thank you for being the true friend that you have always been and for all the fun we had writing the craziest stuff! I really believe that someway, somehow, you are still here., too. (((Nate))) and (((Your Family))))
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    6. FlakeNoir
      I had a Mac (IPA) tonight, Naters and thought of you. It was very hoppy, I think you would have liked it.

      I'm talking with your family frequently... it helps to keep you close, I also want you to know that folks are looking out for your Mom, I know you would be very worried about her.
      I miss you buddy.
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    7. Debbie913
      You are missed so very much my friend. Today will be hard for many, especially your family. My heart is with them while they celebrate your life. You are in my thoughts daily. ♥
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    8. FlakeNoir
      It has been a month since you left and I still struggle with the idea that this has happened. Every day I don't hear from you and it seems to get harder, rather than more bearable.

      Today is your Celebration of Life... you and your family are with me in thought.. I will imagine sharing one of your IPA's and toasting you my friend.
      I miss you so very much. xox
    9. GNTLGNT
      I haven't been here till now....because my heart was still to sore...but on my birthday today, I thought about my own mortality and realized how much better my life became, when we first uncapped a brew and BBQ'ed for the crew in Maine...I miss you old buddy...rest ye easy...
    10. FlakeNoir
    11. Ceefor
      Rest in peace, Nate..... ⚘
    12. Debbie913
      I miss you.
    13. FlakeNoir
      I miss you, Naters...
    14. Agincourt Concierge
      Agincourt Concierge
      Ride on Big Nate ... we will all meet in the clearing
    15. Dana Jean
      Dana Jean
      Take care of your feet in Heaven, Nate. Rest in peace.
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    16. hipmamajen
      I'm so glad I got a chance to know you.

      I hope newbie orientation isn't too boring, and you start feeling settled in right away. We miss you, but we'll all catch up as we make our own jumps to the flip side, so don't worry about anyone here. Smooch!
    17. Ebdim9th
      Sorry I didn't talk with you much lately... now .... :(
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    18. LarryO
      Rest in peace, Nate.
    19. do1you9love?
    20. Debbie913
      Rest in peace my dear friend. I love you.
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    November 29
    a buick 8
    Dumb truck driver
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    Hank Moody
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    Dark Tower, State of Fear, Next, just to name a few...
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    Matrix trilogy, Lord of the Rings,
    Cruisin' through life.

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    There'll be fermentation, if Gan wills it.
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