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29% of American Adults are Scientifically Illiterate

Discussion in 'Other Hot Topics' started by Jordan, Apr 29, 2014.


Do vaccines cause autism?

  1. Yes

    5 vote(s)
  2. No

    39 vote(s)
  1. Jordan

    Jordan Webmaster-at-Large Administrator Moderator

  2. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    I don't believe they cause Autism.
  3. Bryan James

    Bryan James Well-Known Member

    Pubic Service Announcement:

    1) Wash your tiddly-bits
    2) On my local PBS station (and I'm sure many others) there's a show called "Hawking" coming on at 9p Eastern. It is not about birds.
  4. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Are my tiddly-bits at the end of my feet? Do you mean my "tootsies"?


    what does this have to do with vaccinations and autism?

    Actually I know the parents of an autistic boy and they do not believe that vaccinations had anything to do with it!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2014
  5. Walter Oobleck

    Walter Oobleck keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going

    I was vaccinated...still had measles and chicken pox almost back-to-back. Got a flu shot this past fall...not every fall, but some. Seems like there was some major thread here in the past about autism and vaccines. I'd say it's 50/50...not knowing for sure, otherwise...as I have heard tales about people becoming sick from...shots...and I believe that was one of the warnings they have you sign-off on before giving you a flu shot...cover yer a$$ more or less. Who knows?
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  6. Jordan

    Jordan Webmaster-at-Large Administrator Moderator

    Regarding autism vis-à-vis vaccinations, there are more than 30 correctly conducted studies showing zero causation, and only one (poorly conducted and discredited) study showing correlation.

    As far as flu shots go, it's a real hit-or-miss scenario. The flu vaccine will only protect you against the strain du jour, not necessarily what is going around (or what it has mutated into). As a diabetic (type I), I should be getting them, but I keep forgetting. It helps that I seldom leave my computer desk, though.
  7. Sigmund

    Sigmund Waiting in Uber.

    No, I do not believe they cause Autism.


    (BTW- I am very happy colleges and universities require students get vaccinated for meningitis.)
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2014
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  8. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

    I do not believe vaccinations cause autism...... My daughter has gotten all the required vaccines, and some optional ones.
    She's happy and healthy.

    Her father (my ex) is opposite in his beliefs. He even thinks that the gardasil vaccine is the same as condoning promiscuity.
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  9. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    Nope. Just because they've found some correlations, that is not causation. Just as easy to say that breastmilk or formula causes autism--all babies use one or the other, and some of them end up being treated for disabilities along the autism scale. People get scared and want to blame SOMETHING (even if it doesn't make much sense).
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  10. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    My kids were required to have the meningitis shot in 8th or 9th grade--don't know if it's younger here or if the trend is to give it younger nationwide.
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  11. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    I don't think it causes autism. And I think the study that led parents to believe that, the scientist actually came out and said he lied. I will say though, I do not like vaccine cocktails. Split those shots up for babies. Too many at one time I don't like.
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  12. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    What I don't like about that is that if a baby has a reaction, it's difficult to isolate which vaccine they are allergic or sensitive to. We had that issue with dd#1--she had a cocktail of three different vaccines and spent the next 5 hours in high pitched crying (awful, scary, make-mom-hyperventilate crying). It was clearly an adverse reaction, but they didn't know to which vaccine. She had to take a buttload (baby buttload, anyway) of Benadryl, and then the doc took a guess as to which her body didn't like. It worked out (DtP--they had to give her the inactive virus after that), but without being sure, the next round of shots was a nailbiter.
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  13. The following is a reply to parent's concern about aluminum in vaccines - from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia website.

    During the first 6 months of life, infants could receive about 4 milligrams of aluminum from vaccines. That’s not very much: a milligram is one-thousandth of a gram and a gram is the weight of one-fifth of a teaspoon of water. During the same period, babies will also receive about 10 milligrams of aluminum in breast milk, about 40 milligrams in infant formula, or about 120 milligrams in soy-based formula.

    just a thought... some researchers suspect there's a link between allergies/inflammation and autism. Soy is a common allergy, maybe its the culprit.
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  14. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    An interesting new theory about the 1918 flu pandemic postulates that it struck young people harder than older people (the opposite of what is normally true) because the younger people were too young to have been exposed to that strain's previous flare-up in 1889. The older people had been exposed to it, so had at least some defense mechanism against it, while the younger had none.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...and OF COURSE, that "study" is the one the Media ran screaming with...
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...someone voted "Yes", though I don't see a comment from them...hmmm, for me-I believe vaccinations cause "Amishism"...the overwhelming desire to dress in blue & black, grow one's beard to their knees, attack other Amish and cut THEIR hair off, take a buggy ride to Mennonite Country and kick azz and also sell home-bakes...
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  17. Walter Oobleck

    Walter Oobleck keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going

    Me! You should have known that! But in my defense, I'll add that while considering Jordan's question my circuits got tangled and smoke poured out of my ears. And I recall a thread here about autism...a few years back. As I remember it, AmandaRose's child is autistic. I don't recall where she stood on the matter of vaccines or if she had a stance. But I thought the people who posted in the thread discussed vaccines. I don't mind standing alone. My wife loves me. And in the end, that is all that matters.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...yeah, I shoulda guessed Walt-but I was just funnin '...hell, I made a steady diet of lead paint chips as a child and it ain't hurt ME none...right?...RIGHT?...
  19. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

  20. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

    I heard there's evidence that vaccines have effected language by causing people to change their choice of the words "should" and "zero".
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