Help for independent bookstores.

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Mar 26, 2020
Yellow Umbrella Books (located in Chatham, MA) is my favorite bookstore. They are closed for an unknown period of time due to the pandemic, and are at great risk of ever being able to open again. In trying to think of ways to help them and other small bookstores, I wondered if authors could somehow join together and help. In thinking of what author has shown intelligence and concern for people in addition to his or her craft, Stephen King's name was the first to my mind. The pandemic is and will continue to be devastating to us in many ways. Someday it will be better. And I don't want that someday to result in no more small businesses. Just one more scary thought to add to this time- what if only large businesses exist due to how aid is distributed, and where the money already lies? I am not a creative person, but rather deeply enjoy the creativity of the minds that are gifted in this way. I am a nurse and I will be doing my part to help the patients I see recover from, or manage as comfortably as possible, their illnesses. Creative minds- what can be done to help our independent bookstores?