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In Praise of 42 Year-Old Women.

Discussion in 'Other Hot Topics' started by Sigmund, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. DiO'Bolic

    DiO'Bolic Not completely obtuse

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this... but I can’t do it. Perhaps here I might, but I could never in good conscience fulfill a pledge for “everywhere and forever more.” And I have way too much respect for you to lie to you. It actually would eat away at me more than a Tell-Tale Heart. What a schmuck I am! :(

    Just this morning I had an employee crying in my office over how ObamaCare is hurting her family, especially her older children. I actually did tell her there were good parts to the ACA, and she should look at all avenues, including paying the penalty for her older children if finances just didn’t work out. But I can’t blindly sing it’s praises, knowing there are aspects to the ACA that I don’t like.

    LOL... she’d actually agree with you. :)
  2. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    There are parts I don't like about it, too, truth be told. Mostly that it's not available as a single payer system. But that's a topic for another thread so let's not go there here. ;)
  3. rudiroo

    rudiroo Well-Known Member

    I was just getting into this topic when it got thread-jacked (I love that term).

    I'm 53 ( thank you PhotoShop)

    When I could still hop, skip and jump (only 10 years ago - my, how time does fly), I realized that the looks I didn't have at 23, were mighty useful at 43.
    Fast forward 10 years, looking cute in a wheelchair just makes my life easier.

    I know this won't sit well with North American women (the cradle of feminism, yep?)
    But looks are currency.
    There to be spent.

    I wish it was otherwise.
    And mazel tov to anyone who can buck that system.

    We'll never get rid of gender inequality.
    But if we get really lucky, we might get a world that's fit for people:baffle:
  4. Sigmund

    Sigmund Waiting in Uber.

  5. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

  6. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

  7. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

  8. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

  9. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

    Jada Pinkett Smith
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  10. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    I'm 42. Never felt more comfortable in my own skin and head. :)
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  11. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    Heck, this lady's in her fifties, was when this photo was taken, and I'm thinking she looks pretty good.
  12. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    Is this Grandma? (very pretty!)
  13. do1you9love?

    do1you9love? Happy to be here!

  14. Out of Order

    Out of Order Need More Time

  15. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    Grandma? No wonder you're so smitten, friend. She's gorgeous.
  16. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    47 here. Wouldn't go back to my insecure teens and twenties for anything. I like who I've become (even the Gordon Ramsay-style forehead wrinkles--lol). Famous people…nah. Not envious at all :)
  17. Sigmund

    Sigmund Waiting in Uber.


  18. Sigmund

    Sigmund Waiting in Uber.


    In the first place, I don't need any mans approval or praise of my appearance at any age.

    I am educated, intelligent and well read. I also tend to be non judgmental and open to discussion. I can usually hold my own.

    As I have matured, I am more secure and my self-esteem is at an all time high.

    If a man-of any age- is threatened by such women and therefore reduces women to a shallow level of age/appearance that their problem

    (And Geraldo is a special kind of jerk. :hammer:)

  19. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

  20. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    Say it sister! Beauty is a state of mind.
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