King book popularity contest - Year 2

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Aug 20, 2016
Okay! Gwendy's Button Box is out and Sleeping Beauties is out. We've got more fuel for the fire.

Last Year's competition went down and was fairly popular. I'm hoping the same for this one.

Last year's game - Stephen King book popularity contest | The Message Board

Last Year winner: The Stand

Rules for newcomers and for folks who forgot - I'll list two works by King or a member of the King family and the first to five votes wins over the other. We will do it tournament style with rounds and the last thing standing by Stephen King will be the winner. Hopefully, we have enough people for this and also I use the word 'thing' because we aren't just going by books. You should judge all pieces listed based on the book first and foremost but if you haven't read the book you have permission to use the movie or miniseries in its place while voting. I'd of usually just made it the book but King has a large LARGE body of work and wanted everyone included who could be even you hadn't read the book.

Changes from last year - Notice I said, King or King family ;;D (You may find more than Stephen's work in this tourney) - also, DT will be viewed as one book in this go around - unless any objections?

Tagging last year players (New players welcomed to of course! All the site!) - Dana Jean Mr. Cranky César Hernández-Meraz Debbie913 danie Doc Creed AchtungBaby champ1966 no bounce no play Tery MarkS73 carrie's younger brother Steffen king family fan GNTLGNT Neesy mal Spideyman not_nadine HollyGolightly mjs9153 Out of Order AnnaMarie


Let's get it started!

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