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Loud music killer

Discussion in 'Other Hot Topics' started by AnnaMarie, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. AnnaMarie

    AnnaMarie Well-Known Member

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  2. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

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  3. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    It's Florida- 'nuff said. (say sorry to my fellow SKMB members who live there, but that's the way it looks to the rest of us) RIP Trevon.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    " first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or "lying in wait" for the victim."

    "Second-degree murder is ordinarily defined as: 1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable "heat of passion"; or 2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender's obvious lack of concern for human life."

    ...the definition is clear....they were unable to prove at this juncture, that there was any premeditation, but Second Degree was obvious...I think he's guilty as hell, a jerk-off that couldn't deal with being "dissed", but that still doesn't fit the letter of the law....he WILL get his...it's just a matter of time...
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  5. fljoe0

    fljoe0 Cantre Member

    Here we go again. Why couldn't the prosecution charge him with 2nd degree murder in the first place? That seems to fit the definition the best. They probably would have got a conviction. I never understand why they always try to get a tougher conviction than they can easily prove.
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  6. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Fellow Fl resident and that was first thought that came to my mind- It's FL!
    But as Scott said, the legal definitions made the verdict what it was. Higher powers know what he did!
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  7. AnnaMarie

    AnnaMarie Well-Known Member

    Did the jury not have the option of 2nd degree?

    Why would they charge attempted 2nd (not first) but murder 1st (not 2nd). Did the prosecutors WANT him found not guilty?
  8. fljoe0

    fljoe0 Cantre Member

    They probably (not sure) had the option but once the prosecution starts down one road, it's hard to shift gears. The prosecution spends all the time trying to convict on 1st degree and that's all the jury hears.
  9. ghost19

    ghost19 "Have I run too far to get home?"

    I know in my state, they have a consult with the family of the victim to discuss what the family would like to see as far as conviction as opposed to what the state thinks they have enough to get a conviction for. The state will usually try to balance the family's need for justice with the amount of proof they think they can bring forward to a jury. When it comes down to it though, one hold out juror is all you need to throw a monkey wrench in any murder trial.
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  10. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    Yes, I agree that he didn't fit Murder 1, but he definitely fit Murder 2.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN


    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...and that was the speculation-one juror couldn't see past the contrived "self-defense" excuse...
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  13. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Hmmm - maybe I don't want to vacation down in Florida after all (gulp)
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  14. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    From the Jon Stewart show last night:
    Quote by Jessica Williams during a sketch--

    " The Florida stand your ground defense is like bleach: it works miracles for your whites, and it will ruin your blacks".
  15. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    I went down to Florida in 1989 and we told the in-laws we wanted to take a blanket and go drive to the beach.

    This was after dark and being Canadians we did not know any better (ancient history) My son was only about 3 at the time. Mother-in-law quickly stopped us from acting on that impulse! She told us it was not safe
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  16. pegasus216

    pegasus216 Well-Known Member

    I can understand this guys anger. Sometimes we can hear a car coming way down the road because the music is so loud. At times, it has rattled the windows on the house. There is no need to have music that loud, and not everyone wants to hear it.
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  17. fljoe0

    fljoe0 Cantre Member

    I can understand people getting angry but of course being angry shouldn't lead to firing a gun. This is one of the problems I'm seeing with everyone packing weapons. Insignificant arguments are turning into gun fights. This was not mentioned at the trial (because there was not proof) but I also think this guy had been drinking (total speculation on my part). I say that because he had come to the store from a wedding (good possibility for drinking) and was drinking at his hotel after he ran away from the scene. When you mix alcohol, anger and guns, it can become a bad situation.
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  18. ghost19

    ghost19 "Have I run too far to get home?"

    Running away from a scene after you've fired a weapon at someone seems stupid no matter if self-defense or whatever the reason. That fact alone that he took off after firing rounds is just a weird reaction. If you fired in self-defense, I would want to make that crystal clear to the responding officers. I guess you do that by taking off back to your hotel....that is just somewhat suspect.
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  19. Sigmund

    Sigmund Waiting in Uber.

    Good evening.

    I was damned and determined to sit down and shut up but... here I go!

    past tense: premeditated; past participle: premeditated
    think out or plan (an action, esp. a crime) beforehand.

    Premeditated does not necessarily mean you thought out or planned an action for weeks, days or hours.

    It can be minutes or seconds.

    If I have the time to go and get my gun out of my glove compartment, check to make sure it's loaded and ready to rock and roll...that's enough time to *think out*, *plan* when I raise my gun, aim and shoot. If I didn't believe it would maim or kill a human being...what the frick was I thinking?

    BTW- I understand the Stand Your Ground Law (not really) but...if someone was threatening me and a gun was DISPLAYED (NOT pointed at me) ...I would haul azz.

    I shall now shut up and sit down.

    (Someone give me some advice on how to change my skin color.) Frick.


  20. prufrock21

    prufrock21 Well-Known Member

    Wasn't it Florida voters who decided the first George Bush Jr. Presidency? Just asking.
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