Paris Signing

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May 24, 2012
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Oui, - ce n'est pas drole tout le jours (excuse my French!)
That was a small snippet I caught!
phonetically - su nai paw droll toot ley joors

He says it is fun to write but when further questioned says "It's not fun all the time or every day" (or words to that effect!)

Sorry - I took an intensive six month course in Quebec back in 1988 but then never really used it :dunno::hmm:


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Apr 11, 2006
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Met Mr King for the 1st time yesterday ! :) Travelled to Paris from London, waited 5 hours with a lovely bunch of King fans and I'm overjoyed. I took my "Lisey's Story" to be signed and gave Stephen a Cross pen engraved " Stevie, thanks for all the good times". He was really appreciative of it, he said it was beautiful. I still haven't quite landed fully, I can't believe it's finally happened. Also,straight after the signing a french channel put a mike and a camera in my face and asked me what it felt like meeting Stephen King so I told them : " It feels like meeting my best friend for the first time :) "
Yes, it really does! I'm happy for you.


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Sep 25, 2011
Yesterday was nice, but it's mostly been raining. Got caught in a couple of showers this afternoon as I was wandering around for about 3 hours trying to find my way back to the hotel. Directionally challenged should be my middle name! :) I'm sure that I was close several times but kept getting turned around even with the GPS map on my phone. Was nearly at the point of breaking down when a very nice doorman gave me directions that finally led me back to the right street. I was afraid it was going to get dark before I got back and then I'd really be in trouble.
Is there a "Crouch End" in Paris??? Don't want to get lost......hope you are enjoying the trip.


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Apr 11, 2006
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Thanks :) Still buzzing I have to say... Even more now that i have just found on lilja's library fb page a picture of Stephen signing a book with the actual pen I gave him. I can almost read the words I got engraved for him ! :) I did a massive double take ! I hadn't realised that he actually got the pen out of the box after I left, and viewing more videos from the day now i think he that he might have signed about 250 copies with it ! He changed from a white pen to the black with gold appointments i got him. It sounds probably silly to a lot of people but I'm shaking with emotion to think that maybe he will write with it some more after that :) ( emotion and a cold i caught yesterday, it was so cold at dawn! :))
Here's the picture
Thank you so much for sharing and I think this is wonderful. Made me positively beam. :feel_good:

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Apr 11, 2006
Forgot to mention to you, Bev, that during my trek yesterday, I was only asked once if I'd lost my ring. ;)
By the end of our vacation there, we were cracking jokes every time someone found a ring on the sidewalk (mon dieu, il pleut des bagues!), although the con artists generally didn't appreciate my sense of humor!

I was impressed by the simultaneous translator -- he never seemed to miss a beat.


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Jun 15, 2007
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There's a break in the rain so think now I am going to try to find the department store near the hotel to buy gifts for the family. Let's hope my usually directionally challenged self can find her way back to the hotel without too many wrong turns!
...I wear a XXXL, and a lovely beret would be a welcome addition to me hat collection....


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Jul 23, 2010
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...*sighs*...yes'm...Sunny already attempted to castigate me over confusing the esteemed MR. Vincent with a lass...I guess I shoulda quoted our new member Beverley Marsh...instead of just saying "Bev"...s'allright?...s'allright!...
Nope, not a dude :) And not a new member either ! I just haven't been back since our friend JohnDalgish sadly left us. Missed him too much, and it was not quite the same after ...


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Jun 25, 2007
Hi all (Part 1?)
Wow what a trip. Myself and my wife got up at 3 am Wednesday morning to catch an early flight from Ireland to Paris.When we got there the line was already swelling to a large size. I didn't think we would been seen in the allotted two hours. I decided to have a wander around the building while my wife held our place in line. I peered in through some windows hoping to at least get a glimpse of Stephen. I could see the area when he was going to be signing but no sign of Stephen himself.
I then went around the building, really I was trying to see if I could get a better view of the area for when Stephen was in there, I noticed two photographers sitting at a doorway. It was close to the roadway and away from the three thousand + fans that were gathering and queuing around the other side of the building. 'Ah ha' I thought this is where Stephen must be coming in. So I decided to wait there, while my wife waited in line.
My nerves began to jangle at it approached 1 pm but no sign of Stephen. More fans began to arrive at this doorway as maybe word was spreading. A security guard erected two barriers along the entrance way. About thirty or so fans had now gathered here. Approx 1.15 pm a black car approached the building and more people from the store came out with-some photographers. The black mini van with blacked out windows eventually pulled up to the curb. Some people got out (including Ms.Mod if I'm not mistaken) Then the man himself appeared looking very relaxed and maybe surprised, doing a 'ta da' with his hands. He got a big cheer from us waiting fans. When he got out of the car he came in my direction, wow it's really Stephen King walking towards me..I started reading Stephen King more than thirty years ago and now here he was in the flesh. At first he appeared that he was going to sign my copy of Christine but at the last second he had a change of heart. He said he would 'sign them inside'....Ahhhhhhh noooo...'Just this one...please' I stammered as he walked away. A glimmer of hope arrived as Stephen began to sign a book at the doorway. Minor pandemonium broke out as the 'Autograph hunters' broke the line and trust books and scraps of paper at Stephen. He was all so relaxed chatting away as he signed a couple of books , maybe five or six. I head him say 'Last one' so I trust my arm, with 'Christine' opened just waiting(begging) to be signed towards his hand with the pen in it. Stephen turned and ....signed my copy...YAHOOOOOOO!!!!
I turned away and let out a cry of joy or relief and then uttered a crazy joyous laugh in a kind of French accent...if that's possible. Some other fans gathered around me gazing at Stephens autograph...some even took photos of it. Two French fans even began to interview me!!!!!! My heart was racing as I ran around to my wife to show her the autograph...(BTW this book has special meaning to me). More people gathered round wanting to know how I had managed to meet Stephen so early in the day. Translations from English to French reverberated around us and more fans took photos of me with my now prized possession. I still cant believe I met The King Of Horror...and not just once that day!!!!!


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Jun 25, 2007
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After getting to meet Stephen and getting Christine signed I was on cloud nine. I was waiting in line when nature called, which inadvertently ended up with me getting another book signed by Stephen. I asked one of the security guards if there was a bathroom. He pointed behind himself, which was where the fans were being led to meet Stephen. After using the gents I began to leave the area with my book in hand. Another security guard told me I was going the wrong way and led me into the area where about twenty or so people were getting their books signed. I just could not believe my luck. Stephen then signed The Stand for me. I was delighted at my really good fortune. I was only in the line for about one hour and I had managed to get two books signed. When it was over I managed to blag on of the small posters from the display. I could only see about 5 or 6 of these in all. My wife also blagged one of the cardboard cut outs used on top of the book displays. So all in all a brilliant trip, well worth the effort. We were back in Dublin at 11.30pm that night. Although we were going to stay the night to go to Moulin Rouge and dinner but decided not too...that would have been unreal if we had of met Mr King there as well.....
A couple more photos from Paris