The figure with the flute on the painting

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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
Was it in the book too? I've read the book, but I can't remember (and the book was abridged here without mentioning that on the cover).
And how did it relate to Stan? Was there any symbolic meaning perhaps? Or something Jewish?

Overall, I enjoyed the film immensely. I would have liked about half an hour more of character development/coming of age elements, but I felt in terms of being horrific it managed to take things to the max. Also more character development might have slowed it down, and maybe take some of the intensity of the horrorscenes away - but the kids were just SO good (the Losers, but definitely also the bullies).
I was also surprised it held up so well without focusing on classic filmmonsters, just a couple of posters.

There's so much to say about it, but it's hard to talk about all, especially since it's only the first part.


Feb 20, 2018
I thought Judith was a great new addition and something that can resonate with a lot of people. I'm sure most of us have come across a creepy portrait that it makes us uncomfortable to look at. Incidentally I didn't like it on my first viewing but it's become one of my favourite parts of the movie now.