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The Strain

Discussion in 'Other TV' started by Haunted, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

    FX will be airing it's version of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hagan's trilogy this summer. I am looking forward to introducing the family to this story.
  2. ghost19

    ghost19 "Have I run too far to get home?"

    I heard this is based on a book by Chuck Hogan or a series of them maybe? I'd like to read them.
  3. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

  4. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    I've only read the first book, but I liked it! Hope this one hits Hulu :)
  5. shookme

    shookme Obscure Member

    The series is worth checking out, assuming you're not burned out on vampire stories. Top-notch stuff.
  6. mjs9153

    mjs9153 Guest

    Sounds good..

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I'll be a t work watching The Sprain, The Fracture and The Laceration...
  8. Ebdim9th

    Ebdim9th A Man's Chord and Author/bringer of Bad Dolls

    I had a collection of old vampire short stories, don't know what happened to it, and one dealt with vampires' fear of, or inability to cross, running water... Dean Koontz mentions this in one of his short stories as well....
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  9. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    I talked about it briefly in the other thread.

    It started out with a great premise. Then I got the idea of, oh, zombies or vampires. Then I got to Seemingly Unstoppable Demon. Then I lost interest.

    It's just me. My tolerances are really low. I sorta think Grandma likes it, but I won't know for sure until I see whether she turns it on next week. I'll let you know.
  10. arista

    arista First time caller long time listener

    Another great episode!
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  11. arista

    arista First time caller long time listener

    I still think it is interesting.
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  12. bigkingfan91

    bigkingfan91 Well-Known Member

    Not bad so far, keeps my attention long enough lol. I saw the book at Walmart the other day, but didn't pick it up. Enjoying the series so far, would anyone recommend the book?
  13. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    I asked Grandma if she wanted to keep watching it. She said no.

    She said that watching the guy's head get pounded to flat bloody pulp in graphic fashion turned her off the whole thing.
  14. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    I liked the first book well enough. I have the second, but haven't gotten to it yet.
  15. arista

    arista First time caller long time listener

    you really would not like walking dead...
  16. HMW

    HMW Well-Known Member

    I think this is a pretty good show. For once a horror show without show a lots of t!ts and a$$ just to get attention. Haven't read the books and I don't think I will.
  17. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    Figured, but haven't seen it and didn't interest me. But thank you, sincerely, for the warning.

    You know how some people just don't want to see scifi? Or romantic comedies? Or anything by Woody Allen? Or Tom Cruise?

    We're that way about zombie movies. The last zombie thing we watched was that Will Smith movie, and while we liked it as far as it went, the zombie thing was offputting to us.
  18. I've been recording The Strain and I watched the first couple episodes yesterday. I'm not sure yet what I think. It has some interesting differences, one of which I'm finding unbelievable... I expect believability in unbelievable monsters lol.

    I have a question... I can't remember why vampires need soil from the homeland. Does anyone know?
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  19. I caught up on all the episodes yesterday and I can't wait to see what happens next week so I guess I like it lol. And the thing I thought was unbelievable was explained in the autopsy so I'm happy :)
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  20. lol... I thought that was a great scene :) but then I'm a Walking Dead fan like Arista :)
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