What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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Comfortably Roont
Nov 19, 2011
Behind you
They are too big. Melt too fast. I've tried them a few times. Once, lost my mind late at night and bought a six pack.

Don't think I've ever finished one without a squishy silver mess wrapper, and giving up on it.

Biting the the chocolate off is good at first when still hard frozen, though. It's an art to get a good unbroken sheet of it. :)
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Out of Order

Need More Time
Feb 9, 2011
New Hampster
Or maybe OoO would like to help adapt this one for Maple-Bacon Crunch Ice Cream. ;-D
Sounds like a good breakfast.

Nothing. I've never had one.
n_n will share.....apparently she buys them in six-packs.......oh yes!

That's my Klondike story.
It's not over until the polar bear sings........:D

It's funny, the only commercial for Klondike bars that I can remember is where they make the guy sing "I'm a little teapot".:rolleyes:
"Here is my handle here is my spout".......now give me one.......:biggrin-new:
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