Discordia Chapter 2??

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Questions' started by BountyHunter, Jan 25, 2014.

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    I understand the backburner part and that you guys have been very busy and probably still are. But the site has shown us three releasedates already. The last one being summer 2013. Now, it almost being summer 2014. And me rereading the DT series, I am really getting anxious for the next part of this game. But, ah well, Ka like a wind right. Let's hope we get something. Cause the game being backburnered constantly makes me not want to go to this site, because, well. Coming here still makes me anxious for the game. ;)
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    Lessons in patience- all good comes to those who wait. Have a look around the other SKMB forums and threads. Join in some discussion regarding the DT journey. Share your thoughts with us.
    Eventually the backburner will be put to use.:grin:
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    There's lots more to do here but I understand your reasons. Part of the problem of only having 3 people on our team is that it does take a lot longer to get things done when other projects take priority and getting you the most recent news about Stephen's current work has seemed more important. We haven't given up on getting the second part out, though. It also doesn't help that as it is delayed new technology comes out that puts us back at square one a lot of times, primarily that for making it available to mobile devices. We could knock out a desktop version fairly easily but the mobile devices are much more complicated.

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