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Discussion in 'The Eyes of the Dragon' started by jackjones133, Dec 21, 2013.

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    Is Tommy from Eyes of the Dragon in a way related to Tom Cullen from The Stand? In Eyes at the end Tommy and Dennis go South to find Flagg and at some point confront him again. Could it have been possible that something happened allowing Tommy to continue hunting for Flagg even after the confrontation? Maybe he found a way to hide his thoughts from Flagg somewhere along in that journey and that is why when we meet him in The Stand he is thought of as to be Mentally Challenged. Perhaps it is all just so that he could defeat Flagg with out being seen.
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    Welcome to the site. :) I don't have an answer for this one sorry... anybody else?
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    Welcome to SKMB from me as well. Like Flake said - that is a good question but I am also unsure of the answer
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    It's a bit of a far fetched question I guess. Thank you guys though :)
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    Well, Stephen has been known to pull characters from one story and into another on many occasions, (there are other worlds than these) so it's certainly not out of the realms of possibility. :)
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    Welcome. Glad you are joining us.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...welcome buddy...not far fetched a'tall, just something that raised your curiosity and we're all about that here at SK Central...as a long time reader though, and a big fan of the "Big Dummy"(for reasons that will become obvious the longer you're here), IMO-no, absolutely no relation. Cullen WAS "dim" mentally, and his journey past RF at the latter end of the novel, played wonderfully well into King's basic White vs Dark theme...Tom had been "touched by the hand of God"....where his "simple-mindedness" became a plus, rather than a drawback...
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