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  1. AchtungBaby

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    I actually watched the movie for the tenth time or so last night. It's good stuff, but the actors ARE...well...good. I feel so bad for them. :(

    But at least Tad lives in the movie... There's that.
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  2. not_nadine

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    Most of Cujo took place in the dog's head also. He was a good dog that did not understand what was happening to him.

    That did not come through in the movie version. He was just a mean dog.
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  3. Gareth

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    So true! A line that stands out for me, in its tragic context, is "Tad played with the ducks".
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  4. skimom2

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    And as much as I sobbed for days over the end of the book (and I did. And I can't imagine ever reading it again--as a parent whose little guy resembles Tad a lot...no way), I loathed the end of the movie for that. It was a cockadoodie cheat, as Annie Wilkes would say.
    Water doesn't cure death.
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  5. skimom2

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    Damn it! Just thinking about this book makes me cry. Now I'm going to have a headache. *shakes fist at much younger Stephen King*
  6. Doc Creed

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    I like what Teague did with Cujo. The first 25 minutes of this movie could be a Disney movie, almost (omitting cursing and sex scenes, of course). Teague is very faithful to the novel, I think. There is a lot of tension
    with Donna trying not to get caught in her affair, and Cujo's gradual change of temperament and even the stress with Vic's losing the Sharp cereal account. Naturally, viewers are anticipating the big scenes with the Pinto dying in the Camber's yard and the subsequent climax, but these other details at the beginning are necessary and give the ending that much more meaning.
    The novel itself doesn't really switch gears until around page 120. I found the entire book fascinating and could feel King trying to achieve a contemporary novel in the vein of Philip Roth or John Updike, but in this instance the mundane and underbelly of suburban life is stripped down to a primal horror. Everything we learn beforehand is boiled down to a simmering metaphor, "the monster in the closet" that each of the character's face finally attacks and must be confronted. Adultery, rage, failed ambitions, etc must be contended with and it comes down to fight or flight. Donna Trenton, (a blue eyed brunette in the book) is the first female character to fight the 'evil' without help. More female protagonists would follow but I believe Donna Trenton was the first to go solo combat. Wendy Torrance had her brave battle but ultimately had help.
    Like Misery, this is a straightforward, non-supernatural (more or less) novel, more so in the movie. I agree with King that Dee Wallace deserved an Oscar. Her performance is as good as any Streep performance I've ever seen. Solid book, solid adaptation.
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  7. TanyaS

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    yeah, it's a pretty uncomfortable watch. I love the first forty minutes or so, before they are trapped in the car. The build-up scenes!! Beautifully shot though!!
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  8. TanyaS

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    If Charity Chamber had taken notice of her son re Cujo's awful condition, the whole thing would have been averted. But then there would be a very short story!!
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  9. TanyaS

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    Dee Wallace is definately underrated. Movies like Cujo (great atmosphere etc) are never made these days!! It's all just blood and gore and no suspense.
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  10. TanyaS

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    why oh why did the Tadder have to die (in the book).
    Of course, it is fiction...but reads so real...my favourite characters are Charity and Brett Chamber and snooty Holly...I just find them so interesting.
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