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  1. AchtungBaby

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    I actually watched the movie for the tenth time or so last night. It's good stuff, but the actors ARE...well...good. I feel so bad for them. :(

    But at least Tad lives in the movie... There's that.
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    Most of Cujo took place in the dog's head also. He was a good dog that did not understand what was happening to him.

    That did not come through in the movie version. He was just a mean dog.
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  3. Gareth

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    So true! A line that stands out for me, in its tragic context, is "Tad played with the ducks".
  4. skimom2

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    And as much as I sobbed for days over the end of the book (and I did. And I can't imagine ever reading it again--as a parent whose little guy resembles Tad a lot...no way), I loathed the end of the movie for that. It was a cockadoodie cheat, as Annie Wilkes would say.
    Water doesn't cure death.
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  5. skimom2

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    Damn it! Just thinking about this book makes me cry. Now I'm going to have a headache. *shakes fist at much younger Stephen King*

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