I Have A Confession To Make...

Discussion in 'Faithful' started by 91rewoT, Dec 5, 2013.

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    I head of it but because i don't understand baseball.... is it an e-book. I think easons are selling it for 1.99.

    P.s what is it with cookies. Vampirelilly :"follow me .... and i give you a cookie and chuggs come to the dark side, we have cookies.

    as FlakeNoir states There will be choclate If god wills it, and he does will it. chocolate(candy) herseys, mars bars, maltesers. My problem is when a new bar comes out to complete really enjoy, i must eat 10 of the bars. hmm so much for being fit. and choclate donuts and everything nice that you like that is bad for you, i.e coke, beer, red meat, cake, coffee.
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