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Discussion in 'Rose Madder' started by MaddenSudeikis, Jul 21, 2014.

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    I have loved this book for 20 years now. The whole abuse story is powerful in of itself, but I was just fascinated about Rosie being able to go inside a painting. I always found that cool. Norman Daniels is one of the scariest characters ever written, because he could be a real person. This book is a prized possession of mine.
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    I agree. I think SK far undervalues how good of a novel this is; I would argue that it's actually one of his best, a hidden gem for sure.
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    I totally agree.......Critics often do not like this book and I can not figure out why.....When it comes to "realism": Believing that the central characters really exist , this book should be the barometer that all other books should be gauged against....As said above, SK's portrayal of Rosie's character as an abused woman is mind-blowing and then he further invents Norman who is as staggeringly believable as well and the entire book unravels like I am watching a movie (this is the trait about SK that admire the most and is the primary reason why he is my favorite author - I still, to this day, can not find another author that paints an actual movie in my head - in all fairness, Ive only recently discovered Joe Hill and he can do it also which is why I look forward to his work :) )......I haven't read this book in years and I am going to revisit it soon.....I didnt know that SK undervalued this book which I find odd to myself because I really think its one of his absolute best --- it certainly is a reflection of his genius as a writer!

    As a side-note, when my wife (who also read the book and loved it) and I are verbally-jabbing at each other in fun, I often tell her "I'm going to talk to you...up close"...It never fails to crack her up in teary-eyed laughter :D
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    It must be a hoot in your household. Let me match my enthusiasm with that of your own, and acknowledge that this story is exceptional.

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