Prime Numbers

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    No...I'm from the Milky Way galaxy, sun solar system, planet earth, North American continent, Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan...Houghton County...I'd give you the lat and long but I don't want a missile strike while I'm sleeping...that'd be like, so annoying. I'm a Yooper...
    Yeah, that's pretty wild....Japan, Jesus...this that the other.
    What would we do if every seven years we let the land lie fallow? A special prime year?
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    You are correct. Jesus died in his prime time , at 33 and the 33rd prime number is 137. A fundamental constant of our Universe is 1/137 (but I think it slowly changes over billions of years).
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    Hi Walt - I hope you might be lurking somewhere in the background. We took a trip up your way last summer on the way back from Mansfield Ohio and I bought one of these:


    Great tee-shirt!

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