Remake Has Writer And Director

Discussion in 'IT' started by Dark Tower, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Bryan James

    Bryan James Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you have to let cool clowns die.

    Not a fan of remakes, but I've been wrong a few times.
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  2. Wasp27

    Wasp27 Well-Known Member

    For me it's more about Tim curry as Pennywise- his face will forever be a source of nightmares. A different looking Pennywise just wouldn't be the same. Kind of like the nightmare on elm street Robert Englund IS Freddy, period, no questions!
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  3. Sunlight Gardener

    Sunlight Gardener Well-Known Member

    Glad the trailer isn't real. I was getting ready to say it looks like a guy running around in a rubber clown Halloween mask.
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  4. opundo

    opundo Member

    I read somewhere that Curry had/has some health issues.
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  5. I'm looking forward to this. Get to see on big screen. I pray it is cast right an not have wrong actors in roles. And I heard it will be split into 2 parts. 1st half them as kids and 2n as adults.
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  6. Dark Tower

    Dark Tower Active Member

    I heard it would be split too but I didn't hear those details. Where did you read that?
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  7. Beatloaf

    Beatloaf Active Member

    Even though I was not a HUGE fan of the original TV miniseries (the format most of all) i am even less of a fan than remakes. However, I like the idea (as it should have been in the first place) of two movies instead of a lame TV movie.
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  8. Dark Tower

    Dark Tower Active Member

    Well it's IMDB now (if that means anything) and last I heard it was due out sometime next year. I'm guessing maybe around Halloween. Creepy clowns seem to be all the rage right now so the timing is perfect for it (no pun intended) to come back. Not to mention if it comes out in Nov of 15 it will be almost exactly 25 years since the mini-series came out (11 Nov 1990). Just saying.

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