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    During the interview in the prologue (which, by the way, is BRILLIANT--just about everything that later becomes a plot point is introduced in such a subtle way), Ullman says something to Jack that's been at the back of my mind since I re-read the book just before Doctor Sleep came out.

    He says (going from memory here) that Jack is a risk because of what happened with Grady and his family. Ullman has kept the Overlook in the black for five years now, and he says they prefer to hire a single man or a college student rather than a family man.

    Wait, what?

    Out of the past FIVE winters, Grady would have been the caretaker for one. Who were the other four? Were they just not psychic/crazy/drunk enough/"shine" enough to be affected by The Overlook?

    I read that there is a "prequel" in the works. Now, I'd love to see a series, but I'd take a film, as long as it answers the question what happened to those other caretakers? The hotel doesn't seem too "active" during resort season, because no one talks about the current guests having that many problems.

    Thoughts? Or is it "fanfiction" time? :)
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    There are ghosts from the resort season.

    But, my understanding of the comment was that
    children shine brighter than most adults. I think with a single person as caretaker most winters would make a boring book. Also, in the rare instance when an adult does shine, he probably would not take the job....and if he's just one body they find, not the multiple bodies including children.
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    GNTLGNT Why Chew Through The Restraints?

    ...yeah, what she said...
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    spot on.
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