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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...considering the "everyday" horrors that are front & center in the newscasts, I don't find this far-fetched at all....prescient maybe, but not un-realistic...
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    1,2,3, ...what are we fighting for ? dont ask me I dont give a damn !...
    the next stop is ...
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    By the way, does anyone know what might have happened at the end of this book? I just figured that the winner was hallucinating and felt that the hands on him made him think it was a soldier. So he kept running; however I have heard other people say because it's a Bachman book that the winner actually died in the end. I keep reading the last line and don't get it. Surely it wouldn't happen in front of the crowd. After all, he did win.
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    it remains one of my favorite books ever...

    not really hard to see any of it if you just pay attention to what is, and has been, going on all round the alot of places...right now

    mans inhumanity to man....over trivial things even

    no wonder the apes will rise and take over
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    I feel sK left the climax to The Long Walk open to personal interpretation, which was a wonderful choice on his part. It's a very moving ending to me, consequently.
    My own interpretation is torn between two primary likelihoods: one, that the protagonist dies and his subsequent experience describes his spirit finding final release from the anguish he'd endured to the end; the other, that he loses his mind.
    Either explanation works for me, but sK's genius is in not specifying what happens.
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